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I often go Darren/Brandi or Gordon/Brandi, but not because I'd ship them as persons. It's more that I enjoy the resulting family dynamics (blended family and crime dynasty).
Did Pascal/Bella for the same reason, although this one depends on how I view Pascal's abduction - was he grabbed against his will or did he actively date the alien. The pairing makes more sense if both were victims.
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Sorry if this will be cosidered off topic but Maxis didn't create my favorite couple, Riverside Group (and ACR ) did!
When I started to play my stand-alone Riverside and I was in the Thompsons family, ACR rolled Jack as gay and I remember worrying because, since I was playing just Riverside with no subhoods at all, he'd be left alone if there was no other playable sim gay. During the second round of the Anderson family, I realized that I hadn't rolled Bernie's gender preference, so I did and ACR "decided" that Bernie was gay! So, one day when I was playing the Tompsons again, Bernie passed outside the house and it was like Jack... sensed him. I didn't have the time to send him greet Bernie because he was... already outside telling Bernie a joke! Those two have so much in common, it's insane! They are both Knowledge sims, they have almost maxed their Nice and Playful personality points and they are both so freaking lazy (if I remember correctly, Jack has 1-2 active points and Bernie has 0!). Of cource they "3-bolted" and they became friends in no time at all. When I played the Anderson family, Bernie rolled the want to invite Jack over, so he did, they had a dream-date there at home, (I can't even remember how many times they woohooed!) and after Jack left, Bernie rolled the want to get engaged with Jack. The next day Bernie started to throw up ( )... When I played the Thompsons again, Jack moved out from the house he lived with his father and his twin sister and he got a much larger home with a lot of space and a big backyard! The same day a very sweet wedding happened and the next day Bernie gave birth to their first child, a baby girl and I can't remember another baby that had been taken care of better by any of my sims autonomously. The last time I played them, the baby hadn't aged up yet but Jack is already pregnant with twins
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Okay, here are a lot of my favorite couples in my Uberhood...

Tara DeBateau & Ginger Newson
Gallagher Newson & Lucy Burb
Lazlo Curious & Natasha Una
Pascal Curious & Bianca Monty
Kaylynn Langerak & Gabe O'Mackey
Patricia Wan & General Buzz Grunt
Jasmine Rai & Tank Grunt
Gordon King & Hannah Bell
Klara Vonderstein & Melody Tinker
Justin Cleveland & Rick Contrary
Puck Summerdream & Violet Jocque
Bottom Summerdream & Justin Kim
Ariel Capp & Xander Roth
Kent Capp & Nervous Specter
Juliette Capp & Joshua Ruben
Kimberley Cordial & Frances McCullough
Edwin Sharpe & Stella Terrano
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Jane Stacks (University) and Nerissa Pearson (random townie). They're three-bolters and are always loving it up. They're my most loving (and favourite) couple in the game.

Also, Dustin Broke and Lucy Burb. I shipped them so hard and wanted it to happen. It did for a while, but they were better off as best friends. There wasn't enough chemistry.

Another one is Mordred Goth (Don and Cassandra's son) and Lucas Broke (unborn baby Broke). They were best friends since childhood, loved each other's families and both ended up growing up bi/gay. It happened very organically. I lost a part of my progress at some point. Lucas grew up straight when I played again. Goodbye, dear couple! They are still best friends though.
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I'm curious about the disagreer. Would you mind stating why? Are you a Cassandra/Don OTP person? (Because both disagreed posts have Cassandra/someone else in them.)

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In Black Mesa, Stella Terrano and Marla Biggs fell in love and got married after graduating.

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In my very last session in the uberhood, I had Lucy Burb fall for Ripp Grunt. Being a Romance/Family sim as a teen she then threw the want to go steady... but whether they'll stay together in future I don't know.

These are some other couples that spring to mind too:
Edwin Sharpe and Delilah O'Feefe are married with daughter Xanthe and have a second child on the way.
David Ottomas married Heather Huffington. David is stepfather to Heather's daughter Kendra (from a fling with Ashley Pitts), but would love to have one of his own too!
Ajay Loner fell in love with Lola Curious. No kids as yet, but there's plenty of time for that...
Tara Kat and Benjamin Long - I've made that pairing more than once in my simming life
Dora Ottomas married a random townie - Perry Daly. Son Peter is a little put-out, as his new stepfather is younger than he is!

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Originally Posted by Selly_2009
In my very last session in the uberhood, I had Lucy Burb fall for Ripp Grunt. Being a Romance/Family sim as a teen she then threw the want to go steady... but whether they'll stay together in future I don't know.!

In my megahood, Jessica Peterson keeps rolling wants to get engaged to LGU dormie Chuck Wagon despite having a Romance secondary...

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I like trying couples to see what their kids look like:

Buck Grunt/Jill Smith - beautiful kids
Georgia Newson/Julien Cooke - beautiful kids
Ripp Grunt/Ophelia Nigmos - cute kids
Johnny Smith/Uni Cheerleader - disaster
Gallagher Newson/Stella Terrano - cute kids
Strangetown Bella/Ajay Loner - too soon to tell, but cute as a toddler
PT & Jenny Smith had another child who I put together with Garret Newson, 2 kids were cute, one not so much
Just for story purposes: Nervous Subject/FemBot (a servo Loki created, who then betrayed him and stole Nervous away)
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most couples in my game have been pre-made characters.
most pre-made couples have remained together.
widowed sims I shall attempt to reunite with their dead spouse. except Olive.
single sims that start with crush or love toward another character; would attempt to pair them with those.
and would also attempt to pair Prima Guide's suggestions.
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Brandi Broke & John Burb end up having an affair in most of my files
Nina Caliente & Darren Dreamer ended up together once and Nina never rolled any wants for other men
Mary-Sue Pleasant & Kaylynn Langerak got together once because of ACR which I thought was funny
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Originally Posted by mdsb759
and would also attempt to pair Prima Guide's suggestions. I gotta know: who the heck did Prima Guide suggest we get together?
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Some of the pairings from my current uberhood, which also includes the Stories hoods:

Antonio Monty and Hermia Capp
Regan Capp and Vincent Moore (Cornwall unfortunately died)
Bianca Monty and Maximillion Oglethorpe
Tybalt Capp and Jimmy Phoenix
Puck Summerdream and DJ Verse
Beatrice Monty and Tara DeBateau
Consort Capp and Crystal Vu
Mercutio Monty and Trisha Traveller
Patricia Wan and Guy Wrightley
Connor Weir and Frances J. Worthington
Carlos Contender and Catherine Viejo
Alexandra Teatherton (O'Mackey) and Greg Chomsky
Cyd Roseland and Kaylynn Langerak
Almeric Davis and Tom Freshe
Aldric Davis and Emily Lee
Ajay Loner and Riley Harlow
Erin Beaker and Dylan Kincaid
Jules O'Mackey and Gavin Newson
Desdemona Capp and Ellen Frost
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Sam Cordial and Armand DeBateau are actually perfect for each other... (to my mind) but it's probably not super original lol.

I have no idea how this happened, but Tara DeBateau and... Gabriel Green.. are actually kind of cute together...

Chastity Gere and Geoff Rutherford are also good together.
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I didn't think I had any of these, but there's actually a few pairings that I've done a few times now:
Buck Grunt and Jill Smith; Beau Broke and Lucy Burb or Marsha Bruenig; Dustin Broke and Heather Huffington. And I have to say, though I don't make them stay together, just have them hook them up as teens, Angela Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer are a pretty good match. Otherwise, whenever Angela needs a fling in one of my hoods, I have her call George McCarthy (blonde cashier). And Sammatha Cordial and Armand DeBateau do make a good couple.

But those are the ones I've done more than once. Couples I've done once before and really liked:
Circe Beaker and Nervous Subject (these two have amazing chemistry, actually).
Nina Caliente and Gilbert Jacquet
Dina Caliente and the slob npc had some great looking kids. Olive Specter and the male grand vamp were a good couple (not the red haired one but the dark-haired Goopy look alike one). Stella Terrano and Johnny Smith are good. Bottom Summerdream and Romeo Monty have some good chemistry; they got together on their own once via ACR.

And couples that are currently in my hoods right now:
Timothy Riley and Kimberly Cordial
Sammantha Cordial and Geoff Rutherford
Angela Pleasant and Frances J. Worthington
Gabe O'Mackey and Lisa Ramirez
As soon as Alexander Goth went to Uni, he made a beeline straight for Roxie Sharpe and decided she was the one. And John Burb Jr. and Sandra Roth have to get a mention, too. He focuses Sandra, quite like Lady L. said Sandra focused Joshua Ruben; she was listless and hardly rolled uni wants before but after they got together she started rolling wants to do well in school and to get engaged. It's like she has a clear path now.

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I think I’ve talked about my love for Lilith Pleasant and Johnny Smith before, right? As well as Pascal Curious and Natasha Una...

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Originally Posted by Rosawyn I gotta know: who the heck did Prima Guide suggest we get together?

base game (chapter 3)::
Dina Caliente & Mortimer Goth
Titania & Oberon
Cassandra Goth & Don Lothario

Freetime (Chapter 2, picture)::
Natasha Una & Chester Gieke
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Originally Posted by mdsb759
base game (chapter 3)::
Dina Caliente & Mortimer Goth
Titania & Oberon
Cassandra Goth & Don Lothario

But all of these are already together. Don and Cassandra are engaged, even.
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almost forgot; base game's Prima Guide also suggested "Go Steady" with Juliet Capp & Romeo Monty. also "First Kiss".
"First Kiss" was also suggested for following Teens::
Dustin Broke & Angela Pleasant
Puck Summerdream & Hermia Capp

all those in chapter 3.
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How well do you know your Veronaville townies? 'Cause if you don't know them, my choices probably won't mean much to you. But they are Maxis Sims so they are eligible for this thread.

Consort Capp and April Hutchins (Veronaville townie)
I am a little bit doubtful about calling them a couple. Some years ago Consort attacked April twice in the street. April knew she wasn't likely to beat Consort in a fight. But as a Romance Sim she knew about seduction. She set about systematically seducing Consort, while muttering old aphorisms about there being "no fool like an old fool" and about "a fool and has money". Consort, who hadn't had woohoo since the death of Contessa, was like putty in her hands. She now spends almost every night in Consort's bed, and the Capp teens have got used to seeing her almost naked form drifting around the rooms of Capp Manor. Her real aim, as I understand it, is to deprive Consort of what he really loves most -- his money. To achieve this, she must first marry Consort, and then have his child, both of which she finds a little distasteful. But the thought of her child inheriting Consort's vast fortune makes it worthwhile. Odd thing is, as she spends so much time with Consort, she finds she may be actually coming to like the old idiot a little. Taking money from Consort is a bit like stealing candy from a baby.

Tybalt Capp and Lexie Kauker (Originally a Downtownie, Lexie is called Shanna Landry in the game files.)
A feisty Knowledge teen, Lexie is a good match for Tybalt. Even Consort thinks so.

Keith Cormier and Mallory Mace (Both Veronaville townies)
After gay experiences with the Cornton brothers, Keith (Family) has found love with Andrew's long time chess partner Mallory (Romance). Both still teens, Mallory and Keith have been appointed Jones and Moltke's representatives in Monopolis. They plan to move there shortly.

Amar Larrea (Veronaville townie) and Berjes Wilsonoff (another a Downtownie, Berjes is called Nolan Kosmokos in the game files.)
Amar and Berjes both got involved in the Corntons' attempts to seduce every boy in the town. On the rebound, they eventually found love with each other, but their relationship got off to a stormy start, as it took a very long time for Amar to realise that Gordon Cornton was quite incapable of fidelity in a relationship.

Jihoon LeTourneau and Ralph Enriquez (Both Veronaville townies)
This is my favourite of these relationships, as it started with an autonomous kiss. I didn't even see the kiss; I heard about it through reading the gossip in SimPE. By far the juiciest piece of news I have ever learned from my Sims' gossip. It said that Ralph had had his first kiss with Jihoon. I'm pretty sure I know where it happened -- in the often heated atmosphere of the Paintboyz nightclub for gay teens. A few weeks earlier I caught Ralph upsetting the gay boys at Paintboyz by poking them and insulting them. I dealt with this unacceptable behaviour by giving him a barrowload of Nice points. Ralph clearly took this to heart, because the next I head he was kissing Jihoon. Jihoon for his part was also on the rebound from a relationship with Gordon Cornton, and really needed a relationship with a boy he could trust. So I brought him and Ralph together, and very soon they were going ready.

At the time of writing Ralph is still a townie, but all the others have been playable for years. To signify this change in his life, Ralph has given up his trademark baggy jeans for a rather fetching pair of shiny pink shorts.

In practice I make very little distinction in my game between ex-townies and CAS Sims, so I admit it's possible I may have missed somebody out. If I have missed anybody I'm very sorry. No slight was intended. I promise I'll mention you in another post.

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I have so many lovely and andorable couples (I'm looking at you, Erin & Chrystal Vu!) but my all time favourite OTP is Tybalt Capp x Beatrice Monty. They are just so... connected. She has inherited her mother's aspiration and in combination with their zodiac signs, their chemistry was already through the roof when she turned into a teenager and they barely know each other. Plus, both rolled wants autonomously to flirt with each other. And with the whole impact this love had storytelling-wise for Veronaville, I mean Tybalt from all Capps falling for a Monty, this is huge.
It was a bit weird to play age-wise at first, but with my aging system, they fell for each other as a 19 year old and a 14 year old, were apart during his college years, and once she turned into a YA they were back together in an instant at the graduadtion party of Miranda.
Nowadays they live happily married back in Veronaville, are similarly ambitious about their careers in politics and military, and indulge in their artsy OTHs and relationship. I'm so curios about how their two kids will turn out .

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I absolutely love playing with the townies.
Kaylynn Spitzig and Joe Carr
Kaylynn Langerak and Don Lothario
Kaylynn Langerak and Daniel Pleasant
Nina Caliente and Don Lothario
Brandi LeTourneau and Benjamin Long
Nina Caliente and Benjamin Long
Jan Tellerman and Komei Tellerman (I use SimBlender to make them Husband and Wife)
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Orlando Centowski, made playable and adopted by the Goodies, constantly rolls the want to fall in love with Ginger Newson, but although they made a good couple as teens, he could never manage it as an adult no matter how much they dated. So Ginger moved on with a cute exterminator, and now Orlando is dating Ginger's little sister Gabriella... but he keeps rolling that want to fall in love with Ginger every time he and Gabriella go out together.
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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
. . I admit it's possible I may have missed somebody out. If I have missed anybody I'm very sorry. No slight was intended. I promise I'll mention you in another post.
I did miss someone, and I'm very, very sorry. The couple I missed are:

BJ Shaikh (the Goth Tricou -- a Downtownie teen) and Kendra McCarthy (A Veronaville teen townie)
BJ lives in a little rather Gothic-looking cottage in the woods near the canal in Veronaville. Kendra is still a townie, but visits BJ regularly. Recently she has started staying overnight. To begin with they slept in their pyjamas, but last night they went to bed together in rather skimpy black underwear. I think BJ may shortly invite her to move in.

In the time I've known her Kendra has developed a bit of a reputation for being difficult to get on with. She's the only Sim in my whole game who's ever been asked to leave. That was at the downtown Teen Townie Hostel when she was stalking poor Keith Cormier. I never did get to the bottom of what that was about. She had been playing darts with Keith, and the next I knew she was stalking him all over the building, trying to poke him and hit him. Maybe she thought he had been cheating. Or maybe he just beat her, and she was a very bad loser. I know Keith quite well, and I think it unlikely that he was cheating. It was so bad that he really had no choice but to ask her to leave. Which was awkward, because it was his girlfriend, Mallory Mace, who had invited Kendra round. But by now Mallory was at work, so she couldn't do anything. Kendra just wouldn't give Keith a moment's peace to read, or do his homework. So, in the end, he just had to ask her to leave.

So, all in all, Kendra was about the last Sim in all Veronaville that I would want to upset. To try to make amends to her, I've given her a couple of new outfits, and did a Photo feature about her and BJ in the Pictures section.

So please, Kendra, it was a genuine mistake. I didn't mean to miss you and BJ out. My memory's not very good. I really am very sorry, and I promise I'll try very hard not to forget you again. Please let me off this time! Please!!

(I hope I haven't forgotten anybody else.)

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The Veronaville kids are alright.
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Originally Posted by mdsb759
Freetime (Chapter 2, picture)::
Natasha Una & Chester Gieke

Really? But they aren't even in the same neighbourhood, unless you attach Bluewater Village (which is from a whole different expansion) to Desiderata Valley

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