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Default Custom Object - Trouble With Routing Primitives
I've been scratching my head about this for well over a few weeks and have officially decided it's time to shelve my pride and ask for some help.

My object is a custom Yoga Mat, cloned from a rug. I plan to have it have three custom interactions, one of which is nearly completed if I can iron out this issue. The BHAV works well: The Sim routes to the rug correctly, the rug's flags change so as to allow Sim intersection (I would like for it not to be stepped on otherwise. I can do this manually with custom boolprop BHAVs), the Sim routes to the slot, then begins to meditate. When the interaction is cancelled, the Sim stops meditating - and then the interaction fails when told to walk off the mat, regardless of whether I use 0x001B, Go To Relative Position (which is used earlier in the function without hitch) or 0x002D Go To Routing Slot (also used earlier). It's not like the rug isn't the Stack Object, I've triple checked it and I'm almost certain the rug is the Stack Object in this part of the BHAV - unless it being a multi-tile object means there's some special rules involved?

Other primitives that don't involve routing work fine when told to run after the "get out of meditation" animation, so I believe it's not a problem to do with the animation primitives. The rug is absolutely still intersectable and as such should not interfere with routing. Sims aren't in any placement slots, either.

If the BHAV ends right after the meditation animation finishes, Sims will autonomously walk off the rug with no problem.

What baffles me the most is that when "no failure trees" is set so that Sims are to stomp and wave around if it returns False, it just... doesn't. My only guess based on everything is that Sims are hardcoded to be unable to route from a BHAV while *inside* an object? I hope this is not the case.

I'm going to enclose my most recent error log as well as just the whole .package for those kind souls who would care to take a look at it. Apologies for the general messiness of the BHAVS - the problematic one is "Interaction - Meditate (by BartekStu)", instance 1002. Made with all packs.
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