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Default Where can I find hair like this?
Hi all, as put, where can I find hair like those pictured below (the updos only) for the sims 3. For reference, I have searched curly sims website, gruesims/sketchbook, applekisssims, etc and cannot find anything like this. I have searched re-texture catalogs. I have search pinterest, and I don'y have a tumblr so I can't search there. I have moddish kittens afro puffs, so I am not looking for afro puffs. I am looking for a curly bun/top-knot/loose pony-tail such as linked below. Any help would be great!
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Originally Posted by aisquared

Thank you, but not totally what I’m looking for. I actually have the first hair but by pandalabs. I’m looking for hair with a tighter curl pattern/coil, meaning I looking for hair that someone who is Black or bi-racial might have that isn’t an Afro or just a regular bun. When I said loose bun, I just meant like messy/loose style not loose curls.

Thank you again though and hopefully that clarifies. Looking for something super similar to a lot of that sims four sites styles, or someone who converts that persons hair specifically.
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Hmm...I see. How about these ones?
(Edit: I see you already looked at applekissims..sorry about that)

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