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Default Missing Objects/Neighborhood Decor in CAW
HELP!!! I've been at this for hours! I recently built a new computer and had to reinstall all my games and sims 3 CAW. I'm currently working on a Vegas themed world in CAW. However, when I went to look for the desert palm trees (the ones that came with Lucky Palms) I couldn't find them or any objects/neighborhood decor from store worlds for that matter. In the past with my other two computers, I always edit the resource file and add the packages folder and the items from all my store worlds show up in metadata in CAW with no problem. However, with this computer its not working. I really need these palm trees and plants from Lucky Palms for this Vegas world I'm working on. Please help!!
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It might be possible to find them in Super Caw? Just guessing.
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Originally Posted by KatyFernlily
It might be possible to find them in Super Caw? Just guessing.

With Super CAW, do you have to add items individually or will they appear automatically?
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