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#1 Old 30th Aug 2021 at 9:18 AM
Default Mod service workers skills/traits
Is it possible to edit the traits of the Nanny, Butler and anyone else that you call to your home to work.
I have found that they normally have no skills at all and I would like to give them skills related to their jobs
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#2 Old 5th Sep 2021 at 12:34 PM
Hi. I think that could be done, although I've never tried, the idea of changing trait data in existing sims seems to me to be a sure way to corrupt a save, but I'm used to the fickle TS3.

You can give the 'job' to sims that you make yourself though, which would perhaps be better. That way you can give the sims any traits, looks and clothes you want, and add a cheat to them for the 'job trait'. There are many cheat pages when searching, here are a couple:
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#3 Old 13th Sep 2021 at 4:57 PM
Hi again. I think I somehow misunderstood what you wanted. But then I read your new thread, and I tried to mod the traits and skills of new butlers. It would be good if you answered though.

Made a package of this file:

Changed the number 5 to 10 in this bit:
-<U n="range">
<T n="min_value">5</T>
-<T n="skill">

Did the same for the bit lower down about Handiness, to give them level 10 skill in both.

.. from this file:

..I copied these lines:


.. and pasted them into the butler template file here:

to give a newly spawned Butler the CAS Personality traits: Neat, Creative, Family Oriented; and the reward store trait Brave.

.. changed enabled to disabled in the line underneath:
-<V n="num_random" t="enabled">

.. and removed these lines underneath that:
-<U n="enabled">
<T n="lower_bound">3</T>
<T n="upper_bound">3</T>

so to not make the game assign more random traits.

Tested the effect with this mod:
When hiring a new butler the sim turns up with skill level 10 in the skills modified; and with the traits explicitly asked for.

No errors reported from this mod:
(Thanks to the player helping you in your other thread for posting about it).

If you want other CAS Personality traits search for: trait/trait_[name] (for example Cheerful) etc
it is the number with the notes: trait_Cheerful /or the first line in the file for it.

- and exchange one of the ones above to them.

If you want to add reward store traits, search for reward/reward_trait_[name] (for example CreativeVisionary) etc
it is the number with the note: trait_CreativeVisionary (the name)

Aspiration bonus traits are found the same way as CAS Personality traits are. I assigned the test Butler the Home Turf one; but the game also assigned them a random aspiration bonus trait (Muser), and I don't know how to disable that. I don't know if having two aspiration bonus traits is potentially bad, there is a bug report for it here:

There is a sim template for Nanny and Maid as well, for edits to those service sims in a similar way.

So to answer your question again, yes, you can mod their skills and traits. I still wouldn't personally change traits of existing sims; and they gain skill advance by gameplay.
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