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Supersimaholic : I will give you a extension if you need one
And yes please Zela
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Default Adelia's application
Adelia Elise Vanderbilt!

Well, I’m single so let’s mingle. Can I buy you some champagne? I was born to my parents in Denver, Colorado on June 18, 1988. I'll admit, I do use my 21 and older privileges. I’ve traveled the world, encountered many cultures, and have found one of my greatest interests to be modeling. My parent’s raised me to be a young-lady full of class. I’m competitive, self-motivated, and I radiate confidence. I won’t turn down a challenge and I will try my hardest to get what I want. From traveling the world, I learned to empathize with others and I do my best to act grateful for everything, although everyone makes mistakes. I'm aiming for the sky, I have what you want to be the Next Top Model!

I want to be a model because I've always aspired to be the next Twiggy, since I was a little girl. I'm not one of those girls who drops her dreams.

I'm officially addicted to Peach Tea Snapple!
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May we post 4 pictures for the Masquerade? I can't choose between my 3 free shots!
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Nope, you may only post a headshot and 2 freeshots. Sorry but that's the rules.
Ok I thought I'd mention this now.

Applications are now CLOSED
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Default Adelia's Masquerade Shoot.

I'm basically speechless by this photo. I would have never thought I could look so much, well, like a model. I'm proud of it.

This one is probably my favorite. I think it looks like I'm running from something, probably my prince charming, or even a monster. It gives me a creepy feeling, but I adore it.

This photo is more simple. I enjoyed looking up at the camera, it was more interesting than the regular head on. My photographer enjoyed playing with the camera positions. I'm still in awe of all of the photographs that I've seen.

Wow, this shoot definitely made me feel like a princess. I took so many photos, it was nearly impossible for me to choose my favorites. I enjoyed talking with my photographers and even the editors. I'm a little nerd, and I enjoyed the editing process. They even let me mess around with their tools!

At first I was a little anxious; I was antsy and excited. I came in to be greeted by the friendly photographers, not to mention, one of the boys was rather attractive if you know what I mean. I told them how nervous I was and they told me everyone is and not to worry about it, so shortly after I was completely comfortable.

The boy, Tristan, showed me how to pose. He was definitely a good teacher and I didn't mind him moving my arms and face to the right positions. Actually after we exchanged numbers. Hopefully we'll stay in touch! I probably posed one thousand different poses, and the camera would snap away.

Then we went back to the computer room, where we reviewed the photos, chose our favorites, then edited them. Maria was the editor, and we got along very well. I asked her many questions about this job, it would be very interesting to edit all of the model's photos. She told me you saw so many different poses, backgrounds, costumes, and people. Sometimes she would get to talk to the models and sometimes she wouldn't. This wouldn't be a bad career for me to look into! Anyway, can't wait for the next photo shoot!
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When should we be expecting our app scores? I don't mean to hassle anybody, but I'm kinda curious to know how I faired before I work on my round 2 so I know where I can improve.
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Zela has handed in their app scores, I'm working on mine .. however..
Klarox is being non-responsive, and seeing as I have no EJ's, this makes things a bit more difficult.
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Bummer. I'd drop out to judge, but I don't think I'm even allowed to do that. I dunno, if I were you I'd try getting a hold of a moderator, I'm sure they'd more than willing to help, or if we're lucky, maybe they'd even be willing to judge.

^ ^

I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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Done taking my pictures. Just gotta edit them and etc. Should be done no later than tommorow. And just wondering, if we will have any bonus rounds so we can score extra points? If we did I'm sure a lot of us would love to snag some points (:

"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."
-Pride and Prejudice
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I never thought of that Luvmeandyou,
If I can come up with a bonus round I'll think about it
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One more question for each picture can the model be a different creature or does she need to be the same one in all the shots.
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Same in all shots.


Ok the judging thing has been all sorted out .
Meeka kindly offered to be an EJ.
App scores will be up very soon and hopefully R1 scores shortly affter.
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Default Stefani Gold Round 2
Stefani Gold Round 2

For this photoshoot I was originally supposed to be a vampire, but the photographer had a different idea. He said he wanted me to try something more soft and less edgy. He suggested a fairy, and the makeup artists, and hair stylists instantly agreed saying they had the perfect makeup and the perfect hairstyle. At first I was a little disappointed, but once I saw how magical and beautiful I looked, I absoloutely loved it! I was glad they decided to go a different way. My hair had cute green stars everywhere, and I had astonishing makeup.

Head Shot:

The set director said that this was by far his favorite shot. It took me no time at all to pull this off. Although I disagree with the set director, I did like this shot. I wasn't as scared as last time. I was prepared to take good shots. I knew that I had to get rid of those jitters that were running through my body. It was hard, but once my boyfriend from home called me I felt energized and ready to snap a great shot!

Body Shot:

For this shot I was asked to used my surroundings so I thought, "What better than to lay next to all this beautiful nature around me?". I picked one of the spots with a whole bunch of flowers. Although this was my least favorite shot of me, I think I still did a pretty good job. I think what made me not like this shot so much was because of my angle. I should've leaned more towards the camera and I think it would have made it better. Other than that, it was a good shot.

Free Shot 1:

I absoloutely loved this shot. I loved the angle, the lighting, everything! I was put into a invisible harness, hopefully you can't see ;), so it would look like I was flying like a real fairy! When I was taking this shot I was trying to be like Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow. She was my inspiration during the whole shoot. It's kinda funny trying to be like a made up fairy, but it paid off in the long run with these beautiful shots of me.

Free Shot 2:

For this shot it may look like I'm floating in mid air, but that's the magic of illusions ;). I was really on the floor arching my back. The harness was jammed, so one of the makeup artists suggested that brilliant idea. I loved my lighting. The lights shining in my eyes was kinda difficult keeping my cool, but I managed to pull through and pull this off. I loved this shot also, because of the emotion behind my eyes (They were contacts btw :P). I think looking up to the sky really made this photo more dramtic, and beautiful!

After the shoot it was pretty difficult taking all that makeup off and those wings were not as light as I thought they would be. In the end I really loved all my shots today. I only had a few flaws, but the positives shined through. I have a little ways to go if I wanne come out on top, but I think I can do it. Until next photoshoot, seeya later.

"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."
-Pride and Prejudice
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My computer doesn't like the heat either, I'm trying to get the pictures up tonight, I will post if my computer explodes or whatever.
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Hello,again! This photoshoot was the absolute BOMB! Haha,Yes,I really did say that! I picked it up from the photographer. Anywhoo,this shoot was extremely fun! I was a demon--A angel who has fallen because they didn't know how to love. A person who lives for the Atrox,or evil. A creature that feeds off your fear.
Headshot: (Please tell me if you aren't allowed to edit it like that,I can put the unedited version up)

I adored this photograph. It reminds me of "Please..leave me..You can't love me!" before she fades away,and all is left for a mere few seconds is a reflection,before that vanishes,too.
Body Shot:

This was really fun! I was supposed to act like I heard something that was..I don't,I suppose? Anyways,I basically pretended like I was a creature who hates all forms of love -- even heart-to-heart woohooing.
Free Shot 1:

This was by far my absolute favorite photo. I like to think that the "back story" of this picture was that a boy had fallen in love under the moonlight with me,and maybe I loved him back,but...I was a Demon. I had to pretend like I didn't love him at all. Oh,and the wordings beside me? "Situations" by Escape The Fate. The photographer blared that during the whole thing! I still have it stuck in my head,too,but I liked the song so no biggie.
Free Shot 2:

This was one of my least favorites -- I liked the picture,I just think it got over edited. I liked it at first,but now going over the text? No,I don't really like that. The picture doesn't really follow along.
Overall,I really enjoyed being a demon. A heartbroken one,at that..but aren't all demons? I really got to embrace my darker side,and during the shoot,my fiancé,Tristan,came to see me! He told me I looked "goth grunge-y" But anyways,posing a demon was really worth the time doing my hair and makeup,because I can't lie,I felt extremely sexy! The only thing I don't like about being a demon is being heartbroken,and those darned boots! My feet are still aching from those killers! But,my true love promised me a foot rub and maybe some protected woohoo to make my feet feel better!
Life on set;well,I've already told you a bit about it. The make up artist was nice,really nice! She also told me how to achieve the make-up I was wearing if I ever wanted to dress up a bit again! The hair stylist..well,he wasn't really mean I guess,but he was jabbering on her phone the whole time about some guy named Charles! But he was fast and effective so I guess it's not right to complain (My demon tendencies coming in! :D) The photographer had plenty of tattoos and piercings,but she was friendly and made it as comfortable as she could for me! Oh,and after the shoot,Tristan,and photographer,and I all went out and bought some Popsicles from the ice cream truck and sat outside ( Right outside the studio,on the photographers balcony! A wonderful view,I tell you!) Anyways,really this shoot was really fun..I'm really liking this modelling stuff! I learn more every time!

PS: Please let me know if my entry isn't okay! Oh and her tutu? I did that! Maybe it was just a bad copy-and-paste job,but I'm proud! Heheh Oh,and I owe thanks to ETF's song Situations as I rocked out to that the whole time while doing this round! Also P.S. Sorry I took so long to get my entry in! I got stung by a bee for the first time! (And found out that I was extremely allergic.. ...which ended in the ER.. but atleast the paramedic was cute?

Call me Maria(:
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Jeez, I'm glad you're okay noteardrops. I like her tutu BTW, I was actually wondering where you got it. ^ ^
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Amelia the Queen of the Fairies, I like the sound of that eh? I'm back! I'm thinking this photoshoot was better than the last one but I guess It's getting better as I go along!!

Free Shot

I'll tell you what, this garden smelt amazing! The combination of daises, tulips, pansies and roses really worked and added colour to my not so colourful undies - which may I add also worked! I got to choose what I wanted to wear for this picture out of three different outfits. By the way I loved all the outfits, It was so hard to choose!

Head Shot

The make up in this shot was done by my lovely make up artist Selena Rasker and hair by Tiffany Delda. I loved the look, so a great big thanks to those guys. I also loved the photo, my photographer today was really nice and helped me with my problems and answered my questions.

Body Shot

Is that a gorgeous dress or what!? To begin with I thought I was getting married because it was so white! I really felt like a Queen weaing it. Accidently, earlier I spilt chocolate ice cream on the dress which wasn't the best thing I have ever done - silly me!

Free Shot

I loved the garden and the photo. It was such a nice place with lovely people and lovely scenery. I saw a beautiful butterfly and looked over to it in the middle of a photoshoot. I then heard Jerry (my photographer) shout FREEZE! He took the photo and I looked like I was looking at something - which I was of course!

Sooooo I'm Back!!! Back from the hols! I hope my Round 2 is alright and in on time. Not to be a bother or anything but when can we expect judging to be in because I want to see what I need to improve on and how well I did in the end. I hope it's ok that I included the life on set in my writing and not as a seperate passage.


Everyones Apps, Round Ones and Round Twos are looking fabulous!!!
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sorry i have been busy the last few days ill get my scores in by tomorrow evening!!!
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Lil'B nice app, I hope you enjoyed your holidays <3 I have those undies for my sims :D.
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Amilé, the pale one. Spooky, huh. I spent 3 hours getting vampired up, I hope it was worth it. I've only just returned back to normal colour but my hair has gone a nice blonde, I might keep it that way.

Head Shot

Body Shot (In my sexy undies, HOT)

Free Shot 1

This one was a bit awkward, I had to make out with this guy and then pretend to bite him. He was a nice guy but I'd never done any kissing shots. I'm worried about what my boyfriend will have to say about this one. ^_^

Free Shot 2

My graveyard scene, It was really cold that night so we had to be quick, we only took 10 photos outside but they worked out well. The dress was an antique victorian dress and it was gorgeous, I felt really gothic, although the dress does have its girly side with lots of ruffles and lace!

Life on set:

Wow, well again I spent ages in hair and make up and the behind the scenes team did an amazing job. Dracula eat your heart out. I got to the studio at about 9:00am and returned home at about 1:00am, I got home so late because we had to wait for it to go dark for the outside shots, and in summer, that doesn't happen to fast. :D


I think being a vampire really bought out my dark, evil and super sexy side. I loved being a vampire the outfits made me feel soo feminine and gorgeous. I really loved this whole dark and dangerous feel to the photo shoot, once again those sexy undies are a keeper, my boyfriend will be delighted. :P

Good luck everyone great apps, R1 and R2s. <3
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Please ignore the random sim out of the window in Free shot 1. I had to lock her boyfriend out so he didn't get jealous :D
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Default Round II: "Supernatural"
Head Shot

Feelings & Reflections
I felt this one was abit plain... but then again it's only a head shot, so not much to work with. But I do like the angle better in this head shot than in the last round. I think It makes me look intelligent.

Body Shot

Feelings & Reflections
This one makes me laugh! Especially the woman on the left, she was one of the make-up artists. It's like I'm sat there thinking about what to do with them! "Eat her and impregnate him" perhaps.

Free Shot I

Feelings & Reflections
My favourite! The "exploration" scene. I love the lighting in this picture! I had to use that weird light gun thing and pretend to "scan" stuff. To me it's just a really peaceful scene, and I look so adorable!

Free Shot II

Feelings & Reflections
I'm pretending to navigate here, but really I just played games while they took pictures. That's why I look so focused! I do like it though, it makes me look like I can actually work a computer (other than just to play games, I mean).

Life on Set
Today was freaking AWESOME!! I got to be an Alien! They had a whole spaceship set and even a little fake forest for me to "explore". The make-up people that worked on me this time where experts in sci-fi and horror make-up so I'm not surprised that I looked so realistic, but it did take the better half of the day to achieve! The best thing about today was that my husband, Grant, (yes, we've gotten married since the Apps) got to join me on set! He's one of the captives in the "Body Shot". The hardest part of today was thinking about what "alien stuff" could be happening in the "Free Shots", one idea was preforming an autopsy on a human, which I thought was a cool idea, but they thought that would be a little too gruesome, so it's just "exploring earth" and "navigating the universe".
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Finally! Today it's quite cool outside so I managed to take the last 3 pics all in one go without the comp exploding! "Free Shot I" really is my favourite, it's my desktop background XD
Can't wait for 1) next round 2) the results from the other rounds!
And great round 2's everyone, can't wait until everyone is done ^^
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6th Jun 2010 at 8:51 PM
This message has been deleted by Mosomashu.
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That was probably the most funny shoot I had the chance to do. Being a Vampier for a day and look a bit scary and evil is not so bad. Actually I enjoyed to show people that I have also the ability to be bad and not always the sweet girl next door. My hubby did get a nice shock when he saw me with Make-up. With this photshot we tried to tell a little story, that went something like this:

"The vampires arise at night, then when it is dark and you can hardly see them. They wait for you and when you do not expect it- shrrs you are one of them - watch out!" So my task was to sit in the dark and pretend I would like to jump on someone. That was a awkward shot because it was so dark in that room I only had a little light infront of me, everything behind that was only shadow for me!

The story: Oh unfaithful - you did not believe now you have to suffer as you are on the ground - empty and lonely. The warning was to late and there goes your life, but do not worry - as you will arise from the dead!

For all your sins, for all the pain you caused you should suffer now. Burn Vampire, burn slowley and long as you made suffer those around you!

But at the end as we know - Vampires won't die and so you see them rise again and they will dissapear when the day begins....

I had so much fun doing these pictures, I have to admit I was a bit scared during the fire shot. Even though I was thrilled and so, it was fairly hot and I did not even have to play hard that I was afraid. But the people knew what they were doing and the fire was gone as fast as it came up, when I looked at the picture later, I thought it was a very good shot. I was proud. This shot taught me so much about storytelling with my bodylanguage and also about Make-up! The next Halloween can come!

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I dunno if we're allowed to say stuff like this to each other, but...
@aba23: I freaking LOVE your free shots!!!
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