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Originally Posted by Gargoyle Cat
This is the funny part about the lack of context, my post could have been about anything.  Since you brought up TS4, I don't care about Sims 4 or any other sims game going forward that EA shoves out the door.   They've destroyed the franchise IMO, so I have no reason to spend money on it.  People have spent 6 years making excuses for everything EA does and continue to pay the price for said excuses; over $700.00 worth.  I can think of better ways to spend $700.00 and not have to make excuses for it. Not to mention the lack of bugs, fugged up skin tones, EA trying to be my overlord, ect...

For the actual context of my post, it had to do with a article I read.  2 people decided that since they figured they couldn't get what they wanted from one person that they would blindly go to another person.  The result?  Neither got anything either way and now they're complaining about it.  They got what they deserved, nothing.

Err, I was just making a quip about the Sims 4 with your quote for a bit of a laugh. Wasn't taking anything out of context since I wasn't looking for any to begin with? Was just having a bit of fun.

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