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Sorry for post spam, I seem to be running into issues and issues. I reinstalled SimPE to the program Data folder; I did get a error but it installed never the less. This time this two files are not showing. The green half pear I made after install and the pumpkin before which did show up in game but now is replaced with the fruit bowl I cloned it from. I did also make a red pear that shows up perfectly fine??? Will include files for lookover. I will say the texture is quite large but the objects are low poly.
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First of all, remove the extra . in your filenames. Sometimes the game thinks everything behind the . is a file extension, which leads to the file not being read properly (even if SimPE doesn't have a problem). Removing spaces in filenames is also smart. Test and see if they work. Most likely this is the only thing you'll need to do.

You'll also want to avoid punctuation when giving the resources a new name (fix integrity, or if the box pops up when cloning). This technically shouldn't cause a problem, but it's smart to avoid them as a general rule. Only use numbers, letters and - for fix Integrity (not _ because it is already used as an important spacer for the resources, such as "RedPear_tslocator_gmdc", and SimPE will change extras to a . anyway, which can occasionally be problematic - and don't use any other characters, such as [ ] { } ( ) ? / @ , * & etc.) SimPE usually fixes the lines if you add in something that shouldn't be there, but the extra pinctuation can occasionally muck up things especially for CAS meshes, so best to just avoid characters SimPE doesn't like.

And a very useful bonus tip when you're cloning the fruit bowl and most likely get too small/big thumbnails - go to the CRES, find the "thumbnailExtension" line in the dropdown list, click this. Then click the "foodFruitBowl_thumbnailShape" line under "Items", and hit the "delete" button. Click commit and save. This makes the game generate new thumbnails for the items instead of using the one fitted to the fruitbowl.
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