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Default The Sky in the background of certain worlds is appearing "wishy washy" like water (possibly due to my graphics settings)
For the past week or so, I've noticed that the sky in the background of my saved game is appearing "wishy washy" like water. This doesn't occur with clean unplayed games, but several hours into the game, the "wishy washy" texture appears on the outlines between the sky and the background objects. It is quite annoying. I was wondering if anyone knew what I might have done with my graphics settings to get the sky to appear like this? I would rather not have to modify my graphics settings to fix this issue, if the issue persists then it is something that I may have to consider.
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That's normal. It's summer in the game right? Check the temperature of the world (move cursor over the season indicator), if it is really hot. It's the game generated heat wave.

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It is Autumn about to transition to Winter. But I used cheats to make the place really hot. So that it will take a while for the temperature to drop. I did this because I'm currently giving various parts of the world a makeover, and I find it rather awkward doing it while there is snow and frost on the ground.

Perhaps I should have changed it to a cool temperature, and then keep it at the set temperature. Rather than setting it to a hot temperature and then clicking "unset temperature" to allow the game to slowly lower the temperature. The temperature that I had it set to was somewhere between 400 and 500 degrees which would have been fatal in real life.

I've made the temperature static rather than dynamic, and set it somewhere between 40 and 50 degrees, so the weather will be cool but not cool enough to be frosty, let alone snowy. I haven't done a formal check, but I think it will fix the problem that I'd been having.
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