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Default Does TS3 properly support 21:9 aspect ratio aka. "ultrawide" ?
I just sold my Crossover 2763AMG 2560x1440 60Hz monitor and seriously considering between ACER XB270HU 2560x1440 144Hz and ACER X34 3440x1440 100Hz.
Since TS3 is one of my main game (the others are Cities Skylines / Civilization / Total War) and also my wife only play TS3. I try searching in Google using several keywords like Sims 3 3440x1440 , Sims 3 21:9 , Sims 3 Ultrawide but still have no clue.

However I find this video. This guy is using 2560x1080 monitor which is still 21:9. At around 2.15 TS3 seem to be running full screen on his monitor but when he switching resolution to 1920x1080 (16:9) at around 2.29 field of view look very much the same as 21:9. You can still see the tree on left side and junction on right side which is like TS3 forcing 16:9 ratio into 21:9 ratio by just extending it which is unacceptable in my opinion.

But in this video TS3 seem to run perfectly on ultrawide monitor ???

Also I see someone report on EA forum like in create a style head and foots are disappear on ultrawide monitor ???

What about triple monitors ? TS3 fully support triple monitors with proper field of view !! But on ultrawide... ???

Pros and cons on XB270HU vs X34.
XB270HU = cheaper / guarantee higher refresh rate / standard aspect ratio.
X34 = seem like overall better in most games but more expensive and does not guarantee 100Hz. Someone only able to hit 85/90/95Hz. / Sims 3 may not properly support ???

Anyone using ultrawide monitor (2560x1080 , 3440x1440 , 3840x1600) please share your opinion. Thanks.

The funny thing is TS4 fully support ultrawide monitor but I rarely play it and my wife hate it.
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No one here using ultrawide ?
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Those monitors are expensive.

I just managed to get a HUGE 1440x900 a couple of years ago.

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Originally Posted by enterprise24
Pros and cons on XB270HU vs X34.
XB270HU = cheaper / guarantee higher refresh rate / standard aspect ratio.
X34 = seem like overall better in most games but more expensive and does not guarantee 100Hz. Someone only able to hit 85/90/95Hz. / Sims 3 may not properly support ???

Anyone using ultrawide monitor (2560x1080 , 3440x1440 , 3840x1600) please share your opinion. Thanks.

I don't know if this would answer your question, because I personally don't have the ultrawide monitor, but from technical and TS3 point of views, I think TS3 shouldn't have any problem running on those resolutions, TS3 may not be running at 85/90/95Hz refresh rate, but I know it does run on 3 split screen 1920x1080 monitors or = 5760x1080 at 60hz refresh rate using a single AMD Radeon Eyefinity graphic card, so it should work with Nvidia Surround Screens also with a single Nvidia graphic card that supports 3 split screens like the GTX 680 780 980 and 1080 cards.

I even had my own personal experience with my laptop, one time when using my laptop and my laptop also connected to my external 22 inch monitor, I was going to watch movie with my daughter on the big monitor but forgot to switch off my laptop monitor, so the movie was displayed on both screens, then when I played around the dual/split monitors option, my daughter accidently tap the TS3 icon, and TS3 even run on 2 split screens with different resolutions (1366x768 and 1920x1080 monitors, using laptop 13 and 22 inch monitors) but runs on 2x1366x768 as the laptop only supports up to 1366x768 or = 2732x768 at 60hz refresh rate.

So in my opinion, I don't see why TS3 won't run on ultrawide monitor, I think the answer to make it work is not on TS3 side or ultrawide monitor side (as the game don't have problem running split screens) but on the graphic setup, and of course you'll need a strong graphic card to support it, even my laptop GT610M can run 2 split screens (but with the lowest texture quality on 2732x768 resolutions), of course it's kind of choppy because of my GT610M graphic when I tried it, but TS3 don't have any problem running 2 split screens, I wish my laptop had another external monitor port so I can run 3
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Thanks for all of your opinion. So I just order Dell S2716DG instead as I still fear Sims 3 will not properly support ultrawide. I ask the owner of those 2 videos but they don't reply to me. The XB270HU is not produce anymore and it is extremely hard to find even in second hand market. The newer XB271HU is not available in my country. So I look at Dell S2716DG instead. Spotting the same 27" and 2560x1440 but using TN panel rather than IPS and the same 144Hz and G-Sync. After read many review with some calibration this model will have nice color quality despite being a TN panel. I hope that G-Sync will help eliminating stuttering in Sims 3 lol.
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So after almost 1.5 years with S2716DG I am back to consider ultrawide again but I found this.
Ultrawide in Sims 3 didn't really increase field of view at all. Anyway to fix this ?



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Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm a bit lost on this whole resolution stagnation situation evaluation congregation. I'm running two identical 1080p screens which, theoretically, allows me to play in dual screen.
Only, I haven't been able to figure out how to manipulate the game's resolution beyond using DSR to run it in 1440p on a single monitor. I can run it in 2160p but this makes the UI unreadable and the game engine unstable. Say I want to run it in 21:9 on my 16:9 screen, how would I do this? Better yet, if I want to run it across both screens at either 5120x1440 or 3840x1080, how would I do that? Could I also, if I wanted, run the game in 21:9 but dual screen, with massive black bars on the side?

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Finally bought the 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor. The game is Vert- , You get less vertical space while you get the same horizontal space.

2560x1440 16:9

3440x1440 21:9 This is supposed to get more horizontal space but it doesn't.

Tried ts3fov but the game will crash after completed loading. Someone said it was no longer work after patch 1.2.7 (since June 2009 !!)

Tried modifying kMainFOVDegrees in GameplayData.package also but no success.
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The funny thing is 4:3 aspect ratio get the most FOV.

So this is not just affecting 21:9 monitor but also 16:9 (the most common resolutions for Sims 3 players are 1366x768 and 1920x1080) also affected veryyyy long time ago. But probably nobody notice it.

Here is 1920x1440 resolution (4:3).

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