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Converting cars from GTA 3/Vice City/SA to Sims 2.
Is there a way to convert GTA 3/Vice City/SA cars to Sims 2? What tutorial is there?
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I don't know how to extract them, but you need to extract them in a format that meshing programs can handle. The most used and most program-friendly (but not neccessarily the easiest to work with) is OBJ, but some programs can also handle 3ds and various other formats.

I don't think there are any tutorials that show how to do this in the TS2 community, but if you can find out how to extract the meshes (Youtube or Google may be helpful) it's possible someone can help you from there.

I think a couple sites may have models from various games (possibly also GTA), for instance Vovilla.

Converting cars isn't the easiest task because it involves bone assignments and quite possibly some tinkering with textures and such.
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I think learning to extract the mesh from GTA will be the tricky part. Once you have that, the following links should help in assigning the bones and converting it to a working Sims 2 mod:


We have been stuck too long with "New Mesh" as the apex of creation.
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If you have Garry's mod, the vehicles for vice city have already been imported into gmod. A quicker way for VC would be to rip the .MDL's from this mod:

If you were to go down this route then of course credit the guy
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