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Default Things You've said while playing The Sims 3
What hijinks have your sims been up to that made you react?
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"Huh, why is there a chunk of Sunset Valley's road in Champs Les Sims?"
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28th May 2020 at 6:50 AM
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Right now, since I'm only creating and not playing, a lot of colorful curses as I wrestle with the godawful character creation interface and camera angles therein.

Also at myself: "WHY did you try to alter the nose?? Do you not remember how hard it was last time to fix?? BAD."
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"Thanks for putting these horses and weather stones on this empty lot. It's fine I didn't want to build anything here I just wanted to stare at this field."
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"Oh my goodness!", when they do something fabulously cute.

"Punyemas", when they do things that belong in the "wtf are they doing" thread. I do not have an exact translation, but that is the point. My Filipina grandmother had some things she'd have felt awkward asking how to say in English.

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