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Duplicated Patterns?
Hey, so this actually is not a recent problem, but now since I rely more on patterns it has become more of an issue...So when I download patterns the pattern will glitch out and I will see multiple of a single pattern EVERYWHERE replacing some of my other custom patterns, and I certainly did not download them multiple times. I tried deleting the pattern that was showing up and then I went back to my game and low and behold ANOTHER pattern took it's place in glitching and messing up my patterns, I tried deleting the pattern again and we shall see if it makes a difference though I don't think it will, so can someone please let me know if they have a solution? PS. It did not work when I tried again, and also some of my CC is not showing like fences and gates. A bit of info about my game:

-Yes I use mods.

-Yes I use CC Magic though this was a problem even before CC Magic I believe.

Any help would be a appreciated and hopefully we can get this fixed!
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Sorry to necro this but I've had the same issue with these patterns:

Sadly I've had to remove them from my game as every single one was duplicating itself into every single CASt category, sometimes more than once. If there is a fix though I can re-install them
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@peridew Here's an explanation, and how to fix this issue:

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