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If you just want to test mods in Veronaville, I suggest you ignore the placed families and use bin sims in small houses.

I've been making a 60s Strangetown and last night I did the last rebuild - Olive and Ophelia. One of them, probably Ophelia as she's the one who rolled wants to buy a pet dish and befriend - had bought a border collie when I sent Chloe and Erin to playtest my remake of the shopping center. Once I had the house arranged to my liking and Olive had retired, she tried to invite General Buzz over to feed him to the cowplant, but he wisely refused the invitation. Since she had a great deal of money left over after renovations I decided instead of buying her clothes via Gussy Up I would send her to Lola's store. Lola has a small clothing store and Ajay has a small appliance/electronics store in the median now. But it was getting late in real life so I saved and quit before making the trip.

Pascal's baby Tycho has been born, Vidcund and Lazlo are both pregnant; Johnny managed a pretty good party despite losing his fight with Tank; Ajay and the Singles live next door to each other in a new duplex that replaced the horrible bunker house, which I find completely unplayable; Tank has a military job; Circe got her promotion; and Loki meets my criteria for letting him simvac Nervous but kept losing his chance due to logistics. Everyone now lives in a place I can stand to deal with - no basement at the Beaker castle (I simply can't play them as the necessary angle of view upsets my balance), two bathrooms and a proper dining area at the Curious Bunker, a weatherproof Smith house with far fewer plants and a more practical layout, a spartan but efficient, barracklike setup for the Grunts. LFT has also been completely rearranged and remodeled, with a couple of brand new dorms now that the campus has gone co-ed (but the dorms have not), a really nice sorority house, and an actual campus-like layout, including a couple of classroom buildings, one for the arts and one for the sciences. it's a shame so much of the sixties fashion I have been able to find isn't really suitable for the desert, but nothing's perfect.

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IMO the best way to make a testing hood is to create an empty hood (maybe use the one you use for building), and move in one (1) couple to test everything on. I do that and honestly, the Gay family consisting of Murciélago and Ratón is absolutely thriving, they've been aged down three times before just to get married again later, and as long as they don't have to pay rent, they're completely fine living in what's basically a construction site.

As for my actual game, I started to merge some households in Veronaville. The recession hit everyone hard, and there's no reason for Kent Capp to live alone in a two-bedroom apartment without a boyfriend in sight when he and recently widowed Trista Shaw and orphaned Tara Shaw can move in together in one house. I also merged Tybalt and Robin's households with India, Hal and their kid Jacob. The money they got from finishing uni was perfect for buying them one of those "two houses but it's technically one bc it's one lot but it's two because it's one. two <3" lots. I don't really know why I decided to give the larger house to the two bachelors and not the engaged couple with a child, but Tybalt never lived in poverty a day for his life and he was not about to start now.

Also, Juliette and Romeo got married, and Consort decided to attempt to kill Patrizio after the ceremony. He lost and died. I guess this would be the ideal scene for my blog to use the song from the musical that goes "My dear Juliet, your honeymoon might become a wake", but, like, she and Consort had a falling out after the whole dating a Monty thing, and never really recovered from that, so all it really took was a date with Romeo to get her in a better mood.
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Not much going on. I have a lot of kids to grow up.

Buck did decide to forgive Stella for woohooing with his father, or maybe he is just a total pushover for her. I choose to believe it is true love. Stella is just so alien that she doesn't understand social norms, and Buck is doing his best to be understanding and to love her for who she is.

It is kind of sad about Ripp. He seems adrift since he was resurrected. He was no longer adept at his job as a Party DJ, and he has since turned to a life of crime. His family and old friends won't talk to him. Blossom is still there for him, but she understandably doesn't want to involve him in her kids' lives.
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So, every one of the brothers, at least I think anyway, got promoted to Lvl 5 in their career by the end of the session.

Pascal was mostly focused on his daughter the whole time. He had wants to teach her her toddler skills and even wanted to see her grow up well; I rarely have family sims role those wants. Speaking of Venus, she aged to a child on the last day of the session. I had to remove the doors that lead to the outside in each of the brothers rooms to easily fit a new bed in for her in Pascal's room.

I got unlucky with a chance card, as a result, Vidcund lost a skill point in logic. It turns out, it was one of his fears, so as soon as he arrived home, he went into aspiration failure. If that wasn't bad enough, Lazlo brought Loki Beaker home, who just watched in confusion. They promptly began poking each other once he was back to his senses. The day after that, Crystal Vu was generated as a walk by, so I had Vidcund invite her inside since he was alone with, at the time toddler, Venus. They were talking when I got a pop up, saying that Crystal thinks that Vidcund would really hit it off with someone she knows. I clicked yes and down comes a Downtownie; you'll find her as 'Shanna Walton' on the wiki, she was called Theresa -something- originally, but I changed her name to Lydia Reamon, since that's how I know her in my custom 'hood. She had 3 bolts with Vidcund... my second pair of 3 bolters in this 'hood. They hit it off and fell in love, while Lazlo was putting the moves on Crystal and succeeding despite their negative chemistry. I had to buy a double bed so Vidcund could Woohoo with his date, because they both had the want for it, so why not.

This is where it gets a little funny. Lydia not only triple bolts with Vidcund, but Pascal too. She double bolts with Lazlo. They all have chemistry with her, we'll see how this goes in the future.

Next time is the Specter family.

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That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It pays great attention to detail and can be unpredictable.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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In my defense on the test hood, one of the mods I most wanted to test out was an attraction mod. It seemed easier to select a situation with pre-made sims already set up with attraction markers and in a scenario to test them rather than recreate them from scratch. I just wasn't expecting the house from hell along with it. I did get all the mods tested and as expected they didn't work and for future testing I probably will just plop in a tiny house and use the single sim in the bin.

As for my main hood, I had a funny incident happen when two different nannies showed up for one child. It was my fault there were two as my sim had less than 15 minutes to leave for work and the scheduled nanny still hadn't arrived. She called to set up one just for now and just as she hung up the nanny arrived, then the second one arrived after she left for work. They spent a bit of time competing for the stove, watching tv, wandering around aimlessly then one decided to go out and the pet the skunk in the yard. She comes back in stinky and while she's showering the other one goes out and messes with the same skunk. This was a bit of a loop as they both got sprayed twice. Meanwhile, the toddler, who has been taking care of herself and playing with toys, is very hungry. They finally come upstairs to feed her and there is a whole fiasco around that. One nanny puts a bottle on the floor and before the child can get it the other one picks it up and disposes it and then gets a new one and puts it on the floor where the other nanny picks it up and disposes of it and so on and so on. I wasn't going to let the child starve or get taken by the social worker so I eventually did intervene but it was quite the laugh until I did. When Dad came home he fired both of them.
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Gunther's coffee bar, 'Friendly's', is doing well:

He and Nigel decide to throw a party to celebrate this, and also Nigel's retirement.

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What a party, @simsample
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There has been a lot of construction in downtown Outcaste because I was tired of looking at the smoking emptiness of past destruction. These lots are mainly decorative rather than functional and are intended to be places where my Sims might reasonably go to work.

The public school has reopened and the library is open to the general public there, since there are no longer any public library facilities. Next to that is a brand-new arena where the Outcaste Ninjas play something called zombie-ball. In the next block, next to a refurbished skate park and beloved Red's Famous Diner, there are a General Hospital, an adjoining Lab and Research Facility, a Community Police Station, and a newspaper called, creatively, the Outcaste News. Most people don't go into the Police Station, so they would likely be surprised to find a pool table and poker table in there. There is also a teeny-tiny bus stop, so people from Strangetown can come up without a car or paying for an expensive taxi ride. It is not advised to hang around the bus stop after dark.

Strangetown too has some new businesses, and these are places Sims might actually go. There is now a roadhouse, so Strangetown Sims can for the first time go out to hear live music. Since we have a lot of kids about to grow up, a teen hangout has opened where teens can go eat pizza, play videogames, and buy cell phones without getting into too much trouble. Finally, a bowling alley has been built in the actual alley between the shopping center and the roadhouse, named, creatively enough, The Alley. (I really like Moo's Mews tiny lots downloaded from here, and they fit very well into Strangetown's odd terrain.)

I played another round of university. Since all of the upcoming kids are so much younger, it will probably be at least two more rotations before I have anyone else going into university. Liam Beaker was not committed to school since he was resurrected, and he felt he really should be working and taking care of his new insta-family, so he dropped out. He and Gvaudoin have a small house in Outcaste; it will be a tight fit with twins but they don't have much money and already needed a hefty mortgage. Liam plans to take the Tricou name when he marries since he never felt like a true Beaker, anyway. Loki and Circe really were not that upset at his death, not as upset as his best friends were; Amelie and Oliver were also really sorry that Liam left school and missed him a lot during their last two years there.

David Ottomas got serious about Amelie Curious and proposed to her senior year. I don't think she had even considered marriage, but she did accept. They moved in together in a house in Strangetown, but they will likely wait a while to actually get married.

Oliver Curious spent his last two years searching for a potential Mrs. Curious, but truthfully, his standards are way too high and every girl he talked to failed to meet them. He decided he didn't want to move back into the Curious family home and share a bedroom, so he took a room in Ophelia's boardinghouse, where Kiernan Tricou is now also living. That will help Ophelia a bit, because that place is expensive to maintain on one income.

Fricorith also graduated but remained single, by choice this time. Not having any major prospects, he moved back into the House of the Fallen Trees (since there's room now) until he can get himself established enough to afford a place on his own.
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I had some playtimes good enough that I might write stories! Won’t get into the full play by play but here are some highlights:

Ripp has the LTW Rock God, so I got him a microphone. I figured he could become lead singer for the shifting paradymes at la fiesta tech. (For looks only. I don’t think the mic can join the other instruments... but I’m not sure.) Ripp wasn’t too into it. He kept rolling wants for every other instrument and he never got a want to use it, nor did he ever use it autonomously.

But someone else in the family loves it. General Buzz Grunt rolls wants to sing every single day. He sings all the time. I guess that barbershop quartet bio is real.

Nervous Subject married a random dormie guy he got 3 bolts for. Ugliest sim I’ve ever seen.

And I am now playing La Fiesta. I put Buzz, Ripp, Ophelia Johnny and — oh I forget her name.. the alien from the dormie bin. They are all in one dorm and I control them all. ACR is making it crazy

Johnny and Ophelia— I was debating whether or not to make them a couple again. I don’t use a mod to keep loves after sims age up. But on their own they started to woohoo on the couch.

Ummm I don’t remember couch woohoo from the original game. Is it included with ACR? It’s really —- detailed. Even with the censor blur I was like... dang!!! They both rolled wants to get engaged after that... So they are.

Tank and Ripp both flirt and kiss the alien dormie. I did something naughty. Ripp has zero jealousy, being a romance sim. But I changed Tank’s jealousy level from “engaged/married only” to “in love” —- that’s kind of setting a little time bomb into things. I’m not going to direct them at all. I just want to see what happens.
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Couch woohoo is ACR, but I think the animation is the "make out" one from vanilla game, only they might take off their clothes first.
#5686 Old Yesterday at 9:51 AM
Yes, with ACR on basic settings they will disrobe according to the situation and their personality. Generally speaking, if it's daytime they might only go to underwear, if there are kids in the house they will probably stay fully clothed. Totally private and night is pretty much always naked unless again both sims are super shy. If they are both outgoing they will probably always be naked. It's the same for bed or couch woohoo and hot tub is always in swimsuits unless they are both outgoing regardless of the time of day or people about. I usually just let it surprise me, you can of course customize it to always be the same if you want.
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I managed to play the Specter household through to Thursday...from Sunday, I guess I'll say. When I loaded the lot it was Saturday evening, so I used the DaySetter to make it Monday. I didn't vouch for the fact that they wouldn't have aged a day on Monday like everyone else in the 'hood, so on Tuesday night, I changed it to Monday. That gave the the Specters an extra day in the round. For the sake of the time line, I guess, I'll just say it started from Sunday...

In the evening (where the household starts), Ophelia called her friends to see if they would like to hang out at Sim Centre North. Despite it being relatively late, they all agreed.

The whole group did their own thing, mostly playing darts and grilling hot dogs. Johnny and Tank didn't fight that much, surprisingly, because Tank was distracted playing chess with an elder and Johnny was either playing darts, or flirting with Zidane. For the remainder of the outing, he just played the bass on the stage was truly awful. While playing darts, Ivy Copur began bullying Skipp and making him cry, so Ophelia stuck up for him. Her and Ivy got into quite the heated argument, until Ophelia just turned around and continued to play darts with Skipp. It had gotten to 5:00, when Ophelia decided to start heading home; her friends insisted on following.

Meanwhile, Olive was preparing to carry out a plan that she had brewing for a while. She picked up the phone and called the General to invite him over. He accepted. On arrival, he followed Olive into a small room, where he got into an argument with the old woman. They poked each other until she got bored and electrocuted him. He was buried in the garden with all her other victims, before she went to bed.

A few hours later, Ophelia arrived home with her friends who were none-the-wiser about what had just transpired on the lot, even Tank, the General's eldest son. Ophelia got showered and went for a nap, while her friends just did whatever.

The school bus showed, so Ophelia bid her friends farewell and went to school. Olive played on the computer a lot of the day. Ophelia arrived home with an A+ and asked Olive to help her study, which she surprisingly accepted.

She wanted her group of friends, that weren't Tank, to become better friends with Ripp, so she invited her group, which had Alexander Goth tagging along, and then Ripp. Unfortunately, Buck picked up the phone and said he was working. An hour later, she tried again and he said he'd be over. Ripp's attention was mostly on Tank; they were poking each other with the ghosts around, so they kept getting interrupted. Tank got scared once and peed himself, whereas poor Ripp got frightened three times and peed himself the third time it occurred. His motives must have gotten too low as he promptly went home. Alexander was seen arguing with Olive...uh-oh...

The rest of the group gradually left, except Zidane. He stayed for hours, even when Olive and Ophelia went to bed.

Zidane was still there, for some reason. Even when Ophelia left for school, he stayed. He got on with Olive, so that's good...

Ophelia got home, did her homework, and then invited the group over, except Zidane, because he was still on the lot. She also invited Ripp. Ophelia became best friends with Ripp, and Skipp looked to be getting on with him. Johnny's attention was on Zidane and Tank's was on Johnny; they did get into a fight. I did eventually get the pop up from Zidane saying, "You invited me to stay the night, but didn't let me get any sleep! I'm leaving!" or whatever it says, even when he wasn't invited to stay the night. He left the lot, but came back and acted like nothing happened...

Everyone left, leaving Johnny, Zidane, and Brandi Dreamer (I don't know how she got there, or who invited her, but she was just sat on the couch for some reason). I had Ophelia tell everyone to leave so she could go to bed.

Nothing happened due to the DaySetter, so we'll just say that it was chill...

Next time, I'll be playing the Specters from Thursday through to Monday.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It pays great attention to detail and can be unpredictable.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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Evan and Sugar Baker are really leaving me confused about where their relationship is heading. Sugar has been keeping her distance since Evan found out about the affair she had with Henry Piccolo. She's been working hard at her career, helping Evan with the bakery, and she even occasionally puts their son Bud in his crib or gets him a bottle. She cares for her son, really, but she never saw herself as the motherly type. She's been waiting for Evan to talk to her about what he wants. She loves her husband and she made a mistake falling for Henry's charms. Little did she know, he was already starting a relationship with Brooke, the culinary hobby instructor. Sugar was growing impatient and went over to their next door neighbor's apartment, Anthony Perry's, and flirted with him a bit. When she left, she saw Evan kissing Brooke outside their apartment. She was furious and heartbroken. She thought she was letting Evan heal and calm down a bit, not move on! That kiss also led to Evan and Brooke falling in love with each other. Now Evan cares deeply for Brooke and he also realized that he still had a chance with Sugar, his first love, wife, and mother of his child. The miscommunication in this relationship just might bring it to an end.

At the Fromage household, things are currently a lot more cheery. Pepper and Jack are expecting the arrival of their third child. Pepper is hoping for a little girl since she already has two sons, Ched and Mac. She's nearing the end of her pregnancy and is actually being a rockstar mother to her sons despite being exhausted. Jack took Ched to the Slow Your Roller Rink for his last day of summer break where he played lots of arcade games with his best friend Sebastian King and Sebastian's half brother, Francis Piccolo. Pepper took the money she made from her vacation day and adopted Cheese Puff, a little Jack Russel terrier. No baby yet, but any hour now!
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Herbert Goodie died, and Gilbert Jacquet buried him beside Faith, as he had wanted. Poor Gilbert was totally heartbroken and barely slept a wink that night. He felt as if he'd been orphaned all over again, and just couldn't stop crying.

Gavin Newson and Ginger Bradshaw became adults (I removed all the family ties among the Newsons and gave most of them new surnames, so they're a group of unrelated orphans). Gavin promptly had a nervous breakdown, feeling that he had missed out on so many opportunities, and especially university. They're still at Lost Springs, so have a long way to go.

There was good news for another family, though, as little Zoe Johnson came into the world. Her father, Clarence, was a townie teen who knew Ivy Jakobsons, so I sent him to university. After graduation, he and girlfriend Joanne managed to get a ride as far as Lost Springs, where they joined the other refugees on the Highway and wasted no time getting started on a family.

I'm debating adding Belladonna Cove and Desiderata Valley to the hood. The Cove, being on the coast, would flood, resulting in another surge of refugees on the Highway, while Desiderata Valley would be an inland settlement offering better opportunities than Sedona for those able to get there. Sims able to afford a helicopter without selling their home would fly straight there; everyone else would make their way on foot to Sedona, then have the choice of settling there or continuing to Desiderata Valley. I think there might be a bus service between Sedona and Desiderata, so Sims could get there in a couple of days, but it would cost them.
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Sixties Olive tried and failed to murder General Buzz by cowplant. He kept trying to take the cake and the cowplant kept jerking it away from him. It took so long that Ophelia came back - bringing Tank home with her! She wanted to be friends with him, even though he and her boyfriend Johnny keep beating each other up. Johnny dropped by, so I decided she was set on reconciling them and had her pull them both into a hangout. They sat there talking about love and engagements and Stuff while the General kept trying for the cake and failing (Bessie the Cowplant is inside Olive's high-fenced Secret Garden, so they couldn't see anything), and Olive alternated between watching the cooking channel and going out to attack the General, who kept whooping her ass. Finally it had gone on so long I decided he must be too unhygienic for Bessie by now and had probably taken the key away from her, so I unlocked the gate long enough let him out. The yard is full of graves and I thought I heard ghost music once, but nobody's haunted yet. Ophelia tried to make mac and cheese for supper and set the kitchen on fire, which was when I realized I forgot to give them a fire alarm when I remodeled. Fortunately Olive was at the other end of the house and could call the fire department. Bessie's refusal to eat the General was a lucky escape for Tank, who would have to go to work right away to support his brothers if the General died.

I'm not sure about who is and isn't going to college. Tank wants to go. Johnny hasn't rolled any wants to. Ophelia hasn't rolled wants to, but she wants to be a teacher and I won't let her take that job without a degree.

Pascal is avoiding going to work - he has oodles of vacation and is writing a book anyway - to look after Tycho, his two pregnant brothers, and the cat and dog they acquired while other people were visiting the shopping center, where there's a humane society adoption center. Vidcund doesn't need that much looking after and is not only doing most of the cleaning and some of the cooking, is the primary person paying attention to Rambo the Chihuahua and Smokey the bobtail cat. (Smokey is a stupid name for a calico and I'll probably change it. Rambo is an anachronisticly hilarious name for a Chihuahua and I wouldn't change it for worlds.) Lazlo is having a much harder time and when I closed the lot was in danger from the dreaded sleep/hunger loop of doom. I think I can save him but a lot depends on Vidcund's baby's sense of timing. The problem is that Lazlo's energy goes down much faster than I'm used to even in a lazy sim, and while there's lots of leftovers in the fridge Vidcund made most of them so they're not that good. I had him make pancakes so there'd be nice filling leftovers and he fell asleep in his syrup almost as soon as he'd made them.

Jenny is pregnant. Jill is best friends with Buck and bids fair to make best friends with Ophelia. The prolonged hangout did not make a significant difference to Johnny's relationship to Tank. He wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer, which isn't happening in Strangetown unless I add a downtown. He and Ophelia went out to the Burger Bowl, and are decently affectionate autonomously, but if she goes to college and he doesn't that's likely to cause them to drift apart. I've turned the spare military building next to the Grunts into a fourplex, with barely room to swing a cat in the efficiency apartments and skilling amenities in the common area. Each unit rents for $660, which should be affordable even with a no-$20K handout mod, though of course Johnny would be welcome to live at home and provide additional babycare...

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#5691 Old Yesterday at 10:30 PM
I have played Strangetown a bunch of times and can never keep Johnny and Ophelia apart, no matter how hard I try. They are usually a disastrous couple. This time around, they have the best relationship they've ever had, but I think it's because they each live their own separate lives while seeing each other frequently. Ophelia runs the boardinghouse and occasionally has other lovers that Johnny doesn't know about. Johnny has his political career and his weirdo friends and does the single dad thing, which he's very good at. Although Johnny may ruin it all because he just rolled up a want to marry her, I think because he is getting older and looking at an empty nest soon. I'm not sure Ophelia will go for that, although sometimes approaching elderhood can generate wants to settle down.

In other news, Loki died of old age. He left the bulk of the estate to his wife and his son Atticus, but he did send a good chunk of money to his alien son, Liam. He was a Theorist when he died, he and Circe had reconciled, he had made good friends with Pascal Curious (but never Vidcund!), and he had gotten Atticus back on track to going to college--it was looking iffy for a while there. Hula dancers appeared, so it was a good life for him. Since Atticus was the primary heir, he seems set on inheriting the castle if he wants it, after he gets out of university.

Buck took his family on a camping vacation in Ambrosia. It went really well, there was much togetherness, and he and Stella have completely patched things up.

Almeric and Jill sold their Strangetown house, which did not have a driveway, and moved to Outcaste, mainly so they can finally get a car but also to pursue their careers now that their girls are getting older. Almeric is in Show Business, and Jill just got a job as a Party DJ. They live across the street from Jill's best friend, Kristen Loste, and her family. William is doing very well in the Business career and has put on a bit of fat-cat weight, while Kristen is the High School Principal. They all like to go to the new and very exclusive nightclub downtown together. However, Kristen knows that Almeric is having an affair with one of his coworkers, but she hasn't shared that gossip with Jill--yet.
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In Tinsel Town:
So Monique and Terrell Bishop hired Alana Dallas (Lynne Meers' nanny) to come help them out with their baby. She gratefully accepted the job. Terrell was a Judge for a brief while before being propelled onto the state-wide stage by becoming a Senator.

It's a good thing he got the job and Alana's living with them because Monique has become pregnant again. It's going to be a chaotic household for a while, and Terrell is considering putting off retirement for as long as he can, because while they don't really need the money, he needs his sanity.
Howling babies is not one of his favorite things..which is why Alana will be there for a few years..

As for Alana, she's happy-she has income, a home and a job. She also has a ardent lover, Asger Castro (yes, he did just get married...) who has been following her around town. Let's hope his wife never finds out.

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Specters continued. This is a bit long, so get comfy.

Ophelia went to school and came home. She invited her friends over and it was just chaos; fights, flirts, and ghosts. Poor Ophelia got the brunt of it all, she got that bad she was both low on hunger and energy. She was able to go to the toilet and shower, but she could barely get any food in her as she kept passing out.

It got late, so she told her friends to leave, so she could go to bed.

Ophelia awoke just as the school bus showed up. She went to the toilet, showered, and was about to go to school, but noticed that the bin was lying on its side. Picking it up, she noticed roaches on the ground, so quickly called the exterminator. Now having missed the bus, she walked to school. She had also forgotten to finish her homework, so that was left discarded on the ground. Olive discovered the roaches on the ground and stomped on them, before going to help the maid mop puddles outside. The exterminator took care of the rest of the infestation.

Arriving home, Ophelia had a nap and a shower before playing some computer games for a bit. During that period, Olive discovered that she was coming down with the flu, but was insistent about going to work; she likes to be doing things and stay busy. It gets her out of the house. Ophelia successfully caught up on her homework and went through with her plans to invite her friends over for dinner, since Olive was set to leave any minute. As she was cooking, her friends arrived just as Olive was getting into her limo.

The dinner party went about as well as one would expect for this group. Ophelia burned the spaghetti, Ripp, Zidane, and Skipp were the only friends who sat with her to eat, while Tank and Johnny had a slapping contest and Tiffany was on the computer. The ghosts were still getting into the house and scaring poor Ophelia and Ripp had a go on Tank too... Johnny, Tank, and even Ripp have appalling reputations because of all the constant fighting they do.

Ophelia bid them farewell and was placing the leftovers in the fridge just as Olive got home and went straight to bed. Ophelia turned in for the night.

Ophelia spent a lot of the day looking after her motives and getting ready for a night out of the house with her friends, while Olive rested the illness away.

While I got Ophelia sorted, I noticed her go to the phone on her own, but I'd made her go to the shower before I noticed her do it, so it cancelled. I put two and two together, and realised that she was making a booty call. I checked who she had the hots for and it was Zidane... He has the hots for Johnny and they're going steady, so what would have happened there? Would he have said no, or would he have just done it...?

Anyway, at 16:00, Tiffany met up with Ophelia (Sim Blender), and they left the house together to meet with their friends at Bernard's Botanical Dining.

Upon getting there, Ophelia went to book their table, while the group spread out, most of them going to the bubble blower. Ripp didn't turn up for this outing, most likely due to work. Once the table was booked, Ophelia sat down with Zidane and Johnny following, while Skipp sat on a completely different table on his own. No one knew where Tiffany and Tank were, until they emerged from the photo booth, just having had their first Woohoo in there. They promptly joined the group afterwards.

The meal was nice, until Johnny brought up the public Woohoo; not something to talk about while you're eating. After the meal, Ophelia congratulated Tiffany on the public Woohoo, while Johnny went for Tank as he does.

Meanwhile, Olive was still resting until her carpool showed up. She went to work.

Olive came home at 2am. She went straight to the toilet and then got some Mac & Cheese out of the fridge. Immediately after finishing her dinner, her illness took its toll and she passed away. Since she was on her own, there was no one to plead for her, so she moved on; she was only in the middle of her elder lifestage.

Ophelia got home and bid her friends farewell, before entering the house to see that her aunt had passed prematurely. To say that she was distraught would be an understatement. Olive was buried just in front of her favourite chair, beside Ichabod Specter. Ophelia promptly went to bed.

She woke up, had her breakfast, and then lost it. She kicked her dollhouse to pieces, kicked the bin, and kicked the graves. Ophelia even stomped on the roaches that manifested, before kicking the graves again.

Her last blood relative is gone, or so she thinks...this might be another Beau situation.

Next time, we're onto the Beakers.

When a game is predictable, it's boring.
That goes for any medium that isn't life.
That's why The Sims 2 is my favourite sims game.
It pays great attention to detail and can be unpredictable.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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