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Default Body Meshes - UV Map Templates
lagermonkey has started a collection of uv maps for the layouts of the Maxis outfits, and this is a thread for sharing them (others may also share their uvmaps!)

  1. Name the uvmap file to include the age, gender and the maxis mesh filename

    like: uv-afbodydresslongloose.jpg (which is the woman's formal long gown)

    If you want to add your initials or a number (because of simple and colorful uvmaps) go ahead. Just be sure the maxis name is clear.

  2. make the files jpgs, and 50% quality to reduce the filesize, but keep the uvmap itself _full size_ (1024x1024 for most clothing, 512x512 for toddlers)

  3. Group your maps together in a logical way - like by age and gender (and maybe ep). Put them into a folder and zip or rar the folder.

  4. Then reply (advanced) to this thread. Write a description that includes a listing of all the files included in your zip/rar.

  5. Manage attachments and upload your zip/rar file

  6. Close the attachment window and hit 'submit' on the message

Your attachments can be up to 10 mb in size, which will be a lot of templates.

I suggest making a new message for each upload just to keep things clean and simple. Be sure you list clearly what is in the upload, so that someone looking can find the right template set.

Thank you all for contributing to this thread/project and lagermonkey for getting it started!

Edit added: Please do not discuss things in this thread, only posts with uvmaps please

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Default Toddler UV Meshes
Well I quess I better get some of these uploaded. I thought I may as well start with the toddlers becease you have to start somewhere.
There should be UV maps for all of the toddler meshes exept for any that were in GLS or Pets which I don't have.I have been staring at this computer for far too long now so It may be a while before I upload any of the other age groups.

The Files in the zip are
pfbodyhalterdressUV.jpg, pmbodyshirtshortsUV.jpg, pmbodyjacketpantsUV.jpg & pmbodypantscollarUV.jpg.

I Want to thank Tiggerypum for setting up this thread for us and Everbody involved with SimPE Especialy who ever came up with the finder function without which my life would be misererable, and Skankyboy for the 3ds export.
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Default Child UV Meshes
Here are the UV meshes for Children of both sexes.

cubodyjumperUV.jpg cubodynakedUV.jpg cubodypirateUV.jpg cubodypuffypjUV.jpg cubottomnakedUV.jpg cubottompuffylegUV.jpg cutopnakedUV.jpg cutopshortsleevecollarUV.jpg cutopshortsleeveUV.jpg cubodydragonUV.jpg cubodynightiepawsUV.jpg cubodysnorkelUV.jpg


cubodyjumperUV.jpg cubodynakedUV.jpg cubodypirateUV.jpg cubodypuffypjUV.jpg cubottomnakedUV.jpg cubottompuffylegUV.jpg cutopnakedUV.jpg cutopshortsleevecollarUV.jpg cutopshortsleeveUV.jpg cubodydragonUV.jpg cubodynightiepawsUV.jpg cubodysnorkelUV.jpg


cfbodyblazerpleatsUV.jpg cfbodycowgirlskirtUV.jpg cfbodydressabovekneecollarUV.jpg cfbodydressformalUV.jpg cfbodydressshortbellUV.jpg cfbodyfairydresswingsalpha3UV.jpg cfbodyjacketdressflareUV.jpg cfbodytshirtpantsUV.jpg cfbottomminiskirtUV.jpg cfbottompleatskirtUV.jpg cfbottomshortsUV.jpg cftopcamisoleUV.jpg cftophalterUV.jpg cftopshirtUV.jpg cfbodydressshortalineUV.jpg cfbodymermaidUV.jpg cfbodynightieUV.jpg cfbodypuffshoulderlongUV.jpg cfbottomruffleskirtUV.jpg cfbottomcuffpantsUV.jpg cftopblouseUV.jpg.
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Default Teen Male UV Maps
Here are the UVmaps for Teen Male meshes up to and including FFS
tmbodyclosedcoatlongpantsUV.jpg tmbodyhiphopbaggyUV.jpg tmbodyhipjerseyUV.jpg tmbodyhipopenshirtoverpantsUV.jpg tmbodyhipsloppyvsweaterUV.jpg tmbodyhoodedsweatshirtboardshortsUV.jpg
tmbodyhoodedsweatshirtpantsUV.jpg tmbodykiltUV.jpg tmbodyopencoatlongpantsUV.jpg tmbodyopenshirtoverpantsUV.jpg tmbodyoverhangtshirtUV.jpg tmbodypajamasboxersUV.jpg tmbodypajamasUV.jpg tmbodypoloshirtoverhangUV.jpg tmbodypowersuitUV.jpg tmbodypunkUV.jpg tmbodyshortsUV.jpg tmbodysloppysuitUV.jpg
tmbodysuitUV.jpg tmbodyswimshortUV.jpg tmbodytracksuitUV.jpg
tmbodytrenchcoatpantsbootsUV.jpg tmbodyopenshirtsurfshortsUV.jpg tmbodygreaserUV.jpg tmbodyapronUV.jpg tmbodychinoiseUV.jpg tmbodyoxfordpantsUV.jpg


tmbottomboardshortsUV.jpg tmbottomboxersUV.jpg tmbottomcargopantsUV.jpg tmbottompantscuffsbootsUV.jpg tmbottomswimshortUV.jpg tmbottomtightpantspointytoeUV.jpg
tmtopcrewneckshirtoverUV.jpg tmtophipjacketUV.jpg
tmtopjacketshirthangUV.jpg tmtopmockturtleUV.jpg tmtopshortsleevedtieUV.jpg tmtopshortsleeveshirtcollarUV.jpg
tmtopvestsweatercollarshirtUV.jpg tmtopvneckshortsleeveUV.jpg tmtopravevestUV.jpg
tmbodycopUV.jpg tmbodylabcoatUV.jpg tmbodymechanicUV.jpg tmbodypaperdeliveryUV.jpg tmbodypaperdeliveryBagUV.jpg tmbodyscrubsUV.jpg tmbodyserverUV.jpg
tmbodysoldierUV.jpg tmbodyorderlyUV.jpg

If you notice anything missing please PM me and I shall add it.
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Default UV Maps for Teen Female
Here are the UVmaps for Teen Female meshes up to and including FFS

UV-tfbodyathleticjersey.jpg UV-tfbodyblazerpleats.jpg UV-tfbodycheerleader.jpg UV-tfbodycoutureshortdress.jpg UV-tfbodydressabovekneesuit.jpg UV-tfbodydressbeltboots.jpg UV-tfbodydressformaltrumpet.jpg UV-tfbodydressknee.jpg UV-tfbodydresswraparm.jpg UV-tfbodyflaresflowtank.jpg UV-tfbodyformaldress.jpg UV-tfbodygothspikeneck.jpg
UV-tfbodyhipblazerflaredpants.jpg UV-tfbodyhipbootiscool.jpg UV-tfbodyhipjacketwideflaredpants.jpg UV-tfbodyhipmandarintop.jpg
UV-tfbodyhipmicrominiskirt.jpg UV-tfbodyhipsweats.jpg
UV-tfbodyhulaskirt.jpg UV-tfbodyjumpsuitboots.jpg
UV-tfbodynaked.jpg UV-tfbodyniteshirt.jpg UV-tfbodynyc2.jpg UV-tfbodypajamasclassic.jpg UV-tfbodypleatsoutfit.jpg UV-tfbodypowersuit.jpg UV-tfbodypunk.jpg UV-tfbodysundress.jpg UV-tfbodyswimwear.jpg UV-tfbodytracksuit.jpg UV-tfbodyunderwear.jpg
UV-tfbodydressfloral.jpg UV-tfbodydresspoodleskirt.jpg UV-tfbodyravelegwarmer.jpg UV-tfbodyravelegwarmer_bracelet.jpg UV-tfbodyravelegwarmer_warmer.jpg UV-tfbodybutterfliesskirt.jpg UV-tfbodypolopants.jpg


UV-tfbottombaggypants.jpg UV-tfbottomcargopants.jpg
UV-tfbottomflairedpantssandals.jpg UV-tfbottomhipflarepantsboots.jpg
UV-tfbottomhipmicrominiskirt.jpg UV-tfbottomminishorts.jpg UV-tfbottomnaked.jpg UV-tfbottompantscowboyboots.jpg
UV-tfbottomshortshorts.jpg UV-tfbottomskirt.jpg UV-tfbottomskirtuboots.jpg UV-tfbottomslacksheels.jpg UV-tfbottomswimpantysmooth.jpg UV-tfbottomshortscuffsandals.jpg UV-tftopblousedwaist.jpg UV-tftopcowgirlshirt.jpg UV-tftopcrewneckshirtover.jpg UV-tftopflaredmidriff.jpg UV-tftophalter.jpg UV-tftopjeansjacket.jpg UV-tftopmidsleevetshirt.jpg UV-tftopnaked.jpg UV-tftoppoloshirt.jpg UV-tftoptanktop.jpg UV-tftoptshirt.jpg UV-tftopvnecklongsleeve.jpg UV-tftoptiedhalter.jpg

UV-tfbodyambulancedriver.jpg UV-tfbodyapron.jpg UV-tfbodycop.jpg
UV-tfbodylabcoat.jpg UV-tfbodymechanic.jpg UV-tfbodyorderly.jpg UV-tfbodypaperdelivery.jpg UV-tfbodyscrubs.jpg UV-tfbodyserver.jpg UV-tfbodysoldier.jpg

The Prize for most amusing maxis name so far goes to tf bottom swimpantysmooth which managed to make me giggle and cringe at the same time.
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Default Adult Male Body UV Maps
Here are the UV maps for male adult body up to and including FFS

There are rather a lot but im sure the women will have more. There are also the maps of the meshes that are used for young adult included because they are really just adult meshes. There are folders in the zips though with them seperated by EP so it shouldn't be to difficult to figure out.

UV-ambodycouture.jpg UV-ambodydresskorean.jpg UV-ambodyfancysuit.jpg UV-ambodygothteeshirt.jpg UV-ambodyhiphophood.jpg UV-ambodyhoodedsweatshirtboardshorts.jpg UV-ambodyhoodedsweatshirtpants.jpg UV-ambodykilt.jpg UV-ambodylabcoat.jpg UV-ambodylongcoat.jpg UV-ambodylooseopencoatpants.jpg UV-ambodymaternitycomfy.jpg UV-ambodymracer.jpg UV-ambodynaked.jpg UV-ambodyopencoatjeans.jpg UV-ambodyopencoatlongpants.jpg UV-ambodyopenshirtpants.jpg UV-ambodyopensportcoatlongpants.jpg UV-ambodyoveralls.jpg UV-ambodyoverhangtshirt.jpg UV-ambodyoverhangtshirtlongshorts.jpg UV-ambodyovershirtpantsshoes.jpg UV-ambodypajamas.jpg UV-ambodypajamasboxers.jpg UV-ambodypajamasdrawstring.jpg UV-ambodypirate.jpg UV-ambodypowersuit.jpg UV-ambodypunk.jpg UV-ambodyscrubs.jpg UV-ambodyshirtflares.jpg UV-ambodyshirtuntuckedsaddle.jpg UV-ambodyshorts.jpg UV-ambodyshrink.jpg UV-ambodyslicksuit.jpg UV-ambodysloppysuit.jpg UV-ambodysuit.jpg UV-ambodysweats.jpg UV-ambodytracksuit.jpg UV-ambodytrenchcoatpantsboots.jpg UV-ambodytweedjacket.jpg UV-ambodyunderwear.jpg UV-ambodyshirtshortsflipflops.jpg UV-ambodyandy_tslocator.jpg UV-ambodybowler.jpg UV-ambodycapetuxedo-cape.jpg UV-ambodycapetuxedo.jpg UV-ambodycardiganjeans.jpg UV-ambodyeveningblazer.jpg UV-ambodyjacket.jpg UV-ambodyknittop.jpg UV-ambodyleatherpeacoat.jpg UV-ambodyopenjacketrocker.jpg UV-ambodypreppyout.jpg UV-ambodyravetanktopbaggy.jpg UV-ambodyravetanktopbaggybeads.jpg UV-ambodyslob.jpg UV-ambodysmokingjacket.jpg UV-ambodydisco.jpg UV-ambodyninja.jpg UV-ambodyoffice.jpg UV-ambodyoxfordpants.jpg UV-ambodydoubletshirtsweats.jpg UV-ambodygeek.jpg UV-ambodygraduationgown.jpg UV-ambodyhiphopbaggy.jpg UV-ambodyhipsloppyvsweater.jpg UV-ambodyhoodedbaggypants.jpg UV-ambodyletterman.jpg UV-ambodylotspockets.jpg UV-ambodyneohippie.jpg UV-ambodypoloshirtoverhang.jpg UV-ambodypreppycrew.jpg UV-ambodyslicksuitturtleNeck.jpg UV-ambodystballer.jpg UV-ambodytoga.jpg UV-ambodyturtleneckmod.jpg UV-ambodyturtleneckslacks.jpg UV-ambodyurbpri.jpg

UV-ambodyambulancedriver.jpg UV-ambodyapron.jpg UV-ambodybartender.jpg UV-ambodyburglar.jpg UV-ambodybusdriver.jpg UV-ambodychef.jpg UV-ambodyclerk.jpg UV-ambodycoach.jpg UV-ambodycop.jpg UV-ambodydeliveryperson.jpg UV-ambodyexterminator.jpg UV-ambodyfastfood.jpg UV-ambodyfig.jpg UV-ambodyfirefighter.jpg UV-ambodygardener.jpg UV-ambodygenerals.jpg UV-ambodyhighendwaiter.jpg UV-ambodymadscientist.jpg UV-ambodymaildelivery..jpg UV-ambodymanmaid.jpg UV-ambodymayor.jpg UV-ambodymechanic.jpg UV-ambodyorderly.jpg UV-ambodypizzadelivery.jpg UV-ambodyserver.jpg UV-ambodyshaman.jpg UV-ambodysuperchef.jpg UV-ambodysuperhero.jpg UV-ambodysupervillain.jpg UV-ambodyswat.jpg
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Default Adult Male Top & Bottom UV Maps
Here are the maps for adult male top and bottom


UV-ambottomcargopants.jpg UV-ambottomcowboyjeans.jpg UV-ambottomdesignerjeans.jpg UV-ambottomjodhpurboots.jpg UV-ambottomlongshorts.jpg UV-ambottomnaked.jpg UV-ambottompants.jpg UV-ambottomrockerbillypants.jpg UV-ambottomshortapron.jpg UV-ambottomwillpants.jpg UV-amtopbomberjacket.jpg UV-amtopcowboyshirt.jpg UV-amtopcrazybody.jpg UV-amtophipjacket.jpg UV-amtophoodedsweatshirt.jpg UV-amtopjackettshirthang.jpg UV-amtopnaked.jpg UV-amtopravevest.jpg UV-amtopshirtpolo.jpg UV-amtopshortsleevecollar.jpg UV-amtopsweaterhang.jpg UV-amtoptanktop.jpg UV-amtopvneckshortsleeve.jpg
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Default Adult Female Body UV Maps
Here are the maps for adult female body.
I have split them into different zips so they aren't so big. I thought the adult male one was rather large.


UV-afbodydress.jpg UV-afbodydressaboveknee.jpg UV-afbodydressabovekneehooded.jpg UV-afbodydressabovekneesuit.jpg UV-afbodydresschina.jpg UV-afbodydressformallong.jpg UV-afbodydressgothic.jpg UV-afbodydresskorean.jpg UV-afbodydresslonghug.jpg UV-afbodydresslongloose.jpg UV-afbodydresslongtwo.jpg UV-afbodyexterminator.jpg UV-afbodyfurcoatshortdressshoes.jpg UV-afbodyhulaskirt.jpg UV-afbodyjackethighcollar.jpg UV-afbodyjacketshortdressboots.jpg UV-afbodyjacketshortdressshoes.jpg UV-afbodyjacketshortdressslitshoes.jpg UV-afbodyjacketturtlesweaterdressboots.jpg UV-afbodyktdream.jpg UV-afbodylabcoat.jpg UV-afbodyleatherjacket.jpg UV-afbodymaternityshirtpants.jpg UV-afbodymoddress.jpg UV-afbodymracer.jpg UV-afbodynaked.jpg UV-afbodynightgown.jpg UV-afbodyorderly.jpg UV-afbodyovershirtpantssandals.jpg UV-afbodypajamasclassic.jpg UV-afbodypirate.jpg UV-afbodypowersuit.jpg UV-afbodyserver.jpg UV-afbodyshirtuntuckedoxford.jpg UV-afbodyshortdressboots.jpg UV-afbodyshortdressshoes.jpg UV-afbodyslicksuit.jpg UV-afbodyslip.jpg UV-afbodysuit.jpg UV-afbodysundress.jpg UV-afbodysuspenderstights.jpg UV-afbodyswat.jpg UV-afbodysweats.jpg UV-afbodyswimwear.jpg UV-afbodyswimwearcleavage.jpg UV-afbodyswimwearsporty.jpg UV-afbodytracksuit.jpg UV-afbodyturtlesweaterdressshoes.jpg UV-afbodytweedjacket.jpg UV-afbodyunderwear.jpg UV-afbodywarrior.jpg


UV-afbodydresswrapasymmetric.jpg UV-afbodybeltedcoat.jpg UV-afbodybowler.jpg UV-afbodycasualpreppy.jpg UV-afbodydressasymetrical.jpg UV-afbodydressbrocade.jpg UV-afbodydressflapper.jpg
UV-afbodydressfloral.jpg UV-afbodydressmedieval.jpg UV-afbodydressmedieval_necklace.jpg
UV-afbodydressscarfgloves.jpg UV-afbodyhalterpants.jpg UV-afbodykasa.jpg UV-afbodyovercoatpants.jpg UV-afbodyravekimono.jpg UV-afbodyravelegwarmer.jpg UV-afbodyravelegwarmer_bracelet.jpg UV-afbodyravelegwarmer_warmer.jpg UV-afbodyslob.jpg UV_afbodyshortruffledress.jpg UV-afbodyglitter.jpg UV-afbodyhamptonsdress.jpg UV-afbodyninja.jpg UV-afbodyopenlongsleeve.jpg UV-afbodypolopants.jpg UV-afbodytankdresspants.jpg UV-afbodyblazerpants.jpg UV-afbodycheerleader.jpg UV-afbodydressformaltrumpet.jpg UV-afbodydressknee.jpg UV-afbodydresswraparm.jpg UV-afbodyflaresflowtank.jpg UV-afbodyformaldress.jpg UV-afbodygraduationgown.jpg UV-afbodyhipjacketwideflaredpants.jpg UV-afbodyhipmicrominiskirt.jpg UV-afbodyletterman.jpg UV-afbodyneohippiedress.jpg UV-afbodynyc2.jpg UV-afbodypleatsoutfit.jpg UV-afbodytoga.jpg UV-afbodyturtleneckslacks.jpg UV-afbodyurbanprimitive.jpg


UV-afbodyambulancedriver.jpg UV-afbodyapron.jpg UV-afbodybartender.jpg UV-afbodyburglar.jpg UV-afbodybusdriver.jpg UV-afbodychef.jpg UV-afbodyclerk.jpg UV-afbodycoach.jpg UV-afbodycop.jpg UV-afbodydeliveryperson.jpg UV-afbodydressmaid.jpg UV-afbodyfastfood.jpg UV-afbodyfig.jpg UV-afbodyfirefighter.jpg UV-afbodygardener.jpg UV-afbodyhighendwaitress.jpg UV-afbodymadscientist.jpg UV-afbodymaildelivery.jpg UV-afbodymayor.jpg UV-afbodymechanic.jpg UV-afbodymilitaryofficer.jpg UV-afbodyorderly.jpg UV-afbodyshaman.jpg UV-afbodysocialworker.jpg UV-afbodysoldier.jpg UV-afbodysuperchef.jpg UV-afbodysuperhero.jpg UV-afbodysupervillain.jpg
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Default UV Maps for Adult Female top and bottom
I think the title says it all really.
I still don't have pets or GLS so you'll have to sort yourselves out for those. everything else should be here though.

AdultFemale Top&

UV-afbottombaggypants.jpg UV-afbottomcaprisneaks.jpg UV-afbottomcargopants.jpg UV-afbottomcasualpreppy.jpg UV-afbottomflairedpantssandals.jpg UV-afbottomhipsweats.jpg UV-afbottomjodhpurboots.jpg UV-afbottomkasa.jpg UV-afbottomlongskirtsandals.jpg UV-afbottommomtailored.jpg UV-afbottommotopants.jpg UV-afbottomnaked.jpg UV-afbottomneohippiedress.jpg UV-afbottompantscowboyboots.jpg UV-afbottomshortapron.jpg UV-afbottomshorts.jpg UV-afbottomshortshorts.jpg UV-afbottomshortskirtboots.jpg UV-afbottomshortskirtshoes.jpg UV-afbottomskirttight.jpg UV-afbottomslacksheels.jpg UV-afbottomslinkyskirtboots.jpg UV-afbottomwidejeans.jpg UV-aftopblousedwaist.jpg UV-aftopbomberjacket.jpg UV-aftopcasualpreppy.jpg UV-aftopcowgirlshirt.jpg UV-aftopcrewneckcollarshirt.jpg UV-aftophalter.jpg UV-aftophipsweats.jpg UV-aftopkasa.jpg UV-aftoplongsleevebustier-alpha5.jpg UV-aftoplongsleevebustier-alpha7.jpg UV-aftoplongsleevebustier.jpg UV-aftopmidsleevetshirt.jpg UV-aftopmomshirt.jpg UV-aftopmotojacket.jpg UV-aftopnaked.jpg UV-aftopneohippie.jpg UV-aftoppoloshirt.jpg UV-aftopsleevelessshirt.jpg UV-aftopsweaterset.jpg UV-aftoptshirt.jpg UV-aftoptuckedwaist.jpg UV-aftopvnecklongsleeve.jpg
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9th Apr 2007 at 1:14 AM
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Game Ep: Base Game
Gender: Adult
Age: Adult

Uv Map: afbodyshortdressbootslod15_tslocator_gmdc

Aka the dress that Nina Caliente's Sister wears.

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Emo's say 'yay'... just with a dead
I'm now playing and making stuff for Sims 3 so I'll give my name: Tempting_Fate nothing up at moment. Still getting used to it.
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28th Oct 2008 at 5:55 PM
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