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That reminds me--in my old Veronaville, my Kendra McCarthy is currently engaged to Hal Capp. And my Tybalt is with Elizabeth Ng (Red-haired BV townie). And Ariel Capp is with Keith Cormier.

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I have another that I can add to my list - Dina Caliente is now with Peregrine Guttridge, a former townie. They've just welcomed their son Avery into the world.

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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
Really? But they aren't even in the same neighbourhood, unless you attach Bluewater Village (which is from a whole different expansion) to Desiderata Valley

technically, they can be "same neighborhood" since at least one of them starts as a sub-neighborhood.
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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
Really? But they aren't even in the same neighbourhood, unless you attach Bluewater Village (which is from a whole different expansion) to Desiderata Valley

Bluewater was designed to be attached to any hood.

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Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
Bluewater was designed to be attached to any hood.

But it doesn't have to be. And people who might have bought Free Time might not have owned Open 4 Business. Or have created their own shopping district for it.

I find it just so random for the guide to "suggest" hooking up two Sims who don't come with the same neighbourhood from the get-go.

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Well, this thread is titled, "What're your favorite non-default Maxis couples?" A BV-DV pairing would certainly qualify as "non-default," right?

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Originally Posted by G-Mon
Well, this thread is titled, "What're your favorite non-default Maxis couples?" A BV-DV pairing would certainly qualify as "non-default," right?

No one's saying it doesn't belong in the thread, just that it's really random and strange that the prima guide would suggest it.
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Super unpopular but Cassandra/Don
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Cassandra/Don I guess were a default couple so non default
Darren/Brandi (the best)
Dina/Mr Big
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Someone mentioned Daniel Pleasant/Don Lothario to me once, and I think that one's great, actually. In my Uberhood Brandi and Bella Goth fell in love despite having incompatible aspirations, which I thought was kind of fun.
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I tend to find that Chester Gieke/Servo he made works really well.
20th Apr 2020 at 12:49 PM
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I always let Vivian Cho marry Timothy Riley. They're so cute together, and their kids are pretty near always adorable. My other non-negotiable favourite couples include:
Don + Kaylynn
Kaylynn + Daniel Pleasant
Samantha Cordial + Armand Debateau
Conor Weir + Amanda Carlson
Ajay Loner + Erin Beaker (they have GORGEOUS children. In my old Strangetown save, they have two daughters who are absolutely the most beautiful born in game maxis sims I've ever seen.)
General Buzz + Kristen Loste. I love this pairing, despite how... *unfortunate* the children are. Their genetics DO NOT mix well at all, but I love my... unattractive maxiod sprogs. Unless they are Ottomai. I have limits on what I can stand in-game, and the Ottomai genetics make absolutely no sense to me. I never add them until one of the children I'm playing brings one of them home. And I typically dread that day, but I've sent David off to uni before and it wasn't awful. I tend to forget that my sims don't find each other unattractive the way I might lol.
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I hope I'm ok to post in this thread?

John Burb has left Jennifer for Brandi twice in my game before.

Also in my recent game, a (rather old) Nervous Subject tried to ACR woohoo with Pascal's alien kid (once the kid was an adult!).
This was particularly unnerving as Nervous and Pascal were happily married up until that day when Pascal sadly died of old age. So then Nervous, rather than cry, immediately tried it on with his step-son
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I don't think I've ever commented in this thread before, so I'll just make note of my favourite non-default couples / relationships. People may not agree with these, but they're just my opinion,

Firstly, I'm a fan of Darren Dreamer and Brandi Broke together. In my game, they were triple bolters and had two kids of their own. It provided a nice dynamic and even though the pair are long dead, Dustin, Beau, and Skipp (Unborn Baby Broke) still treat Dirk like their brother. Darren even raised Skipp like he was his own son, potty training him, if I remember correctly.

I'm also a fan of Lazlo Curious and Erin Beaker. You have a carefree nerd who thinks that he can bend spoons with his mind (if I'm remembering his bio correctly) and the younger sister of an evil scientist who believes that she's psychic. They also look cute together and were really happy in my game before Erin fell ill and died after coming home from work. The now elder Lazlo still hasn't quite recovered, but did have an ACR fling out of my control with Nina Caliente before she died of old age.

Although I haven't quite explored it in my own game, I do like the idea of a polyamorous relationship between Johnny Smith, Ripp Grunt, and Ophelia Nigmos. Thanks a lot, 'Strangetown, Here We Come,' which introduced me to this relationship. In terms of 'traditional' relationships between these three, I also like Ripp and Ophelia, as well as Ripp and Johnny.

Alexander Goth and Stella Terrano. They're cute together and strike me as a couple who get involved in each other's work. In my game, Stella is close to becoming Chief of Staff and Alexander is trying to make steady progress in the Science career.

Beau Broke and Lucy Burb. Another pairing I like that ended in tragedy in my game. I think I mentioned last year how Lucy died in a housefire as a teenager and it took Beau until over half of his adult lifespan to get over her. He's happily married to a Downtownie now, but I really loved him with Lucy.

Pascal Curious and Circe Beaker. It's never been something I've gone with. but the idea is interesting. I got excited for the potential drama when Circe heatfarted over him, but then he died in a housefire...

Lola Curious and Ajay Loner. The idea of the pair is cute, but I couldn't explore it properly, because Ajay died - and no, it wasn't in a housefire... it due to starvation... after a housefire.

Buck Grunt and Jill Smith. I know that they are commonly paired up, but they are children starting off and thus, aren't dating by default, so it counts. I view Jill as being that supportive friend that brings Buck out of his shell and then they get feelings for each other and it's just cute.

I probably have more, but the post is getting too long... I'm not obsessed with housefires by the way, they just happen!

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24th Feb 2021 at 3:38 PM
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I've kind of fallen in love with the pairing Brandi Broke and Antonio Monty. I really like the big Brady Bunch blended family vibe it gives off.

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Daniel Pleasant / Nina Caliente: actually my current OTP, made possible by longer agespans. They're just perfect.
Puck Summerdream / Mercutio Monty: aaaaaaaawwww, basically!
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Brandi Broke met Gabe O'Mackey in my megahood the other day. I'm considering pursuing that. They've got pretty good chemistry.

I also love Cyd Roseland with Erik Swain. I don't know why. I just think they're cute. If they both wind up liking men, that is.

In my last megahood Lilith Pleasant got with Jimmy Phoenix. Idk if that'll happen again or not since I only follow my sim's wants and let ACR do its thing. She may stay with Dirk this time who knows.

And, although they'll never commit to each other, Ashley Pitts and Heather Huffington. 3-bolters are rare in my game and with ACR they can't keep their hands off each other for 5 minutes. I normally have them move in together after college and just woohoo everyone in town. And then since Heather will inevitably have an oopsie baby (it was with Ty Bubbler in my last megahood), Ashley can play dad and help her raise it.
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#68 Old 25th Feb 2021 at 5:28 PM
My favorites from my Pleasantview Epic Challenge will be ancestors to modern day residents of Pleantview who arrived in Pleasant Valley in the 17th century.
Eli and Ami Jankowsky who would be ancestors to the Goth family on one side.
Andy and Carol Pleasant who are the ancestors of the modern version.
The Picaso family from the bin who are Caliente ancestors
Tony and Luca Caliente are the other ancestors of that family name.
Jaden and Stacy Broke are another couple who are the Broke family ancestors.
I'm using a Pleasnatview terrain template and had to create the town ancestors to the current residents as I only want to add one or two couples at a time and build my own version of that town's story.
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#69 Old 26th Feb 2021 at 1:09 AM
I thought I didn't have one, but then I recalled: Last time I played Strangetown, I thought I'd let Nervous Subject movie in with the Curious brothers and help out with the little one when Pascal's baby was born. I also thought since peope kept getting him and Pascal together they would probably end up together in my game too (this was on basegame ony, no ACR). But nope, Pascal had no thoughts in that direction and Nervous didn't seem interested either. Pascal was actually straight when I checked their references, Nervous undecided as yet. But right after Vidcund's baby was born, Vidcund walks straight up to Nervous with an autonomous Charm interaction in hand and after that they start heartfarting eachother like crazy. Those two were really cute together and made me stay with Strangetown longer than I usually do.
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#70 Old 26th Feb 2021 at 4:42 PM
The best couple I've had in any of my neighborhoods was Marisa Bendett and Benjamin Long (who had somehow become a vampire early in the game). They and their twin teen daughters lived in one of Mootilda’s Rise Up houses on a bluff in BWV. It was the easiest household to play, as all were self-starters who needed minimal intervention. They danced, they skilled, they made group meals without a mod, and they enjoyed each other’s company immensely. I could pretty well sit back and watch them go for two days. I’ve seen many remarks from Simmers who don’t like Benjamin (especially) and Marisa, but they were a great couple. Neither of them were the nicest Sims, but they were surprisingly compatible and made each other better.
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#71 Old 27th Feb 2021 at 3:44 PM
I'm also a fan of Lazlo Curious and Erin Beaker. You have a carefree nerd who thinks that he can bend spoons with his mind (if I'm remembering his bio correctly) and the younger sister of an evil scientist who believes that she's psychic. They also look cute together and were really happy in my game before Erin fell ill and died after coming home from work. The now elder Lazlo still hasn't quite recovered, but did have an ACR fling out of my control with Nina Caliente before she died of old age.
I liked the idea of them, but they've never even had two lightning bolts in any of my games.
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Found this while browsing, gonna pop in. Some of mine are really out there... but hey I guess that's what crack ships are for?

Brandi Broke x Dina Caliente (in my head, my backstory for them is they met in a grief support group since they are both widowed and they bonded from there)
Darren Dreamer x Kaylynn Langerak
Melissa Fancey x Marisa Bendett
Lazlo Curious x Erin Beaker
Tybalt Capp x Mercutio Monty or Angela Pleasant
Tank Grunt x Lilith Pleasant
(I'm starting to sense a little pattern of Manic Pixie Dream Girls...)

Hmm that's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there are more.
#73 Old 6th Mar 2021 at 1:46 PM
Bottom Summerdream and Hal Capp are my OTP, literally every time I played Veronaville they ended up together. I don't know why, their personalities don't really compliment each other as far as I know, and neither do their aspirations bc I usually give them Fortune and Knowledge respectively. But there's just something so cute about them... I remember last time I was specifically meaning to marry them to different people, and then they met at uni and I just gave in and made them get engaged and have a baby.
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#74 Old 13th Mar 2021 at 12:57 PM Last edited by Soapsim1 : 13th Mar 2021 at 1:08 PM.
Tank Grunt and Stella Terrano. I also adore Ajay Loner and Erin Beaker together.

Edit: oh, and I now have the Davis twins set up with Lola and Chloe Curious/Singles. Almeric with Lola and Aldric with Chloe. They secretly both seem to prefer Chloe, though, because both twins have three bolts with her. Almeric has two bolts with Lola, despite the fact that I changed his aspiration to Fortune because La Fiesta Tech is bursting with Popularity sims.
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#75 Old 13th Mar 2021 at 2:13 PM
I've already posted but heres another:
Lilith Pleasant and Tybalt Capp. Both were just angry teens to begin with. Lilith helped Tybalt come to terms with his sister not following the family's traditions and Tybalt helped Lilith feel like she is of worth where her family didnt. They had 3 kids together, none of whom ended up following the Capp traditions. Tybalt did try, especially with his daughter Audrey who just won't settle down but Lilith is always quietly reminding him that she'll choose her own destiny.

Alexandra Teatherton and Ajay Loner. Alexandra travels to strangetown in an attempt to see all the sub hoods and met Ajay completely by chance. The two have a fling that wasnt planning on going anywhere (Alex already tried the married with kids life and it just wasnt for her) but fell pregnant due to risky woohoo. They moved in together and attempted to make it work for now atleast until they knew what they were doing but sadly Alex miscarried. The two got really close after that, Alex rolled a want to get engaged and the rest is history. They have two daughters, Gloria and Avril (who are both the most beautiful sims you could ever see) and are happy together. Since the girls moved out with families of their own, they've started going on vacations to far away places as often as they can, sometimes inviting their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren (Alex's oldest daughter is weirdly close in age to Alex herself).

John Burb and Mary Gavigan make a beautiful blended family. In my game John had 2 children (Lucy and Adam) and Mary had 3 (Isaiah, Anais & Elliot) when they both got divorced. They married when Adam, Anais and Elliot were children. They're family sims so naturally they had another child together, Joe Burb but then around the time John became an elder they had an oopsie baby, Ryan followed by Adriel who just became a teen this rotation following John's death. I admit, they met through Lucy and Isaiah dating and I decided to break them up to have their parents together, and I kind of sometimes worry I broke up the wrong couple because they're super bland. But Adam got on well with Anais & Elliot who are either 1 day younger or 1 day older than him so it always had that nice "homely" blended family feel whenever I played them.

I've seen a lot of Cassandra with Malcolm lately and I'm kind of sad I didnt do it in my mega hood. I probably have one of the weirdest pairings when it comes to Malcom - I put him with Daisy Greenman (when she becomes an adult). I can't remember my reasoning but it didnt work out and they broke up when their son was a child.

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