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Default Makeover Your Sim's Wardrobe
So, there you are, playing your game, and once again your sim is in that snappy little sweater and jeans combo.... What you really want is to use a smart new suit of clothes for your sim, but you can't find what you want in the downloads.

So why not make it yourself?

We realise that many MTS members would love to be able to make new clothes and accessories for their sims, but are just not sure where to start. Well, daluved1 has been working away creating - not clothes - but a comprehensive beginners guide to creating clothing using the CTU CAS Creation with daluved1

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about Beginning with CAS creation - what tools you need, where to download them and lots of clear instructions on exactly what you need to do to get that new suit of clothes for your sim.

If you want to go a bit further with your new modding skills then there is also a CTU User Guide for if you want to explore the CTU a little further.

But there's more!

Maybe you have not had time to visit the wiki and explore all the tutorials we have to offer there - but why not take a look and see what else you can make for your game or even to share with other simmers

Tutorials for Modding Sims3
CAS Creation with daluved1
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Yea Daluved! Great job! Nice publishing layout too!

reading...... reading.....

... I am impressed. Still reading.... Good layout.. Covers just about everything someone needs to know for beginning meshing for TS3...

reading on to see what is said about the morph resizing...

...well rats! I was hoping it had some 'advanced' info about converting your new lod 1 mesh creation into a lod 2 or lod 3 cuz that is SUCH a joy! (not). but that's advanced stuff. Gotta watch those polys!

Ok, Daluved! Get busy! I'm waiting for the advanced tutorial! (cheeky ain't I?)

Done reading! Give the lady FIVE STARS!
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so what exactly can you do on this program/ is it like paint, or what?
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Originally Posted by Ally6429
so what exactly can you do on this program/ is it like paint, or what?

Follow the link to her tutorial and read it. :0) Then you'll understand.
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