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Default Child Animations
Hello, I've been looking through MTS and TSR and managed to find the 'No Stretch' Series, which has some of them, and is quite nifty.

But you've fed the mouse now, so naturally he wants more cheese.

I would like to have as many as I could, and I understand conversions of the adult animations can be done.

Is this easy/medium/hard?

Ideally, I'd be looking for cleaning (unclogging the toilet,etc) and repairing/upgrading.

I am interested in the martial arts too though, as I think having a child sim karate kid would be really cool.

If it isn't too difficult/time-consuming, I am willing to do the conversions myself, time permitting.

I've been going through the gameplaydata.package of late, so I guess it wouldn't be too out of the way to progress to this level of modding.
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I did some of the animation conversions for Children Can Cast Spells. I used a semi-coherent YouTube tutorial by an excited inexperienced YouTuber that got me 80% there. It's been 3 years since I simmed, and I don't remember anything. I want to do some animation conversions, so I'm trying to dig up that tutorial.

ETA: Here it is! The Internet doesn't forget.
I recall that her process works, but her explanation as to why and what she's doing isn't quite right. You also have to watch several times and slow it down because she's nervous and manic. I'm very sympathetic. There's a reason I don't publish YouTube tutorials .

If you can enable an action for children, all you have to do for no stretch is to provide an animation with a filename in the proper naming convention.

You need Blender. Once you learn the process, it's actually pretty quick.

One thing I never learned how to do is have the children put down the magic box they use to wash hands at the sink and other things that require them to stand taller. The game really needs a Children Can Ride Horses mod, and I was fiddling with that and Beekeping when I got hung up on that bit.

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@echoweaver it looks like TheSweetToddler was working on children animations for horse riding before abandoning the project:

There is also a "stretch" mod called "Horse mod: Child and Pregnant Sim Can Mount Horse" by Nona Mena here:
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Huh. I don't think I'd ever even seen a stretch mod up for download. Looks like Nona enabled all the right interactions and tested them, so that's big. In theory, all it would need is animation conversions.

I'm sorry TheSweetToddler gave it up. Her animation demo looks great. I didn't get very far looking into it, so there are probably hurdles I never encountered.

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It'd be amazing if we had more "no stretch" animations in the game! Hope this will help your plans a little.
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