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Default bb.moveobjects
The game has no half cabinet for the upper corner cabinet. I used the bb.moveobjects cheat. I merged 2 corner cabinets together. The only difference is that it has 3 short doors. If you put a lamp on the wall first, then you can put the cabinet on top of it so you have under the cabinet lighting. The lamp will show through if you use a cabinet with glass doors or the open shelf cabinet. I like to use the bb.moveobjects cheat, the click on an item, hold down the ALT button and use the [ to shrink the statues or floor plants. Then I click on it again, hold down the ALT button and use 9 or 0 to put them on a table, some of the bookcases, or shelves. I also use it to change the size of the paintings and table pictures. I get more decorations without having to download modded items that can create conflicts with the game or that break after a patch update. Also use bb.showhiddenobjects, bb.showliveeditobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, click on the magnifying glass in build mod.
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