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Frida (daughter of Cassandra and Don) became a toddler. She takes after Mortiner; she'll be a knowledge sim who loves nature. Dina became an elder and Nina will follow soon. I love them both so this makes me sad. Dina wants a puppy so now Suzi is pregnant with (thankfully) one. Her daughter Nighat Goth, is going steady with Brad Burb.

Beau saw the cow mascot flirting with Marsha and her reciprocating which made him roll a want to flirt with a sim. I was waiting for this to happen, and I guess the flirting kinda woke him up a bit to do something. That night Marsha was stargazing and Beau went up there to hang out with her, which he always does anyway. I stopped what they were doing to have Beau flirt with her but all of a sudden I saw on Marsha's cue that she was about to hold hands with him! Very shy Marsha surprised me, so I let it happen. They haven't kissed yet because it would be their first kiss and that doesn't happen autonomously, but I'm sure it will happen soon.

Brandi is constantly in gold/platinum from Beau's A+ grades. She also wants another grandchild which ain't happening any time soon. Maggie was just born and I doubt Dustin and Lucy, two fortune sims, will want another one. Don moved out of Nina's house and now he's renting an apartment. He threw a birthday party for himself and Nina was the only attendee. It's not like he could have invited his other lovers and Nina will always be his favourite. I also found interesting that his children rolled a want to talk to him on the phone. Cassandra allowed it, but of course she wouldn't allow them going to his place for any reason.

Jackie Burb grew into a child and apparently takes after her dad John since she will be a family sim who likes nature. I plan to have her help her dad with their garden in the future. By the way, Maggie Broke will be my first born in game romance sim (I don't count Brandi's son), which I'm quite excited about. Maybe, just maybe, the mod I have which gives a 5% chance of pregnancy happening with just woohoo in bed will finally work. I've tested it of course and I know that it works, but sadly it hasn't happened yet in game.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.
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The oldest of my Pleasantview playables are starting to pass on. John Burb died, as did Brandi Broke. Lucy and Beau are back together, and he's been sleeping over almost every night, so she invited him to move in, but they have no plans to remarry. I hope they will be happy together now, although I did spot Lucy making out with Jimmy Phoenix at one of Dirk and Lilith's wild parties.

While Lucy was out for groceries one day, Jennifer autonomously invited Beau to woohoo, and he accepted. Um, wow. They finished just as Lucy was getting back. Then Jennifer got out of bed and was greeted by zombie hula dancers. That last one for the road put her in platinum, so she greeted the Grim Reaper without distress. Lucy was inconsolable, though.

I have a mod in that gives my Sims a longer adult lifespan, but I don't think it is applied to those playables who are already adults, so they always seem to go sooner than I think they should.
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Rick Grant is turning into quite a horny little tomcat. He finally met his "WooHoo with 3 Different Sims" want (Tiffany Rogan, Safiya Georgescu and Nancy Philippine), and then rolled a Want for "WooHoo with 5 different Sims"! Hey Rick, isn't that being a little bit greedy?

Abhijeet Cho seems to be unable to make up his mind which sister he likes better, Chloe or Lola, so he plans to marry both of them. Chloe has already presented him with twins, Glabe (a red-headed girl) and Glarn (a blond boy), both carrying her surname and neither showing any alien characteristics. (She only had a 50% chance of being fertile - but she is. Jury is still out on Lola.) Abhijeet also has a Want for "WooHoo with 3 different Sims", but after seeing what went down with Rick, I think I'll see to it that he stays satisfied with just two.

Over in Bluewater Village, Camilla Vitamore achieved Level 9, "Restaurateur", in the Culinary career, and got seriously involved with River Banks, convincing him to forget all about his former flame (now married), Lauren Gibson, and spend a couple of torrid nights with her. They got engaged, then hastily married with "Pete" Smith and Barbara Young as the only witnesses. Camilla now has enough money to realize her dream of buying up the defunct "J'Adore" bakery and reopening it as "S'Amore", but she doesn't think she has quite the reputation to pull it off...yet. If/when she reaches "Celebrity Chef", she'll probably go through with it.
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Between one thing and another, I just have wanted to play something easy, and Widespot fits the bill.
Dixie Land has started college, and is studying to be an architect.
Junior Mann woke up Saturday wanting to marry Penny, Mary and Candy. Nope, sorry, no harem for you.
Everyone that didn't have jobs got jobs, either because their LTW called for it or their circumstances did.
Woody got Virginia to actually date him. Goldie thinks Scot is cute but neither has managed to make a move.
Candy gave birth to twins: Angela and Arden. She'd rather not marry nor have more babies.
Rhett is a good big brother who helps Goldie with homework and boy advice and stuff.
Angel haunted but spooked no one, even though she had a piano playing widower and a pregnant daughter using a microwave available to her.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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The Northbridge military base is starting to fill out. I've placed several barracks and guard towers, a small hospital, and a hangar-like supply depot. I've built one dormitory on the Refugee Camp lot but need to build another, as well as the day centre that will include the soup kitchen.

Mark Yates has hooked up with fellow soup kitchen worker Sandy Bruty, and the CO has moved them into family quarters - a two-bedroom ranch home with a lean-to greenhouse and a high wall around the property to discourage pilferers. The greenhouse is not just for their benefit, of course; there are nowhere near enough panes of glass available for such a luxury. Rather, 90% of their produce is requisitioned for the soup kitchen, where numbers continue to swell, and they just keep a little to help stretch their personal food supplies. Mark loves his job and is steadily working his way up the ranks, but he may be in for some heartbreak at home, as he wants to get engaged to Sandy and she is more interested in finding another lover.

David Fell, the teacher-turned-nurse, has taken in young Alvin Futa. Alvin was found slumped at the side of the road by a military patrol who weren't even sure the boy was alive at first, and spent some time in the hospital being treated for frost bite and dehydration. There was no sign of any family, so the original plan was to move Alvin to a bunk in the boys' dormitory once he was well enough. David had been his primary carer, however, and asked if the boy could be placed with him instead. They are now living in family quarters and the food they grow is primarily supplying the hospital, with some for the soup kitchen and a little for themselves. Alvin is currently working part-time at the hospital, but his LTW is to be a Cult Leader.

Matthew Elliott, the soldier, is Fortune aspiration and shows no interest in settling down with a family. He has reached the rank of Junior Officer and has been moved from his 3x2 cubicle to a 4x4 room, which also has the benefit of a more comfortable bed. He has a tendency to be antisocial and then throw a strop because his social needs aren't met. I sent him to a 'community lot' (one of the hood's several Guard Houses strategically placed along the river) to meet people, but as soon as anybody tried to engage him in conversation, he'd turn away to yell at me about being lonely. He kept that up for over two hours and came home in social desperation despite three Sims having tried very hard to engage him in conversation the entire time he was out! Mr Grouchy or what?!
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Not made an update on this hood in a while...

Firstly, Venus Curious joined La Fiesta Tech and decided to major in Drama. She enjoyed school quite a lot and that, combined with her actually rolling wants for skills despite being a popularity sim, is what got her through her college days. Nothing eventful happened in her Freshmen and Sophomore Years, except for her randomly being nasty to a random dormie, because how dare she make bathroom puddles, but she did get a B grade for both years. Junior Year was when she befriended a dormie called Sterling Gonzaga and finally had her very first kiss through him, developing a crush as a result. She liked him quite a lot despite their one bolt of chemistry, so if she wasn't bullying that poor dormie, she was flirting with that Sterling guy. She actually made the Dean's List that year, too.

In her last year, Chris Dreamer and Nichol Loner joined La Fiesta Tech as Freshmen. Both boys were more neutral towards school, so tried for average grades at best. Chris majored in Mathematics and Nichol majored in Literature. Nothing eventful truly happened. Venus got her first C and graduated with a degree in Drama and a --- GPA.

Chris got a C+, and Nichol got a C. Both boys entered their Sophomore Year. After Venus left campus, Janet Smith joined as a Freshman... and since the Uni round happened months ago, I have forgotten the details. Nichol fell in love with Daisy Dreamer, but that was it, and yes, he still had a girlfriend at that point.

Venus wanted a new start for herself, so moved to Pleasantview and rented a room in the Pleasant Vista Apartments with her savings. She got a job somewhere and is working on saving up to get a house of her own. She still calls Sterling up for some "fun," so I may just move him in at some point.

Chris moved into the same apartment as Venus, because there wasn't enough space in his parent's house to take him back in. I think he also has a job and is hoping to get his own place.

Nichol was lucky in that he had a wealthy mother willing to pay for a house for him. He moved back to Strangetown and got house next door to Ripp, not like he knows the guy. Not feeling the spark anymore, he invited Scout over and broke up with her. Initially, she didn't take it well, but after some reassurance that they were still going to be friends and nothing was going to get awkward between them, they left on good terms.

Janet moved in with Chris, but hopes to move back to Strangetown at some point.

I have also started the next round.

Marcel Raymond and Jessie Pilferson got married, and their son, Loren, aged to a child.

Daisy friend zoned Nichol after getting engaged to Christian and getting pregnant with his baby. They were married before the arrival of their daughter, but an unfortunate barbecue accident claimed Christian's life, leaving Daisy a widowed single mother. She is not ready to move on yet.

It started off as a normal week for David and Romeo Caliente. David focused on skilling and progressing in his career, which was a steady climb until a wrench was thrown in the works. During a storm, a tree got caught on fire, however, the rain had stopped before it could get put out. This got the attention of random townies, who Romeo had heard screaming. Being the kind-hearted policemen he was, he immediately rushed to help after calling the fire department. He went out as a hero. David arrived home to see fire in the front garden and his husband nowhere in sight. He was that devastated, he went into aspiration failure; he had to invite family members over for a few days until he calmed down, which he did. He got back to skilling in Romeo's memory.

Lewis looked after his son, Benny with the help of Rosemarie, while keeping his job in the Political Career. Benny aged to a child, interested in knowledge.

Tank made some progress in his career, while Tiffany became Chief of Staff and fell pregnant with child number four. Marine aged to a teenager with the Knowledge aspiration and Delta aged to a child. The fourth child was born, a boy named Arrow. Tank is very happy with this, as he also resembles his Dad by quite a bit. Arrow became a toddler in the same round and Scout moved to college.

Dustin still works in his old age, as does Angela. Danielle has two lovers on the go, vacation townie Abhijeet Turner and Henry Goth. She went to college.

Dirk still loves to work, while Lilith wanted a part-time job in the Athletic career. Derek shared a first kiss with Connor and fell in love with him, going on two dates with him, too. Samantha aged to a teenager with the Family aspiration (I think). She fell in love and went steady with Elizabeth Goth, who wants to keep it under wraps from her family at the moment.

And speaking of the Goths, Alexander is about to get to the top of the Science career after having reached his elder years this round. Stella also reached elder hood this round and wrote a book that sold well. Henry developed a crush and fell in love with Scout and wanted to go steady with her, so he did. They went on a date and had a good time, however, despite him now being in an official, committed relationship, he still has the hots for Danielle and he even booty called her. He went to college this round. Priscilla just did her own thing, not caring much about what's going on on the outside. Elizabeth skilled the whole round, maxing out her mechanical skill and is close to maxing out cleaning. She also got a part-time job in Medicine. Keith met Marsha Bruening, who aged to a teen with him. He got the family aspiration, while she got knowledge. He is smitten with her, but has yet to act on his feelings.

And that's where I've played up to so far.

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It has elements of unpredictability and everything feels more involved.
The Sims 4 is another story altogether...
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Tinsel Town:

For a town that is located on the ocean, there was something lacking-a beach.

That has now been rectified, by the building of the town beach, where residents will be able to do many things there-having picnics, sunbathing, and most especially, surfing and scuba diving.

There are no entrance fees, and the surfboards are free to rent for the day. Residents are reminded to keep the beach clean of their clutter and to watch their children. There have been reports of sharks, although nobody has given the town council any verified proof of any sightings.

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The last of Pleasantview Gen 1 has reached college age now. In my game, each generation is 26 years (26 Sim days). The reason why is so that I can name babies based on which day they were born, so the names of anyone born on Day 1 start with A, Day 2 start with B, and so on. In Gen 1, I had 15 children born.

Bobby Broke (Brandi) has long had a happy marriage with Casey Burb (John & Jennifer), and they have three young children. Casey's twin, Charlie, married Charlena Goth (Cassandra & Don), and they had one child before Charlie died very young of the flu. Charlena is now getting remarried to Martin Ruben.

Freida Caliente (Dina & Mortimer) always felt like an outsider because of her alien skin and kept the Caliente name. She was estranged from her family and moved out on her own after college. She roomed with her good friend David Ottomas, and after some time, they fell in love and married. They took in David's teen sister, Sharla, because his parents were too old and infirm to care for her. (David's younger siblings had long ago been taken away by the social worker.) The couple had one child before David tragically died in a kitchen fire. Sharla is now an adult and living in the boarding house.

Isabella Goth (Dina & Mortimer) married Kenneth Broke (Dustin & Angela), and they bought a beautiful house with her share of the Goth money. They already have two small children.

Krysten Caliente (Don & Nina) and Kiesha Dreamer (Dirk & Lilith) are best friends. They are both single and share a condo together. Lucas Dreamer (Darren & Cassandra) is a confirmed bachelor and lives with his elderly mother. His younger sister, Una, is the youngest in the generation and is in college.

Michael Dreamer (Dirk & Lilith) lived in the boarding house for some time after graduating and had several girlfriends. It turns out he was waiting for Tamela Broke (Beau & Lucy) to graduate before committing himself; even though she is much younger than him, for him it is true love. They are engaged and planning to buy a house.

Nathanial Goth (Mortimer & Dina) is due to inherit the Goth manor but has no interest in marrying or producing an heir. He remained close to his half-brother Alexander after Alexander moved out to get married. When Dina passed away, Nathanial asked Alexander to bring his family (wife Tosha and young baby) back to the Goth manor, which Nathanial felt rightly belonged to Alexander. Nathanial plans to keep his own room there, although he has enough money of his own to live wherever he likes.

And finally, Rosco Broke (Brandi & Trent Traveller) recently graduated and pretty quickly got engaged to his high school sweetheart, Sophie Miguel. He's bought a small trailer for them to live in.

As you can probably tell, my neighborhood is quite overrun with Brokes. Not to mention, Angela and Dustin had a second late-in-life baby who is in Gen 2 and is also a boy.
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Dixie Land is attending LGU, and has joined the Printer Sisters Band.

And at one of the frequent house parties, with ACR turned off, thank you very much, I heard crush sound, looked around, and @Peni Griffin this is what I see:

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I wish Anna and Pythias every happiness!

What is it with Fortune/Knowledge couples? Tycho Curious (Fortune) and Kriemhild Beaker (Knowledge) grew up in the same circle of friends, hung out together, showed absolutely no interest in dating anybody, and then suddenly, at a spate of off-to-college parties that sent most of their circle off, they suddenly started flirting with each other and went straight to heavy petting, depriving me of a first kiss video. When Tycho threw his off-college party they made out for the first time in the middle of the dance floor. At Kriemhild's party, he was YA and she was teen and off-limits, but when I played their dorm Kriemhild marched straight over to him from claiming her door with "kiss up arm" in her queue. Their wants were all academic except for Tycho's persistent want for his cat, but their actions were all over each other. The clear indication is that they want to make dean's list so they can move into a nice place together and Tycho can have his cat and they can start their lives together as they mean to go on.

Meanwhile, back home, Tycho's little brother Euclid brought Anthea Ottomas home from school with him practically every day, and she rolled wants about him constantly, while they were kids. Euclid is the Knowledge one now that they're teens, while Anthea has Fortune, and unlike Kriemhild and Tycho they are very interested in dating indeed. Dating each other, thank. They haven't been teens for two full rotations yet and they've already first dated, first kissed, and autonomously first made out. How they avoided rolling Go Steady wants I can't imagine!

And of course way back when, my Supreme Self-Made Couple, Ernest Munny and Sage Ann Onions, were Fortune/Knowledge, too. It's a strong pattern in my game.

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While testing the surrogate hack, I managed to get the game to overflow the stack... the game froze for like thirty seconds before I got the error dialog, I stupidly clicked "reset" instead of "delete" and it took me like another minute or two before I was able to quit the game. Apparently 1000 stack frames is the limit, haha. I'm glad it's not more, I might have been stuck there for even longer. Given how aggressive the "too many iterations" limit seems to be, I'm surprised it's so high. Although for me in this particular case, it might have actually been better if there was no limit and the game had just crashed.
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I was in Pleasant Valley setting up the community lot and homestead again and testing new CC.
#6613 Old 1st Jun 2021 at 9:58 PM
I’m setting up my brand new Strangetown for its grand unveiling tomorrow morning (10AM EDT on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube—ForkInToasterSims .. end plug)

I set the clock back a few years, because there are some parts in the Strangetown story that I think need to start earlier. I’ve got it set to a modified 4 days to a year so we can take our time with telling stories and combining that with wants based gameplay.

Curious Brothers — Lazlo is at University along with Crystal Vu and the Singles family. I’m not sure if he’s going to complete college. If he doesn’t, he’s going to forge a fake degree in Phrenology.

Beakers - I aged Nervous down to a teen. I kept forgetting that the Beakers adopted Nervous and I thought it would help to see him as a teen and he’s starting to rebel and escape for the first time. He’s almost an adult. I hope to set him up with Pascal one day, so I didn’t want him TOO young. They won’t have romance until Nervous ages up.

I downloaded a bunch of hospital equipment and set up Nervous’ dungeon as a medical experiment. The Beaker household seems much creepier now that I get reminders that Circe and Loki adopted this KID to experiment on. And now that his dungeon has a hospital bed and equipment, it’s chilling.

Specter -No changes except made everyone a bit younger. They all stayed in the same life stage.

Smith - lots of age changes here. Pol is an adult now with red hair. He’s close to aging up, but we see him still young and robust at the beginning.

Johnnie has a little more than half of his teen years left. He’s the main reason I wanted to age everyone down. He’s got this amazing setup and story, but he becomes an adult right away!

Jill is a toddler who ages up on the first day of play. It’s her birthday the family is getting ready to celebrate instead of Johnny’s. I hope Tank shows up to beat up Johnny. Imagine crashing a toddler’s party.

Grunt - I aged Buck down to a toddler, due to age up the day after Jill. I’m set up to have Ripp and General Buzz fighting and screaming at each other so much that everyone forgets poor little Buck’s birthday.

I’m at sort of a loss for what to do with Ajay Loner. Usually he hooks up with Lola Curious but she’s at university now. He might join the intelligence career and track down Bella Goth. By the time he finds her, he’ll discover nobody is looking for her anymore. Mortimer died or married Dina.

Edit: a few people asked me earlier if I planned on having a Johnny/Ripp/Ophelia triad. I don’t know. I’m playing a very loose storyline and see how it goes. I do plan to have the three of them spend a LOT of time together. So we’ll see what develops.
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I have been playing Strangetown with day (but not season; that's too much work) synchronization, maintained primarily by not moving anyone into a new house until Monday rolled around for everyone. I got up to Sunday and had everything ticking along. Jill Smith, who had been staying with her folks while she wrote novels and looked for a Law job, accepted a position in Architecture (I only allow building one new house per playable in the industry per week, so it can be a fun puzzle to figure out where to put new graduates mid-week and there's a big incentive for me to make people to accept that job), and moved to the Manufactured Homes lot. Sharla Ottomas, also living with her folks after dropping out of college, got through a Sunday during which both the twins went on dates (they're so big now!) and moved in with her. This is a temporary arrangement, as Jill is dating Gallagher Newson and her younger brother Juan is engaged to Gabriella Newson, so the plan was to rent the most spacious trailer and have a communal brother-sister-in-law setup; but the Newsons and Juan are still in college so Sharla might as well share rent and let her family have one bedroom per kid again. Another unit is intended for Buck Grunt and Delilah O'Feefe, who would be engaged after I played the Singles household, where Delilah has been renting a room from Chloe and Erin.

Zoe Zimmerman, who called Nathan Gavigan three times in one day last rotation, threw a party that included both him and his pregnant wife, also a friend of hers. The Gavigan marriage has never once been in a good place, but I was still working out how to set up the inevitable drama when Nathan, seeing her approach for a pillow fight, went outside, walked around the building, and went in again - at the door of her neighbors, the Picasos. He never emerged and when the guests departed, he remained front and center in her relationship panel. Damn. I know this glitch. The game reads him as on the lot in perpetuity, so he can't be called; but he never actually leaves the other apartment. That's a real roadblock to his cheating on Mary with her! The only way I've ever cured it was moving house and I don't have a place for Zoe to move, though she could move out and in again. I tried clearing bad apartment residences and forcing errors with the batbox, to no effect. But the other times this has happened, the apartment where the playable was stuck belonged to townies, so I figured I'd see whether opening the apartment and futzing around with the batbox there had any effect. Neither Matthew nor Jessica showed any sign of having ever met Nathan and there was no way to tell whether anything I tried worked, so I saved, quit to neighborhood to go back to Zoe's and check, and the game crashed. It doesn't normally crash this early in a play session but did not shock me.

So I loaded the game again, and when the neighborhood screen came up, Strangetown was nowhere to be seen.

Oh. All right, then.

I knew something'd go wrong sooner or later, as this was the maxis-shipped broken Strangetown. I had kind of expected more signs of the apocalypse first, but this is fine. I'm annoyed I won't get to move anybody into their new houses/apartments, and a little regretful that I'll never play the little squad of non-binary children that seemed to be forming, or find out what Eric Swain and Marla Biggs's baby was like, or, you know, any of that stuff. But I always knew this could happen and was playing at my own risk. This is fine.

It's fine.

I'll just go play Widespot.

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Everything is RIGHT at the beginning in my Slow Motion Strangetown.

Curious Brothers: Pascal had his baby right after Vidcund returned from his alien abduction. Lazlo is now a YA, but he’s home for the weekend. In fact, until he graduates Uni, he’ll spend almost all his free time with his brothers.

Teenage Nervous Subject shows up. In my version of the game, nobody has met him before. Lazlo remembered him from middle school years ago. Lazlo says he was an orphan kid who bounced around foster homes. He was weird, had no friends and Lazlo can’t remember the kid’s name.

He can remember several conspiracy theories about him though. One day, Nervous just stopped coming to school. Rumors spread — the kid died. Or he was adopted by eccentric billionaires. Or was taken away by mad scientists who experimented on him. Some people say Olive Specter killed him. Others say Olive Specter was his birth mother.

Vidcund can’t handle all these stories. He’s extremely ill from his pregnancy and spends most of his time eating Chinese food and sleeping. Pascal takes an active interest. He tries to calm Nervous down and get information out of him. But Nervous just calls himself “The Nervous Subject” and twitches around, refusing to say where he comes from. Pascal offers him some pizza and Chinese food. The Nervous Subject sneaks out of the house and runs away while Pascal is checking on the new baby.

Beaker Home —

Circe rushed off to work and didn’t notice her foster son, teen Nervous Subject sneaking home from the Curious Brothers. But Loki caught him! Loki is furious and more than a little worried. They took Nervous in a few years back and paid a lot of bribes to make sure nobody checked in on him. Nervous is not allowed to leave the house or be seen. If anyone knew what was going on in the Beaker household, Loki and Circe could end up in prison. And who knows what would happen to Nervous?

Loki hooks Nervous up to the lie detector and grills him. Where did he go? Who saw him? Did Nervous talk to anyone? Nervous is so frazzled he ends up shocking himself before he even answers any questions. Loki gives up on Nervous and goes to work on his surgical experiments. He leaves Nervous hooked up to the energizer and forgets about him.

Nervous is left too long and almost drains himself to death. He can barely drag himself into the kitchen to drink just enough espresso to let him eat a bowl of chili and then crawl into his dungeon room to bed. He is so damaged by the energizer that he starts hallucinating rabbits.

Pascal has been roaming the streets, looking for Nervous. He’s very worried. He catches Circe and even though he has bad blood with her and Loki, he decides to talk to her. Circe pretends to be concerned but confused. She says she’s never seen anyone like Nervous but will keep an eye out for him.

Circe goes indoors, and flies into a rage and starts yelling at Loki. How could he let the Nervous Subject escape?? Loki says that’s impossible. Nervous has been passed out all day because Loki accidentally left him hooked up to the energizer— nearly killing him. This doesn’t calm down Circe.

She says the Curious brothers have seen Nervous and are looking for him. What if others see him? What would happen if Olive Specter found out where her son was? They’re worried about the police finding Nervous, but they are terrified of what Olive might do if she found out. They need to lock up Nervous and make sure he never escapes again. It can wait until morning.

Circe and Loki are an odd couple. Arguing turns them on, so they have a heavy woohoo session. Loki is secretly hoping they have a baby soon, and it’s very likely he will.

That’s it for my play session. I’ll continue on Friday at 12PM EDT on Twitch. Olive Specter is next. Her orphaned niece, Ophelia just moved in with her. Can’t wait to find out what happens!
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Most of the action lately has been in the Vandermorgan family. They are up to five kids (daughter Lyla, sons CB, KB and EB, and daughter Sasha, in that order, all born within five years). Breanna occasionally thinks about having another child, but her career is really taking off (Level 9 in Showbiz) and she's just too busy. JG manages to juggle being a Business Tycoon and a family man with a really hot wife whom he adores, but that keeps him really busy too. The butler copes capably most of the time, but whenever the kids bring home friends for dinner - and especially when JG and/or Breanna also bring friends home - he goes into cooking frenzies and has to be ordered to take the rest of the night off.
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Phil Collensworth was just trying to be a considerate partner. Poppi, whom he suspects is pregnant, was in the bathroom before going to bed. Phil was tired, too, but he stayed outside stargazing, thinking he’d wait until Poppi was finished before going in and getting ready for bed himself. And then he got abducted. Again.
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This papergirl spawned when I was playing Delilah O'Feefe in Academie Le Tour. She has a very lovely name!
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I decided to restart Pleasantview again, although I kept the one I was doing in case I want to go back to it because I really like some of the born-in-game Sims there. However, I wanted to try some new play rules I came up with and also try to keep the last name of each family alive without exploding the neighborhood population. (Except I use the Oldies to start my retirement home because I love having their name on that lot.)

I let each family have one baby to start. After that, I only allow try for baby if they have the want to have a baby (and if men have the want, they have to talk their wives into it--her body, her choice). Otherwise, the only way to get pregnant is through risky woohoo. Babies take the name of the father if the parents are married, the name of the mother if the parents are not married.

I also decided that other than the Goths, children could not inherit houses from their parents. Just like in real life, elder Sims must use all of their lifetime assets to enter the retirement community. Parents may choose to give their children some of their accumulated cash once when they become an adult, and children may inherit via life insurance. So no cushy life for Angela and Dustin in the Pleasant house. The Goths do pass down their house (because of the graveyard), but it has to be to a male with the Goth name, so Cassandra's children are not eligible.

I got a pretty good setup this time. I've played the four oldest teens through college and started their households.

BROKE: Brandi had her third baby, which was a blond girl named Bobbi, so the Brokes maybe won't overrun the neighborhood. Dustin of course got married to Angela once they got out of college, and they are trying for baby but no luck yet. They got no money from their parents.

PLEASANT: Mary-Sue and Daniel had a baby in an effort to save their failing marriage: a boy named Chase. Daniel started having an affair with townie Brandi LeTourneau, and she crashed his son's birthday party. I thought for sure he would slip up, but he managed to get through the night without incident. Then he took her out for some public woohoo, and Mary-Sue found out about it. They divorced. Daniel was upset at first, but now he's very much enjoying bachelor life.

BURB: The Burbs had a boy named Donald. They are poor and both John and Jennifer kept getting fired at first, but they seem to have settled down now. Lucy is about to go to college.

GOTH: Dina got pregnant with Mortimer and then let him know that he had to make an honest woman out of her, so he married her. They had a daughter named Emmaline. After that, Mortimer discovered Bella was alive (she's living in the retirement home), and they had a little affair. Alexander is at college.

LOTHARIO: Don and Cassandra married and had a baby right away: a girl named Fiona. Don is having ongoing affairs with Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn. Cassandra has no clue. She is also pregnant again.

CALIENTE: Nina got pregnant with an oopsie baby by Don. It was a boy, Gerry. Then to my surprise, she got pregnant by Don again via risky woohoo. The last time she talked to Don, the conversation was all about money. I think she was telling him to pony up more child support since his wife is filthy rich, so I guess he'll be sending her some cash on the sly.

DREAMER: Darren does not get to have a baby (unless he gets abducted, but he can't afford the big telescope, so oh well). However, for the first time for me, he met Brandi early enough in the play for them to get together and maybe have a child together. I'm excited because I've never played them as a couple before. They are engaged to be married. Dirk married Lilith (who failed out of high school and didn't even go to college). They also have no money, and she is already pregnant.
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My Slowmotion Strangetown got off to a rocky start. I wanted Johnny and Ophelia spend some time getting to know each other (they aren’t dating in my game yet. They barely know each other) But Johnny refused to show up. I summoned him, but he kept wandering off. Ophelia DID sneak out with him, but it wasn’t the same.

I found this out: If you have any birthday party at all— not just Johnny’s Tank and General Buzz crash it per usual. In my game, Johnny has a ways to go before he ages up but Jill aged up from toddler to child. Tank and General Buzz crashed it and got into fights with everyone, causing the party to be a dud — which made Jenny bawl her eyes out. Once again.. I wanted Johnny to get to know Ophelia, but he spent all his time fighting with Tank.

Grunts: Tank and General Buzz spent their day on the obstacle course. Ripp ditched work and went skating. While Ripp did that, Johnny and Ophelia finally spent time together .. both unplayable but still.. they hung out in the commissary grocery store with a bunch of townie teens. Buck aged up from a toddler to a child on his own, in the red, but nobody had time to notice. Buzz just can’t get it together. I felt really sorry for Tank for some reason. It was hard seeing him roll wants to be friends with people, but he rejected all the social interactions because he’s grouchy and serious.

Loner - Ajay is a hard sim to get into. He went to work, brought home a co-worker. The coworker gave him a very expensive computer as a gift. So I sold it and decorated his house. Nothing else.

Singles— plus Lazlo and Crystal Vu

Pure insanity — the dorm cook went on strike. I have to find a way to fix that. I had the hardest time taking care of 6 university students in one dorm. Chloe, Crystal and Erin spend most of their precious time beating the crap out of each other. Crystal passed her semester but Chloe and Erin are on probation.

Lazlo decides he’s got the hots for Lola and Chloe — even though they are half siblings. And I’m using a clean template. They show up in Lazlo’s family tree. I have no idea what’s up. But he keeps flirting with Lola and heart farting Chloe. Ewww. Lazlo and Lola pass their semesters.

I kept losing track of Kristen, forgetting she was one of mine and then realizing she was a playable instead of a townie. She just barely passed.

Curious Brothers:
Vidcund had his baby! A little baby boy named Newton. Tycho aged up to a toddler and Pascal wants to teach him all the skills— so I think I’ll keep Pascal home from work. Nervous sneaked over. Pascal got frustrated with him because he still won’t say where he comes from or what his real name is.
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@kewpie - Kristen is my least favorite Sim of all time. I completely understand just forgetting about her as she is utterly forgettable.

Risky woohoo is not being kind to my romance Sims. Daniel Pleasant got his townie girlfriend Brandi Le Tourneau pregnant, from hot tub woohoo, of all things. So instead of looking forward to retiring and seducing all the ladies in the retirement home, he has to keep working, live in a crappy condo, and support a young child. They probably won't get married, but the child will get the Pleasant name since Brandi is (was) a townie.

Nina had her second baby, Leon, and Cassandra had her second baby, Lacey, so now Don has four children. Despite everything, he is a good dad. He's best friends with his oldest daughter, wants to be friends with his son, and autonomously cares for the new baby while Cassandra sleeps. Oh, and Kaylynn is predictably mad at him for not leaving his wife. Really, Kaylynn, he does not need a third family.

Darren and Brandi had a nice little family wedding--Cassandra wasn't invited! Brandi got pregnant on her wedding night and then rolled a want to retire, even though she is many days away from becoming an elder and also only just got this job, so I don't know what's up with that. Dirk and Lilith had a son, Michael. So did Dustin and Angela; his name is Nathan. Lucy and Alexander graduated and after barely tolerating each other as teens, suddenly Lucy has two bolts for him, so that looks hopeful. Mortimer died, which gave Alexander a nervous breakdown, but he is inheriting Goth manor now. I really hope he doesn't start fooling around with Dina.

Also, one of the nannies killed herself in a kitchen fire, and then all the children in the neighborhood had the want to resurrect her, which was kind of touching.
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The flu is going around Luna Canyon like madness even Grandma's Soup can't stop it. I can only hope to get my Sims all healthy enough to prevent any casualties.

The craziness at Piccolo Manor is finally starting to feel normal. Catherine has accepted Henry's serial adulterous ways even though she never agreed to an open marriage. No matter who is Henry's latest conquest he always ends up back in bed with his wife. Diane their housekeeper swore that she was Henry's true love, but she too loves him so much she doesn't mind sharing him like she has her whole life. Henry becomes an elder in 1 day, Catherine and Diane in 2 days. All four of Henry's kids, Catherine's Clarissa, Francis, and Louis, and Diane's Sebastian are doing very well. The kids had a blast playing in the snow and young Louis worked on his charisma with his bunny toy - a true Piccolo. Henry is going to throw a giant bash for his birthday and hopes to seduce lots of ladies.

Julius and Aemilia Romana are managing to keep their 10 children alive. Corona is a free spirit, hates school, but loves science and her siblings. Regina heard a rumor that her beau Orlando had eyes for Carol Silva, so she called him over. She set aside her prudish ways and smooched him, falling in love with him. Although when she asked him to go steady he declined, and told her he's interested in Carol. Regina had her first heartbreak. Twins Crassus and Marcus aged to teens, with the Family and Pleasure aspirations. Hopefully having four teens now will keep the chaos to a minimum.

Ah, it felt so good to take some time to myself and play some Sims today
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I have some sad news to report. I'm really kind of bereft. In the Dreamer-Broke household, while I was paying attention to Darren and Brandi upstairs, I did not notice that new teen Bobbi Broke was grilling hot dogs on the back deck. By the time her parents ran downstairs and called the fire department, it was too late. I don't think I've played Pleasantview without a Bobbi Broke in it before. After the tragic incident, Brandi rolled the want to have another child, and since it was her last chance, she went for it--and got pregnant. The new baby is named Ronny.

Beau Broke graduated from college and moved into the boarding house--and he still has the want for Bobbi to go to college. That is just so sad. She will never get to go... Beau is also having a secret and highly inappropriate affair with Mary-Sue Pleasant that started at the birthday party for Angela and Dustin's son. Perhaps Beau thinks this is the way to marry a rich Sim? I don't think Mary-Sue will go for that. When she sees him in public, she pretends she has no idea who he is. Gotta protect that political career.
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Throughout my teen years, I was playing the game like a control freak - no free will on, just a master puppeteer of a perfect family with straight-A students, hard-working parents and no drama. (No wonder I started building and not using live mode.)

Now, I've ditched that concept and decided: no more TCE to keep relationships and needs high, yes to free will, and what happens happens. Plus, I'm trying my best to play by my sims' wants.

I've reimagined vampires: I have a pleasure sim who's all about being influential and partying hard. The Counts and Countesses I consider to be the "secret society" of the normal neighborhoods (as opposed to SS from unis). And the vampirism - I consider it to be hardcore partying, where the sim is too hangover to function the next day, up until 7 pm when they roll the wants to go partying again. Plus, it makes it much more challenging to keep my party animal alive throughout the day!
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Well, my first born-in-game kids made it to college. The five of them are a really tight friend group--although it should be six, but Bobbi Broke is missing.

I really like these Sims, and I'm glad they all made it into university. Donald Burb and Fiona Lothario dated in high school, and it looks like they will continue their romance--which is good, because Donald is really grouchy, and no other girls like him much. Chase Pleasant had a huge crush on his best friend Gerry Caliente during high school, which wasn't reciprocated because Gerry is straight. Gerry was definitely the most handsome in high school, but Chase and Donald both grew up very well. And finally, there's A+ student and super-serious Emmaline Goth, who is drop-dead gorgeous with her long black hair and alien skin. She maxed out her creativity in high school writing a novel, but now she's destined to get more interested in romance.

Proof that Sims can change is Don Lothario. He fell out of love with Nina after seeing her out with Daniel Pleasant, and then Cassandra had their third child, a son, and now he's only rolling wants to skill and to actually teach his son his toddler skills. No desire to cheat or date around anymore. Don is a family man at heart.

Also, congratulations to my oldest Sim, Coral Oldie, who is currently holding down the fort in the retirement home since the passing of her husband Herb, Bella Goth, and Dora Ottomas, so she doesn't have to age. She's waiting for some Sims to join her, but a lot of those who are elders or approaching elderhood are still raising kids. Probably the first one to join will be her own daughter, Mary-Sue.
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