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Yes, but I'm not sure this is the right place to ask for help with your game.
The 'invalid constant' being called for in node 9 of 'Sub - Update Job Performance' is a Seasons EP semi-global constant 0x2001:0x14 "Fall (autumn) Mood Mod Numerator", you must have a pre-seasons mod overwriting that constants table. That is the same constants table that sets the odds for chance cards and bring friend home so it's likely to be a mod intended to alter one of them.
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Resurrecting this, because the original post has a typo that needs to be fixed.

You should find the log's file inside (documents)/EA Games/The Sims 2/Logs, not outside of it ((documents)/EA Games/Logs doesn't even exist). Took me some time to realize while I was overlooking (which really, isn't my fault).
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Originally Posted by Numenor

This article explains how to create (and optionally read) an Error Log when:
  • a sim "jumps" during an interaction (so-called "jump bug")
  • a pet suddenly sinks into the floor
  • loading a lot takes an endless time


Some times, when playing, you see a sim that "jumps" (interrupting his current interaction), or a pet that suddenly "sinks into the floor"; this means that an error occurred in the game, and the game reacted stopping the interaction and resetting the sim/pet, or the offending object.
In other cases, when entering a lot, the loading time is endless, and the game seems stuck; this happens because there is an object that causes an error when created: the game resets it automatically, and the object causes again the same error, in an endless loop.

The causes for the jump/sink bug and endless loadings may be very different, and usually are related to a custom object or hack that doesn't work correctly.

In these cases, the first thing to know is *which* object is causing the problem; and determine *what* problem is actually occurring.

A valuable help to track down the bug is the error log. You can read yourself the log, or you can send it to the creator of an object that you suspect being the culprit of the jump/sink effect, or the endless loading.


Preliminarily, download the file "" attached to this post and unpack it to: (Documents)\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config (please note that it's NOT the Downloads, it's the Config folder).
This step is absolutely optional, but it will help me a lot with your error logs. The zip contains a small file that will not interfere in any way with your game, but makes the error logs much more readable.
When done, procedd with the creation of the error logs performing the following steps.
  1. Before starting the game, go to (documents)/EA Games/Logs and delete all the files in the folder.
  2. Start the game and go to your neighborhood.
  3. Open the cheat box, by pressing CTRL+ALT+C and write exactly: boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true
  4. Enter the lot where the sims jump or the pets sink into floor (or the lot that has an endless loading).
  5. If you know what interaction cause the jump bug, then order the sim to perform that interaction; otherwise, just play as usual, waiting for the bug to happen.
  6. When the error occurs, a message window will pop up: a window like this
  7. Click "Reset"; if the window appears again, click "Delete".
  8. When there are no more error windows, close the game without saving.
  9. Open again the folder (documents)/EA Games/Logs: you will find several files in them, but the interesting ones are named "ObjectError_.....txt".
  10. If you have some modding skills, you can examine them by yourself (see "How to read an error log", below). Otherwise, send them to the creator of the object that most probably causes the bug.
  11. Always keep in mind that if the jump bug occurs using an object, it doesn't necessarily mean that the culprit of the bug is that object: but, at least, you have a trace to follow.

HOW TO READ AN error log - The basics

Every error log has the same structure; start reading from the beginning or the log: you will read something like this:
at Sep  8 2006,23:27:16

Object id: 240
name: N001_User00246 - Numenor
Stack size: 6
Error: No bone on model corresponding to name in routing slot on destination object
Iterations: 500
  Frame 5:
    Stack Object id: 263
    Stack Object name: Fireplace - CTNColonial - Mantle - 0,0
    Node: 0
    Tree: id 8206 name 'Interaction - Light Fire' version -32748
    from FireplaceGlobals
    Prim state: 1
    Params:    Locals:
  Frame 4:

The parts in bold are the most interesting for anyone; the parts in italics are interesting only if you have some skills in editing the BHAVs.

name: N001_User00246 - Numenor
Stack Object name: Fireplace - CTNColonial - Mantle - 0,0
Reading these two lines, you will know the name of the offending object; if you read the name of a sim, ignore it: it's just the sim that was performing the interaction when the "jump bug" occurred (i.e. the sim that jumped). The interesting part is the name of the object, in this case the fireplace.
NOTE: if you read the names of two sims, this means that the error occurred when two sims were interacting with each other; these bugs are harder to track down.

Iterations: 500
Node: 0
Tree: id 8206 name 'Interaction - Light Fire' version -32748
from FireplaceGlobals
Params: Locals:

If you have some experience with BHAVs, these line will tell you when the error occurred: in this case, the error occurred when executing a BHAV from the FireplaceGlobals, in particular the BHAV with instance 0x200E (i.e. "8206" converted in hexadecimal). the error occurred at the first line (Node 0) of the said BHAV.
You can now examined the BHAV pointed out in the error log, in order to understand why it causes an error.
NOTE: the values following "Params:" and "Locals:" may help you better understanding the problem.

Don't post error logs in this thread, unless requested to do so: the unrequested logs will likely be ignored.
On the other hand, if you have some questions about other lines of the error log, not explained above, ask me and I will reply (if I know the answer ).
hey whatever the object it was can i delete it or put it in a backup folder?
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