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Default Custom Dormers/Repository/enabling hidden roof
I have a three separate, but related issues. I've already scoured MTS, Leefish and MATY and understand that these questions might not have answers, but maybe someone has an idea.

1. Are new dormer types possible? I used the scenegraph to gather all the dormer parts, cloned it and edited the roof.txt, but my dormer didn't appear in the catalog.

2. After the first thing failed, I tried repositorying a deco roof object to a dormer, hoping that it'd pick up roof recolors, the way the game dormers do. It did take on the default dormer roof texture, but it didn't take on any of the roof recolors.

3. In the course of experimenting, I found a hidden Maxis roof type called pagoda octagonal that was disabled. Pictured below. The game thinks it's a diagonal hipped roof, and I want to give it the correct icon and description, but I can't find the spot where those things are stored. I already checked the BuildModeThumbnails file in the program files.
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#1 Custom foundations are possible,, maybe dormers are similar. I know I've tried off and on to create new awnings using that as a guide, but no luck as of yet.

#2 Roofs are not technically recolorable so each is considered a separate item, each with it's own internal scenegraph name. So while you could take an object and force it to use one texture from a roof it won't take the others as they are not the same object. You could recolor that deco object for each roof color, and then link to the game's texture file rather than including one in the package. An example of how this is done would be Sophie Davids tiny file size bed recolors.

#3 For the description I would try editing a str as you do in custom modular stairs, The icon is linked in the roof.txt file, where it says thumbnailresource. You may need to include in a new package?
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The icons are in the /UI/UI.package and the description is in /Text/Build.package.
I assume you found and enabled it in Bonvoyage's roofs.txt, plop the attached file into your download folder and change the last entry to;

# EP6 Pagoda octagonal
roof 32
defaultRoofPattern "roof-ui-hipped"
thumbnailResource 0x499db772 0xacdc1006
roofSlope .5
catalogTextIndex 35

I assume Maxis disabled it because it's a difficult roof to work with, I have to place a couple of temporary walls as outer corners for a place to begin and end the roof at.
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I was just coming back to this thread to say that I'd compiled an icon and definition into a package. Thanks to you both.

I assume you found and enabled it in Bonvoyage's roofs.txt

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