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Default Running an Orphanage Challenge
Hello! As my families have way too many kids, I had the idea to build an orphanage, and then an ideia to make it into a challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

Background: You always wanted to do good in the world, and you love kids. The government allowed you to open a state-founded orphanage, which you will run to the best of your ability.

Setting Up
1. Create an orphanage. Money is not relevant, but make it realistic — there probably will not be a particular beach or luxury bathtubs. It must have at least three bedrooms — one for the caretaker, one for the teens and kids and other for the babies.
2. Create a caretaker. It can be of any gender you fancy and must be either a young adult or an adult.
3. Create the children. Two teens, three children and two babies. Some can be brothers or sisters at your wish, but none may be related to the caretaker.

You are allowed to make a girls-only or boys-only orphanage if you want an easier version of the challenge.
You are allowed to use as many worlds you want and the lifespan speed you preffer, but more worlds will make the challenge more difficult and shorter lifespan will make it easier. I have not playtested the challenge yet but I have all expansion packs, so if it is becoming impossible limit yourself only to the base game worlds.
History progression mods may make it downright impossible, so be warned.

You must take care of the orphans until they come to young adult age. When one of the orphans become a young adult, move them out to a different lot — they havb no business on the orphanage anymore.
Orphans can help taking care of eachother. You can control the orphans.
When there is an open slot in your family, scan the neighborhood until you find a household with toddlers, children or teens. Move the child out to the orphanage — they were abandonated and now are under your care.
The caretaker is allowed to marry and have children, but they should not live with their partner and all childrens of theirs have to live with their partner.
If the caretaker dies, either create a new caretaker or select one of the orphans you took care of and is now an adult to be the new caretaker. You shall not ressurrect their ghost.
It is important to always have at least one teen in the orphanage so if the caretaker dies, the challenge will not be over. You are allowed to age up the oldest child in the orphanage with a birthday cake if there are no teens.
Teens are allowed to have part-time jobs. The caretaker is not allowed to have a job.

Goal: The challenge ends when there are no more children in the game that are not on the orphanage.
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