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Default Monthly theme of December, and few other announce bits

as you were informed in the start of November, the monthly theme of December is...


Holidays are coming close, at least on the northern side of the globe. Do your sims celebrate Christmas, or do they have Hanukkah? You can also make anything else that represents a culture, it doesn't necessary have to be about celebrating.

How to take part?
Make a Multicultural-themed upload. It can be anything - a lot, a sim, clothes, furniture, whatever comes to your mind, as long as it has something to do with the theme.

The upload process goes the way it normally does. You include required pictures, files, information... The only new requirement is that you include some of the following tags to your upload search keywords:
  • "theme-Multicultural"
  • "Multicultural"
  • "theme"
How long is the theme active?

The Multicultural theme starts today, December 1st 2011 - and ends January 31st 2012.

Have fun with the new theme!

What about the next themes?

The suggestions for the next 6 month themes are still open, go make a suggestion here!

And then, just a reminder....

Take part in the Official Calendar Contest!

The rules are up, TS2 here and TS3 here , you must hurry, there are only limited spots open for contestants!

We also had some really nice uploads on the last theme. Here are few examples, check them out!

ImageCreatorDownload link
hudy777DeSignAncient Roman Floor
TaheraEgypt Wall Decorations
lhawk07Roman Gladiator Chariot and Parking Space
Yogi-TeaAncient Roman Home (No CC)

You know, I looked and looked, but could not find any TS2 uploads for the theme. They must be hiding
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Both hemispheres have the same calendar so the holidays should be close on both sides...

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Robodl I think they mean with regards to seasons. ie if you're gonna do a christmas scene don't make it a BBQ on a sunny beach like you might get in Australia

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Maybe the mentioning of northern side was a bad choice, but anyways. If you celebrate xmas with bbq there is no stopping for you to upload something related to that. That is a way to spend xmas as is the snowier way on the north etc. This theme is all about cultures, so there is no saying that your way to spend xmas would be wrong.
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This theme will be very easy to work with. I hope everyone likes the suggestion i posted for the following moths
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I think I can do this! I live in New Zealand which is near Aussie!

I am MOHAAPlayer on Discord
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