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Originally Posted by happycowlover
^If you let yourself get that grumpy and rude over a video game, you have a personal problem. And need to step away from the computer.

Agreed, and this goes for anything trivial.
When people come accross as rude when they're asking questions quite often it's just because they're confused and muddled and either have read too much conflicting advice or don't even know where to start looking and are really frustrated. Just like a toddler who gets frustrated because they can't find the words they're looking for to express themselves. There's no reason to be rude back. Even if they're being really demanding and rude (like the ones who bump their thread five times in ten minutes) you don't have to be rude. Now, you don't have to let them get away with that behaviour either, but it's better to say firmly but politley what they're doing wrong. There's heaps of forums when members have the maturity to say
"Hey, I know you want the answer for this but this is an international forum run by normal folks who aren't paid to answer questions. Out of the goodness of their hearts they'll help you out when they're around but it could be 3am where they are, or they might be at work earning a living. Please have a little paitence and I'm sure someone will be along in the next day or so who can help."
Either they'll say they're sorry and behave, or they'll just go away or they'll keep on being rude in which case you can then just ignore them.

If you're to tired or stressed or sick of it all to just be polite then better just say nothing at all.

I use Twallan because when awesome mod first came out I was worried with all the warnings about the highlander rule and got all confused so I didn't use any mod. Then I didn't play sims for a while and when I came back to it I knew there were some things I'd like to be able to do, mainly have more than eight sims in a house. So I googled it and found twallan had a great page saying "if you want to do this then you need these mods". I've also found it less confusing to look at single mods and see what they do than try to look at one big huge one. While I haven't had to ask for any help with my mods, I know if I do that I'll be treated like a person with Twallan where as at MATY I'd worry that they'd probably be mean and make fun of me because I'm not that good with technical stuff. I tend to avoid folks who think being mean is cool or funny.

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Locked thread | Locked by: simsample Reason: Descending into a debate about rudeness.
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