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Default Store content jacket does not exist according to the .sim file
Hi all,

I just downloaded ButchSims' rather bad boy but good looking Lucas Lee, and when I load him up in CAS, for some reason, the everyday top changes to the red and white checked shirt which means that the clothing isn't in the game. Now, it's the Grimmy Jacket, which, when I checked my launcher, it does have the jacket.

Any ideas? I'm not sure whether this is in the right category, but here we go.
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All I can think of is to ask if you know whether or not your jacket was ever decrapified. The regular version and the decrapified version are two different objects, even though they look the same.

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Well, I game on a Mac, so it can't quite run .exe files... looks like I'll have to re-read how to run Wine...
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