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Default Increase duration of pregnancy
Is there a way to increase the length of time that your sim is pregnant, I find the 3 days is too short, especially when you don’t know your sim is pregnant until the day before giving birth. I have the mods MasterController, Debugenabler and Woohooer.
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You can download NRass Retuner ( to change all kinds of settings related to pregnancy. Though I've been told it's not a good idea to change any of these settings while there are any pregnant Sims currently in the neighborhood as there may be issues such as a forever pregnancy, etc. How I check to see if there are any pregnant Sims is: NRass > MasterController > Demographics > Population

If you decide to get Retuner or for anyone else who may not already know.
Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems > Pregnancy:
-k Hours of Pregnancy
-k Hours to Show Fully Pregnant
-k Hours to Show Pregnant Buff
-k Hours to Start Pregnant Contractions
-k Hours to Start Pregnant Motives
-k Hours to Start Walking Pregnant
-k Number of Puddles for Water Break (Interesting how this is coded into the game but not enabled.)


Using NRass MasterController plus Cheats Module will allow you to pause/resume a known pregnancy. NRass > MasterController > Sim > Pregnancy > Pause/Resume Pregnancy


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