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Heh, thanks. I meant "...makes Will Wright's coffee..." but oh well. Would Will Wright coffee make you smarter with each sip?

While I do not know how successful being able to smell your Sims' world would be (it would be good in some cases like with food, bad in others like with the toilet), I know that people will probably be begging in ever-so painful netspeak for a Pets EP as soon as possible as though EA has no intention of making something that we all know will make a profit.

I think it is worth noting that we do not even have a picture of the Free Time genie, we should not be seeing any more TS3 previews than what we have already with Free Time (or at least major previews). TS3 may not even at beta stage yet, so there would not be any beta testers yet...and if there were, it probably would be with someone EA could trust to not reveal anything.

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TS3 probably isn't that far along, anywayz. At this point, I'm betting TS3 looks even worse than those screenies. They have to work on the fundamentals of the gameplay before they can get all the graphics pretty-fied. But you guys are right, those screenies really don't look Maxis. They're not quirky enough. :D
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I HOPE not!
The picture of the house looked TOO real. Like it was a real photography and the sims look wayyyyy to cartoony. People keep saying that the sims 2 sims look cartoony but those here at the German site look like they are taken right out of Cartoon Network. And who cares about graphics? As long as the graphics look decent (like the sims 2) I love it. The only thing I kinda like is the city. I would love to play with sims in a big city. But if they will make no remake of Strangetown and the original maxis hoods I will be angry as hell..... Not play it at all......
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Sorry if I sound like a n00b but, where are the pictures?
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You can see the supposed pics on the thread on SnootySims that Callum linked to.

Seeing as this is fake, and that we already have at least one "omg sims 3 no wai!!!" thread existing, thread locked.

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