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Starting Over Challenge
Hi everyone! Hope you're all keeping safe. I recently came up with a challenge while playing the Sims 4 and thought I would share it here Please be nice as it's the first challenge I've posted on here!

Main goal: After your wealthy parents kick you out for depending on them too much and acting up, your Sim will have to build a whole new life for themselves.

- Create your Sim. Can be female or male but has to be a young adult. MUST have the Hates Children trait (due to their upbringing) and the Non-Committal trait as they don't want to be 'held down' by anything. The last trait is up to you! Give the Sim the Serial Romantic aspiration too. I randomised my Sim's parents then created the Sim for this challenge but feel free to make your Sim however you want. Just keep in mind that she/he is from a wealthy family so would be preferable if she/he had preppy or expensive looking outfits. Only can have 1 outfit per clothing type though.

- Move the Sim into a starter home but give her/him enough money so that it can be basically furnished. The home must have a living area space, a bathroom, a kitchen, a master bedroom and a room for another Sim. Once you've finished decorating, give your Sim 2500 Simoleons.

- This challenge is very aspiration based so you must finish the Serial Romantic aspiration. Love is love so there are no restrictions as to who your Sim goes for. Give your Sim whatever job you want but when you see that your Sim has got bored of the job you've given him/her, quit that one and get a new job. Even though your Sim hates children, that doesn't mean that her/his lineage can't continue. At some point, adopt a teenager (there is a mod that allows this) and give her/him the extra room in the Sim's house. When you can, decorate it so that it's a teenager's dream room.

- The challenge ends when you've completed the main Sim's aspiration. Once you have, you can (if you want to) change the Non-Committal trait to whatever you want. It also ends (for this Sim anyway) when your Sim has married the Sim she/he's got the most relationship points with. Your Sim's adopted teenager must also be a Grade A student.
- If you want, you can continue the story using the adopted teenager. Age him or her up and control his or her life

Hope you like this challenge and let me know how you do with it!
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