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Default Elixir store resets sim
Hi Everyone

My mom and I are playing our fairies in Dragon Valley, very nice neighbourhood for a medieval game, and my mom can't play a single sims game without doing the whole elixir thing.

But we're experiencing a problem, when the sim goes to the elixir store to buy and/or consign stuff the sim is reset and it pops up with an NRaas ErrorTrap message.

I have tried replacing the Elixir Consignment Store, the one I originally put dwon and edited, with a clean copy from the lots bin.

It works a few times but then it starts resetting the sim and throwing up the NRaas message again.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem??
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We might be able to help a bit better if you brought the ErrorTrap logs to us at NRaas so we could read what they are saying.
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