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Default Lifetime Wish (LTW) appears to be completed, even when it's not.

I labelled this as a bug, but I'm not sure what is this...

I'm playing this legacy family in a small / medium size world, with less than 50 hand-picked residents. My 3rd generation heiress aged up to YA and, after travelling to China, coming back, and then travelling to UNI, I decided to move her out of the family home to her own house.

She has the "Heartbreaker" LTW, which is completed after she's been the girlfriend of 10 different sims. By the time I moved her to her own house, she was up to 2/10 boyfriends. I played one sim day with her, and then changed the active household to her aunt, because Nraas Story Progression notified me of something I wanted to see.

The aunt had been active for a day and a half (sim time), when Nraas SP notified me that my heiress was pregnant. I facepalmed (I didn't want this), and immediately switched back to her household. After a few minutes of playing with her, I realised that her LTW showed as complete; you know, with that silvery-metal texture. When I hover over it, it still shows 2/10 boyfriends. I examined her Lifetime happiness points, and they were quite above what she should have: it showed +50000 and it should be around +15000.

So, my question would be: WTF???

I FIXED IT: I used Nraas Master Controller to change it to something else, and then back to "Heartbreaker", and it worked: it now shows as incomplete, and still displays 2/10 boyfriends.

But, even though, I thought I'd drop this one here to see if anybody else had experienced this, and what may have caused it; could it be corruption?


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