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Default Coronavirus/COVID-19 and History thingies
Just recently, I made a Coronavirus/COVID-19 Journal that everybody may air their concerns and, if applicable, their experience with the virus. Future historians will no doubt want to study this era, so I figured I might as well add a place where regular folk can make themselves known for future generations to study. Everybody can add their entries without the need to log in; all I ask is that you follow the rules I have there and please don't turn it into a political debate, as this Google doc is for airing your worries and experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for the history bit, I'm currently working on my history notes, but I'm worried it's incomplete. It's got the same accessibility as the Coronavirus journal, but this time, it's simply adding any information that might be missing from my notes. Or your notes, if you're still in school. I also ask that you don't turn this thing into a political debate either - this Google doc is meant for history stuff that may have been missed in class/the textbook or that I may have skipped over in the textbook.

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If anyone is interested, you can also add your images, etc to this archive;
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3 million peopls with corona! OMG
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Not much resources here yet. I hope everything will be okay soon, I don't feel okay reading all this news. And since we're sharing useful stuff here, I want to recommend this site: It will be useful for people with mental issues and those who are taking various meds and antidepressants.
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