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Default Seasonal Shrub Recolour: Hood View defaults to original.
I am making recolours for one of my new type seasonal shrubs, which are cloned from trees but use shrubglobals. The in-lot version seems to work fine now, after some problems. But, the Hood view version of the recolour shows the default colour, although I have included lod90 recolours in the package.

The recolour was made using Gwenke's method on Sims2Artists. I have attached the packages, in case anyone wants to have a look.

Thanks for reading this.


Attachments removed because I think I fixed this!
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Sorry to double post, but I thought I would add more details.
At my first try, the recolour appeared to be working fine. It changed correctly with the change of seasons, and the neighbourhood view version was also showing the correct colours. However, I noticed that when it became untrimmed - or got trimmed - in the summer, the recolour would switch to the default colour. Setting it to be untrimmed or trimming it in Spring or Autumn was different - it kept its correct colour.

I didn't solve why it was doing this, but I worked round it by giving the shrub SWX02 trimmed and untrimmed graphics, instead of letting it use the default. That solved the in-lot problem, but caused the same problem to occur in the neighbourhood view graphics.

I can't help thinking I am missing something fairly simple here. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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