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Default What's the best town for a scientist?
I'm curious about other opinions. I started my sim off in sunset valley but immediately sent her to college. After she graduated, she came back and suddenly sunset valley just didn't seem... big enough for her. Looking through other neighborhoods none of them really appealed to me, I've played in most of them enough to know what they're about. Then I saw monte vista, which I hadn't checked out, and it was so pretty I moved her there, but then it just didn't seem right. I went to load the save the game had made me make... and it had glitched somehow. I distinctly remember naming the old save sunset valley# and the new save in the new neighborhood monte vista but instead it had overwritten my last sunset valley save. Which isn't the end of the world, because I had made a fresh save every semester she was in college because she had the perfect gpa ltw and I wasn't gonna take chances ?. But it's at least a semester, possibly 2 behind due to this flimflammery so I'm still strongly considering just moving her anyway. But I really can't decide on an area. I think eventually she'll live in the future world anyway. But in the present, I'm not sure. I wasn't terribly taken by Lunar Lakes but it does seem to be the best town for a scientist. Can someone suggest any other options? With the story in mind that she would have moved there to take her new scientist career.
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Have no idea why I have not seen that in the past. I want to download and check out when I can.
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Great town, thanks, I will check it out
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Just installed Cronor and looked around a bit. Impressive build! I want to look at every inch of it and probably play at least a while there. Great sense of humor in the descriptions Very well done.
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I am patiently waiting for my new PC to arrive so I can reinstall TS3 after many years of going without. Cronor is right at the top of my list of worlds that I am absolutely dying to play in! Definitely ticks both boxes for "scientist" and "future."
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I was going to suggest Aurora Skies, since it is (supposed to be) dedicated to ecologically-friendly environmental science in particular, but of course its "feel" is very different from Cronor's.

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