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Default Game crashes around the same time every day

So this weekend I finished my custom world and I made a family and began playing. I did all my nraas settings and rapid-immigrated maybe 15-20 households. Everything was fine until Tuesday (in-game Tuesday), where the game repeatedly crashed anywhere between 12:30 and 1:30. I restarted the game about 5 times before I gave up for the day, unable to get past that point.
This morning I did a master controller reset everything at noon and was able to play through the rest of Tuesday, but it's now Wednesday at the same time and is crashing again, between 12:30-1:30.
I read the response to this post here from Igazor, which I think is probably my issue. I don't think it's the latter two things as I didn't put spawners on any actual lots and it hasn't been long enough for anyone to have a baby so I think it might be the first thing - a sim somewhere with a bad career outfit....or maybe it's more general and it's just somebody somewhere in town doing something they're not supposed to.

So kind of where I'm at atm is I was going to totally annihilate the town and see if I get through an entire day. Or, I was going to go around the other houses and fix them up (new jobs, makeovers etc) because I'm already kind of attached to some of the more "busy" sims with the most story progression popups.
But both options sound like a lot of work as I'm either way working with a lot of sims (I think the town has ~150 people+pets) and would be incredibly time consuming to either A- fix the current sims or B- generate all new ones after I annihilate the current ones.... so if anyone here has another suggestion for what I could do/try I'd be happy to hear it.

Some extra info:
I know it's not the world itself because I did a test family for an in-game week (no other sims except my test girl and service sims, proprietor, etc).
I'm pretty sure it's not a memory/RAM sorta thing 'cause I was watching the RAM and it's fine, and like I said the crashing is around the same time.
There's no crash notice, it just goes to my desktop and closes the game.

I'm also happy to provide any additional info. Help/suggestions greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Totally annihilating everybody worked, it played through the time frame the crashing was happening. So I suppose now I just need to decide do I want new neighbor sims or do I wanna fix the existing sims. Was also considering using Porter to take my family + a few of the other sims I'm enjoying seeing around and starting anew.
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