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Got Any Swamp CC Including Lots,Neighborhood CC
Hello, I am pretty new to this but I was wondering if anyone got any swamp cc because I wanted to make this nice swampy suburban town in the sims 2 and I just can't find any cc anywhere. If you have any or know a place to look please link the DL.
#2 Old 16th Jul 2020 at 1:55 PM

Sims 2 castaway conversions will have a lot you could use as swampy sort of items, not allowed to link to it here though, but Google is your friend.

I've also made an old hermit trappers hut, it's a complete run down mess, might go good in your hood.
You will need to clean it first though as I made this before I knew you shouldn't test lots with sims (and in this case dead sims) in it. Here's a tute on how to clean it if you didn't know how
There might also be some flashing blue items, as I didn't take as much care in my downloads then as I do now!!

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