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Default Advanced meshing help
I've been messing around with meshing for some time now. I can, for example, create a basic table, chair or end table, but still consider myself very much a newbie. Sometimes I see a really detailed and beautiful object which I'll download so I can pick it apart to see how they did it. Most of these appear to have several textures applied to several meshes within the same object, so this means the texturing can be more precise and detailed, e.g. shadows etc.

I may be wrong about that, but what I'm asking is, is that what these object have, several mesh files each with their own textures, and is there a tutorial that details how to do this?

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There are tutorials for this, yes--an object can only have two re-colorable subsets, meaning you can have a chair with a wood subset and a cushion subset (for example), where multiple stains of wood and multiple kinds of fabric are possible. However, if you have, say, three parts to the mesh, they can all have a texture, just two (again) can have recolors, while the third part will only ever have that one texture. IgnorantBliss goes over this in her tutorial, found here

You can also add a shadow to your object as well, per this tutorial by boblishman

It may look intimidating, but this can be done, and you can find it's pretty fun to make a fully-rounded object for your game ^^.
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