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Default How to put buy mode items in build/fireplaces?
I'm using TS2 Categorizer to sorting some of my clutter between buy and build mode, but I can't use it with the Build/Fireplace category while I can with Swimming Pool or Gardening.

Do you know if I can change a buy mode object to Fireplace in Build Mode?
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I'm sure it can be done with SimPE, but I don't know what the code would be.

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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
You can put pretty much anything anywhere in game. OBJD#RAW_Data_-_Catalog_Sortingwiki

I'm tying but SimPE automatic change the 0x000 for 0x0000.
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If you write 0x000, SimPE will probably correct to 0x0000. So I'm just taking a guess and saying there's a number missing for the fireplaces, because either they aren't sorted, or they're in the same category as modular stairs.

0x000 and 0x0000 are essentially the same number. 0 and 0x00000000 are the same, too. Doesn't really matter how many zeros you put in, they're all going to mean 0 or 0000 or 00000000. SimPE will supply the missing zeros. If it thinks you're lacking one, it adds one. If you write 1, SimPE will (usually) correct to 0x0001, or 0x00000001, depending on which value box you write it in. It only matters when there's another number behind the 0, so for 1000 it matters that there's 3 zeros at the end (1000 is a number), but whether you write 01000 or 0x00001000 or 1000 doesn't matter as long as it's 3 zeros at the end.
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Definitely a typo in the wiki, it should be 4 digits after the 0x. There is also a dropdown to the right in the plugin view for modular stairs, labeled obj. type. It's also possible fireplaces are defined in the bhav for the category.

eta: Actually I think this is one category that only works with a combination of an str resource and a .txt file.
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