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Default Career name/title shows up blank
Hiya, sorry if this is in the wrong place
So I downloaded the minimum wage mod here and then I wanted to go and edit the wages even further myself, and I noticed that some of the career names differed to what the game has them. For example level 1 of the criminal it had "shoplifter" when it should be "decoy". So I changed it back to decoy in S3PE and now in game it's just showing up blank. It seems to be blank for any level/career I changed the name of and I'm not sure why or how I'd even go about fixing this.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: I just temporarily redownloaded the mod and tried that and it is showing up as "decoy" despite saying "shoplifter" in s3pe. Wonder if this is just something to do with I think the creator is from the UK if they are just different from the US version I have. So now I guess I'll just go and redo the wages with the numbers I want but otherwise leave the names alone. Feel free someone to delete this post or maybe I will. But dunno if it could be helpful to someone, or if someone still could tell me why the names were blank when I changed them, I am still kinda curious.
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