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Default Changes to Guidelines for TS3 World Uploads
Hi all,

Just a quick news to let you know that we have made some changes to the MTS Creator Guidelines for TS3 Worlds.

The main changes are:
  • Info on uploading with included sims. Previously, no guidelines were available for sims. Creators uploading worlds with sims will need to provide full pics and info for at least 5 sims representative of the style and quality of the world as a whole.

  • Changes to the amount of info/pictures required. Previously, world creators had to provide pictures and info for all lots in the world - collecting these pictures and info was a huge task. Now, creators will need to provide info and pictures for at least 10 lots (5 residential, 5 community) to show a representative overview of the style, type, and quality of the lots included in their world, which should be enough for both downloaders and staff to get a good idea of whether or not the lots are satisfactory.

We hope these changes clarify things for world uploaders, and reduce the workload for both the world creators and our world moderating staff.

Happy new year, and happy simming!
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This is good news! I think now, I might be more inclined to attempt a world upload (I'd started before, but gave up because I knew the amount of time to get all the pics would be aaages!).
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Ahhh thank you!

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Fantastic news!

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Woo this makes things much less complicated and time consuming! Thanks :D
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This is great news. Hopefully we'll start seeing more worlds here. :0)
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Awesome! Great Changes

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7th Jan 2011 at 10:45 AM
Default Creator News - Changes to Guidelines for TS3 World Uploads
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