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Default where can I post custom content requests?
I'm absolutely fed up of the hostility on this website being shown towards any attempt to request custom content being created from modders. Every time I post in a thread it gets removed and I'm told it's the wrong thread.

So WHAT IS THE CORRECT THREAD to post such a request? At no point does admin advise anybody of where to post a request.
Or is that evil and not wanted behaviour?

Surely it would be HELPFUL to have a thread dedicated to accepting custom content creation requests?
Mad Poster
#2 Old 7th Aug 2019 at 9:42 PM
MTS doesn't allow for requests other than via PM to creators who've posted here:

You can try other places that have request sections, like for instance GoS: (make sure to read the guidelines post first - they're a bit strict on links and pictures). Requests for buy/build and CAS content tend to be answered more frequently than mods/hacks/poses/etc., and even more frequently if it's vaguely "alternative".
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I'm baffled as to why the decision to not have a helpful thread for requests on here
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Originally Posted by Dolph
I'm baffled as to why the decision to not have a helpful thread for requests on here

Probably because it gets annoying very fast. Often the same people gets the requests and some of them finds it difficult to turn down.
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That seems how it would be now with PMs. With threads, or even A THREAD it wouldn't be like that.
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The point of the pm is you are pm'ing someone who is open to requests. You couldn't just have one thread there would be a hundred.

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#7 Old 10th Aug 2019 at 2:28 AM
If there was a forum for it how could it possibly be a problem? I would think probably 90% of members would rather have this than have to look for individual members who accept requests, look at what they can/are willing to do and check they are still active. It seems odd to not have an area for it and extreme to not allow requests at all.
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I may remember wrong, but I think there was a request section back before Sims2Community was merged with MTS. It's a loooooong time ago now, though.

I set up a request section on my site a while ago (well, two - I had one for general requests and one for requests directed to me, but I ended up merging them because people posted in the first one they saw anyway, and didn't read the guidelines, etc.), but since I'm pretty much the only one who fulfills requests over there (sporadically), and don't have much room for taking them on now since a lot of them happen to involve meshing, it's become a very neglected part of the forum. I've noticed that several places people will post a lot of requests but no one seems interested in fulfilling them. I've tried posting requests various places (mostly clothes because that's not where I'm strongest), but they seem to have less than a 10% fulfilling rate, so most of the time I end up soldiering through some tutorials or whatever else is needed to fix it on my own I've seen similar neglect-issue with request sections on other sites, like I do sometimes help out on GoS if there's some simple request I can do in a few hours, though.

It would be nice with a request section here on MTS since we've got a lot of members and creators coming through. The section may be high-maintenance in regards to moderating, though.
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There is a thread somewhere ...
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#10 Old 1st Sep 2019 at 10:47 PM
Pretty futile to PM a retired creator. Try here
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