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Default Simeapolis replacement for university world?
Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you had used Simeapolis ( as a replacement for the Sims university world yet, and if so, how that went. Also, I have a few things I'm wondering:
1) If I added a custom lighting mod to the Simeapolis installed world (in the My Documents folder), will it show up in the university replacement world?
2) If I want to have my Sims attend the world for university but eventually live there, will the .nhd file carry over to when they move to the world using NRAAS Traveler, or is the EA replacement world considered separate? I hope this question makes sense, lol.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out if it's worth using it as a replacement world or just having the Sims move there via Traveler and enroll in a homeworld university (like I did for Boroughsburg).

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I have not tried this world or it's versions but it's described as a stand alone world and has an additional version that can be used to travel to that replaces EA university world that requires the original version to work. I can't answer your question about custom lighting.
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I've used it and it worked just fine. It will need to be populated either manually or via Nraas StoryProgression's Rapid Immigration. Then you'll either need to manually assign everyone degrees and manually assign sims to be professors, or see if you can find a way to get StoryProgression to automatically do that. I believe there are settings to do that somewhere in the mod, but I haven't gotten it to work so I just do it manually.

A custom lighting mod will show up in all worlds as long as it's installed. I.e., if you have a burntwaffles mod in your mods folder when you load up a world, then it will load that mod's lighting.

Not sure about the answer to question 2 as I've never tried it. It might be best to just test that out.
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