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#51 Old 28th Aug 2008 at 7:26 PM
I am not sure how I found the Prosperity group on Yahoo, but I joined it just about when I found this site, too. Lurked forever to try and get a handle on the game and then just decided to jump right in (probably over my head) with downloading the neighborhood that ASimWen has on her site
( ).

Holy moly! 14 families, and almost all of them very different than what I normally play.

The Rosada family (They have brilliantly colored pink and Blue skins) are my favorite, so far: Two teen girls, and two toddler children.

OH BOY. I have just managed to get Amethyst off to college and I hope to get her back to town before her sister ages into an adult so I can send her to college too ( and get the bonus!).

I completely recommend the yahoo group (

Originally Posted by Nimi
I'd just like to point out for everyone who's thinking about starting a Prosperity challenge, Phaenoh wrote a program that rolls your family in an instant:
Random Aspect Generators
So you don't have to roll your die for every aspect of your new Simmies that you can think of- although that may have its charm, ofcourse!

Oh, this is convenient, thank you, especially when I can't find my dice.
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#52 Old 12th Sep 2008 at 3:04 PM
Well, I've started a new prosperity challenge - never played the last one because I got distracted, and then got Seasons and I wanted the new LTWs.

Four families.

One family is: A knowledge sim elder male. His son, an adult romance sim - and his four children. I used four different defaults sims (with different colorings) as moms to generate his four kids and decided they were all romance sims, too who left him with the kids. Two teenagers (the boy romance, the girl knowledge), a girl child, and a boy toddler. I couldn't even afford for everyone to have a bed, much less give them the good beds I usually like to use. Luckily dad has a career LTW. But slacker takes so many friends, and I just don't know if they'll have enough time to make friends. And the teenage girl wants to max all 7 skills - not going to happen for a long, long time.

Another family is an adult male popularity sim with two toddlers. Both girls. No way are both learning all their toddler skills.

I do have one single fortune sim, so money isn't as much of an issue with him. He had a career LTW, but I don't recall what. I was just glad he didn't have 100,000 - that's difficult for me with an adult.

My final family is an elder and adult father and daughter who are both popularity sims. Might see if she hits it off with the fortune sim.
#53 Old 22nd Nov 2008 at 11:41 AM

this challenge seems really cool! can't wait to try it out!
#54 Old 22nd Dec 2008 at 12:32 AM
I started the prosperity challenge -- It was fun!
I only got one family, with the last name of Davies: Aaron, Teen sim, romance; Liam, child sim, grow up; Megan, Toddiler sim, grow up; Nadine, teen sim, romance; Samantha, adult sim, Popularity; Torsten, adult sim, wealth.
Unfortunantly, this family had a sad life ...
After 2 sim days, Samantha and Torsten died of a (Accidental!) fire. Then Liam and Aaron were regected for private school twice. Megan grew up badly, so did liam. Aaron died after this of a fire (stupid oven!). so, it was just liam and megan.
Megan grew up badly again, liam aswell. It looked pritty bad for them. Then Megan was rejected from a private school (stupid headmaster!!). Then she died!!
stupid fire!!!!!!!!
So liam was left alone ....
He married Medow thayer (a townie(name is probably spelt wrong)) and had a beautiful baby boy. then medow was pregnant again, and his son, Andrew, was a child. his life seemed pritty good.
But then what? he died! Liam died!! Ugh! no, it wasn't fire. it was hunger. i didn't look at his needs, and the fridge was gone (repo-man!). medow died soon after, from a satelight, leaving her kids to the mercy of the social worker.
*cry* such a sad story!! oh well, i can try again. who's sim-lived will i destroy next? Mwa ha ha ha!!
#55 Old 22nd Dec 2008 at 1:04 AM
Originally Posted by nix-o-riely
I only got one family

You must start with at least two families If you rolled one you were supposed to roll again.
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I might try this :P
I'm doing about 3 challenges at the moment though, so it might have to wait for a while.
But it sounds great! I've got a neighbourhood made for it already, called Bluewater, and I've put in lots of those little Maxi-made houses.
#57 Old 23rd Dec 2008 at 1:54 AM
I made my families, but I can't really remember the people in them. I'll do my best -

I have 5 families.

Family 1 - six people: adult male, romance; adult female, popularity; adult female, popularity; teen female, can't remember aspiration; twin girl children.

Family 2 - two people: adult male, knowledge; female toddler.

Family 3 - three people: adult female, popularity, Leo; teen female, fortune, Leo; girl child, Aries.

Family 4 - three people: adult male, fortune; adult male, family; teen female can't remember aspiration.

Family 5 - can't for the life of me remember this one.

In my whole game I only have one couple, and the male's a Romance sim So I have a lot of pairing up to do.
#58 Old 24th Dec 2008 at 12:26 AM
I'm going to give this a try - it sounds fun! My families are always the same and this adds variety. Plus I have never even gotten a sim to old age yet and want to get a few generations before sims 3 comes out.
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#59 Old 4th Jan 2009 at 7:16 AM
Just made my families (with a random number generator since I have no dice)- I have five.

Klein: Three Members
Jeanne- Adult Female/Family/Scorpio
Thomas- Child Male/Saggitarius
Renee- Adult Female/Fortune/Aries

Marcos: One Member
Fatima- Adult Female/Family/Leo

Busby: Three Members
Melvin- Teen Male/Knowledge/Pisces
Devon- Teen Male/Popularity/Libra
Bianca- Adult/Popularity/Capricorn

Morgan: Five Members
Alina- Adult Female/Knowledge/Capricorn
Lachlan- Teen Male/Knowledge/Scorpio
Zac- Elder Male/Knowledge/Aries
Hayden- Adult Male/Knowledge/Taurus
Evelyn- Child Female/Saggitarius

Strickland: Three Members
Wyatt- Adult Male/Fortune/Capricorn
Marci- Adult Female/Romance/Scorpio
Cheyanne- Teen Female/Family/Libra

I already made my adults and elder in bodyshop (I'll do the kids in CAS). Morgan will be a challenge for me- biggest I've played is four members, and almost all of them are knowledge (knowing my luck, they'll all get Max 7 Skills, lol). I'll scream if the child rolls knowledge when she ages.
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#60 Old 29th Mar 2009 at 5:38 PM
I have just started- I need six families but I've only made five so far, three of which will only have two people in... but I do have a family of six and one of three or four, too. My most challenging will either be a family which consists of only a teen and a toddler, and the six person one (there is an elder, an adult (parent) a teen, a child and two toddlers) but they, in a weird way, I have become fond of already (the granddad's an old hippie, and the adults a male cross-dresser :p)
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#61 Old 5th Apr 2009 at 3:26 PM
I started yesterday with five families. The first one is extremely hectic because I hsve 2 elders, 2 teens whom I'm hoping to send off to college, and a child. One teen has an A and the other has a D+. The child is heading down there, too. And the two elders are married, the man is a romance sim and the woman is a family sim. Other than that, the others are fine, but the last one gets slightly crazy because there's four people. My favorite one is the Campbell family, consisting of Justine. She's a family sim, and she and Jan Tellerman are almost Best Friends. I love this challenge! I might never use boolprop again!!
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#62 Old 1st May 2009 at 3:49 PM
I jst started this yesterday. ill try remember them all.
i got four families.
Alysse Wobnair adult female with a knowledge aspiration (im gonna try the rainbow challenge with her) shes already preg with two babies.
Elder female, 2 teen females and 2 female children. Can't remember names but last name is Whaley, i think.
Elder male, adult male, girl teen and a boy child.
oh and family calleg Shay its i think a elder female a adult female a teen boy two children boy and a girl and a baby girl.
Can't remember all the names and aspirations, but im gonna play after college so ill edit my post. im finding this quite good there all so diffrent, some are grumpy some a really unclean. and most jst moan all the time about stuff.

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#63 Old 1st May 2009 at 8:23 PM
I am definitely doing this. I like the idea of rotating through the houses/families. I tend to just play one family for a long time and get bored of them after a while.
So far I am suppose to have four families.
The first family has one adult and three toddlers.
The second family has two teens and an elder.
Third family has two elders and adult and two teens.
My fourth had an adult a child and two toddlers.
This should be very interesting.
#64 Old 1st May 2009 at 9:06 PM
I also have a prosperity hood. I started out one household that contained two adult males and one teen girl, a household with two adult males and one child-aged daughter, and one household with two teens. I couldn't bear to kill off their dad so I turned him into a Townie which is kind of nice since this way they can still have contact with him but he's out of play.

First off, the brothers in the two households split so that made another two houses. Then I had the three teens get their grades up and work on enough skill points for one scholarship and sent them to university. The teen girls both ended up with three lightning bolts for one of the brothers, so one of them married one of the brothers that moved out (for the story in my mind, he's the younger brother of that pair).

By now all the original adults have had one child, the original girl-child is a teen and almost ready for college. The other two ex-teens recently married.

I only have two neighborhoods: this one and the other which houses my long-term family. It's nice to have both play styles at the same time so if I get tired of playing one I switch to the other.
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#65 Old 2nd May 2009 at 12:49 AM
My first family, the single adult, she had a baby girl named Saffron, shes really struggling with money just now.
The Whaley family, the elder female is going around wohooin with every elder. the adult got fired from her job so hes mopping around the house. the teen boy fell in love with the teen girl from the other family, three bolts straight away, the toddler grew up and the children are all best friends with the other children in the families.
The Jones, the elder just paints all day and hes already nearly got 8 points. the adult male is firing through the career ladder for medicine. the teen girl feel in love with the boy from the other family. and the little boy is friends with the other kids and invites them over all the time.
The last family the Whaleys, ive found really difficult. the grans went into meltdown a couple of times. the two children are fine, just a little red in the fun. the two toddlers both grew up bad so gonna have to work on them. at least now the gran can have sum peace when they all go to school.
That me played all four through twice.

It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honor that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.
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#66 Old 28th Oct 2009 at 7:09 PM
I was looking through the challenges and decided that I'm going to start this one today! I've been wanting to build my own town from scratch ever since I bought the game but never knew how to start that would make for good stories. This is PERFECT. I'll update on my progress from time to time! Thanks!!
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#67 Old 16th Nov 2009 at 5:32 PM
i am reinstalling my sims 2 and I am starting this challenge. I'll update from time to time.
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#68 Old 5th Mar 2010 at 3:40 AM
i like the sound of this challenge. i may try that today and for sure i am printing out the rules because i would probably forget.
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#69 Old 5th Mar 2010 at 6:15 PM
Okay, I am sooooo doing this challenge, it seems like the best yet as I get bored with one sim family after about 1 human day!
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#70 Old 6th Apr 2010 at 8:30 PM
Finished it...and went further...I'm on the 16th generation..

“Oh my god,” Alec shut his eyes. “Jace, you’re naked.”

“I know,” Jace said. “I’m in my purest form, no hair dye, no clothes, no kangaroos. I’m just me!”
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#71 Old 8th Apr 2010 at 3:32 AM
I think I'll do this. 3 families:
Christina/Placeholder for correct relations (Johann being grandpa to the kids)


Joe/Placeholder again for relations

This is my first challenge, so wish me luck!
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#72 Old 10th Apr 2010 at 2:56 AM
I decided to give this a shot. Everything -- first and last names, 99.9% of their appearances, etc. -- is random except for some of the CC that I used to make my sims over. This was very hard for me since I am such a control freak (I hatehatehate fortune sims!)... but I guess that's why they call it a challenge!

Moss Family
Kyle; teenage male; family; gemini
Jasper; male child; scorpio

Brummett Family
Noah; elder male; knowledge; pisces
Lucille; adult female; fortune; virgo (Noah's daughter)
Christina; adult female; knowledge, leo (Noah's daughter)
Mira; adult female; family; libra (Noah's daughter)
Jonathan; teenage male; fortune; taurus (Mira's son)

Shires Family
Bailey; adult female; romance; scorpio
Nadia; toddler female; cancer
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#73 Old 14th Apr 2011 at 3:19 PM
Originally Posted by mangaroo
I used the random generator to set up the families in my latest neighborhood and spent time developing their individual family stories in my head before I ever got to CAS. Since I've always started neighborhoods with a combination of adults/young adults before, I love the variety this method provided. (Oddly enough, my first generation adults and teens don't really like the adults or teens from other families, but all the kids are quickly becoming friends.)

Does the link in this post work?
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#74 Old 14th Apr 2011 at 6:06 PM
Sadly, no. I had to build my own random generator to replace it:
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#75 Old 15th Apr 2011 at 11:32 PM
"Delete for SIm bin" - you suggested in 1st post. ?? Is there a way you did this so no one else in the family had memories of her (never met)? Otherwise, this is a VBT. I might try this, just because I like starting new hoods, and like to see what very differant personalities will do.

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