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My compact and embellished version of @Peni Griffin's Widespot. It's always summer there and the Public Pool in the center of town is a favorite hangout. Before the new families moved in, the first settlers in this area were actually Maurice and Endora Ottomas. Endora was a huge gardener, and everywhere you see the pink Japanese maples was once their estate. It's rumored they are buried somewhere in the area and that much of their wealth may be buried with them. Over that hill, somewhere in the woods, the Gypsy Camp lies waiting....

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Nice..can't wait to see updates
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Always wanted a small creepy sleepy town shrouded in willow and pine trees. So after seeing Honeywell's Bespoke house series, I began work:

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My hood isn't pretty like everyone else's, but it works for me.

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Pleasantview 2.0
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I've discarded the original Eaxis neighborhoods and switched to these ones as my default hoods, I will not regret, because I love these hoods and if I need to look for a new hood, I'll go for the ones from the same creators.

Old Town by @marka93

Mesa Flats and Four Corners from the Hood Building Group.

I'm not creating sims/sims stuff anymore, but I'm still in the creative path, check part of my current creations at my J.R.'s Angels page
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