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Default General information regarding the security of your MTS2 account
Hi All,

With recent events that have been happening in the Sims 2 community at large, and with some attacks against creators going on, I thought it would be wise to highlight a few key points about your account here at MTS2:

1. Make sure that your MTS2 password is NOT one you use at any other site, or is used ONLY on sites you trust implicitly that do not share your personal information with others.

2. Make sure you do not reveal your password to anybody, in PMs or emails.

3. MTS2 staff will NEVER ask you for your password - in fact, we cannot even see what your password is. All the admins can do is to reset it.

4. If you are concerned about your account, make sure you change your password every once in a while.

To change your password, click on User Tools, then click Edit Profile. You'll find the button to change your password there.

I would highly recommend any creators who have not changed thier passwords recently to do so now.


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