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Default Revitalizing a Neighborhood
With EA story progression, after a few generations, the town is dead.
With NRAAS story progression, after a few gems, the town is.... weird. I really need to adjust the settings so that young men will stop marrying elder females and be more active in controlling the community.
But regardless, it's nearly 4rth gen time and I'm not happy with my community population.
I could move to a new neighborhood but I'm unfortunately really attached to sunset valley ????.
I feel like I have a few choices.
I could actually start a new save, save a bunch of sunset valley families to the sim bin, and repopulate the town with the original families.
I could create a bunch of new families and populate the town with them.
I could go house to house, editing sims and moving them to appropriate homes and basically cleaning up the mess.
What do YOU do?
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I would pack my favorite sims/families and populate new save with them.
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Originally Posted by chokolady
I would pack my favorite sims/families and populate new save with them.

Mmm might be a bit hard. 2nd gen Hypatia is a vampire in Bridgeport with a bunch of friends and romantic interests, and the father of 3rd gen Artemesia is in University with a girlfriend. And will probably have more kids if my sims ever visit him.

I should have kept up with the sims in the neighborhood to make sure they grew up and married the way I wanted.
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Maybe izagor (igazor, sorry if I butchered your name; I don't have photo memory ;-; ) knows what you could do to solve this technically problem. As for me? I would go with the circumstance the SP had created: Use the situation to make it a cultural reflection of the town: like man here interestingly have a liking for elder woman and marrying them is a norm. Then wait out till they died (or not - mastercontrol wipe out their deaths by pretending they have died out overtime) then create a bunch of woman living their own seperate single lifes or in groups till they find themselve a man. I assume deaging the older woman to young adults isn't an option that you prefer going with?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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[QUOTE/] I assume deaging the older woman to young adults isn't an option that you prefer going with?[/QUOTE]
didn't really occur to me, but not something I'd really like to do.
I think I really want to basically restart the neighborhood and then just be more involved with the community and take a heavier hand with controlling them. (And tune the romance settings). Like ensuring they age up with good traits and ltws, and editing their clothes when they age up so they don't look crazy. Instead of looking around one day and realizing everyone in town is a lunatic.
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Moving to new homeworld will not solve your situation. After a few generations you'll have the same degradation.

Sounds like you're a global player like me, then you'll just have to put in the time and effort to run your world.

- Figure out a age span that works with your population growth. I had to adjust mine several times to get it.
- You will require a base # of population calculated from population growth that begins + growth.
- Sometimes I have to cull my elders when I ran out of living space (now I tend to relocate them). Over population requires me to readjust the age span to reduce the fertility. I use to have adults live very long, now it is reduced.
- I have mods so my worst problem is teens getting hooked up b/c once 1 of the pair becomes YA, they can't really break up until the 2nd one also. So you have 4 YA males waiting for mates and the first teen female that become YA was already attached, that creates issue. So I had to revert her back to teen, dump the boyfriend, and age her back up. Then I marry her off to one of the 4 YA.
- Almost have to force pairing unless there is a mod preventing elders with A/YA. Only exception is if there's an unbalanced gender equation. For example, too many females, elder males may choose younger 2nd wives. too many males, elder females may choose a gigolo.
- And most important, if population growth suddenly negative b/c couples not having babies? Forced mating must commence. Oh yeah...

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Yeah that's my main problem with the young guys hooking up with elder ladies is they can't contribute to population growth. I'm almost positive nraas story progression or woohooer has options concerning romance that can be adjusted thusly.
But yeah, I know I need to keep up with the neighborhood to keep the pop up, but at this point I'm going to have to bring in extra families anyway, I'd like to bring in the old families because I like them and don't like creating families. ???? It just takes so long.
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Due to Nraas SP - enforced matriarchy, I became a global player too. When I see Sims getting paired and it's been some time, I force them to marry each other. I don't trust Nraas SP on this. Not one bit. As for males marrying elder females, do you mean literal Elders? Just edit them in the settings, so that they marry within the age range. But sometimes there are really a few nutjob Sims and usually, I let them be. And for adding extra families, you can rely sometimes on the Homeless population that are spawned from time to time.
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You can ages elders down in CAS with no problems. There is also a happiness award potion that also allows you to age elders and adults down to young adults. If you use NRAAS to cheat with your happiness points you can buy it.
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