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Default Horror Movie Challenge
Kinda new to the challenge idea, as I've not been playing that long, but I came up with this tonight, so if it's already been done I apologize.

Create a house with about 6 sims, 8 seems to lag too much, each person represents a different stereotype Horror movie character.

The Jock. The Hot Chick. The Token Black Guy (not trying to be racist, but it is an overdone stereotype). The disbeliever. The stoner. The Mean One. The innocent one. The Friend. The Lovers. The Nerd.

You can combine some of the roles, I did that. And give each one traits and aspirations to fit each personality. Set them on a lot, preferably a more remote one. Use money cheats to set up a nice house (belongs to someone's relative). Set relationships accordingly. Make the house haunted and give it lot traits that work best with whatever mods you have. I used spooky, creepy crawlies, and bad neighborhood to encourage mean interactions.

The goal is to see who the last on standing is. I made The Friend my main just to give me something to do. Otherwise I interacted with the rest very little, even my main I let autopilot a lot. And no attempts to beg the reaper, let the man do his job.

My main is a spellcaster that will act as thr medium to help the group once things got weird. Ironically the first to die so far was the Token Black guy who was also my nerd/disbeliever. Somehow he died of laughter while completely bored the first night. So that's one dead friend buried in the back yard.
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