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Default BHAV help please
I am using a BHAV nicked (with permission) out of another object. It seems to work okay, but I think it needs tidying up.

My understanding is that every line in the code needs to be connected, and in this code, there is a break splitting off the last three lines from everything else. It also looks like line 5 is not connected to anything at all.

My understanding of SimPE stuff is pretty limited, which is why I used someone else's code in the first place. I'm not certain what those last three lines are supposed to be doing, even, but I can follow decent instructions.

How should I fix this BHAV?
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Honestly? If your object works as expected and doesn't throw any errors or break the game, I'd leave it be. Those lines don't really do much of anything other than allow intersection and set the weight of objects it can hold....
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Do they even do that? I suspect the game isn't reading those disconnected last lines at all, is it?

The object is single-tile, and isn't a surface, so shouldn't need to hold any weight at all.

I tried removing Lines 5 and 6, nothing seemed to change in-game. I wondered whether those lines might have been left over from wherever the BHAV started.

Thanks for your input!
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Do delete the last three lines. They are not being used but if you ever accidently linked them they will cause problems. The op-code was originally an initialise routine where 'My' was the object being initialized but now it is being run by a sim so 'My' is the sim. If the weight, support strength and/or footprint flags were accidently changed on a sim then the problem will likely show up on something unrelated and be extremely difficult to work out where the problem is coming from.
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Originally Posted by aelflaed
Do they even do that? I suspect the game isn't reading those disconnected last lines at all, is it?

Well, no they aren't/weren't being read. Which was the point of me saying to just leave them alone since they aren't even needed. :D
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Thanks, everyone! I'm tidying up that BHAV.
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