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Default 3 Different Sisters Challenge
Hi guys! This is my first challenge! So the backstory for this: One day a mother gave birth to 3 baby girls. All twins. The mother thought they'd all grow up to be beautiful girls and get along. The beautiful part happened. Just not the getting along. They turned out to be different as ever! One girl was a goth punk, one was a plain goody two shoes, and one was well, a sl*t. After high school their mom got them townhouses all next to each other. What a mom?

Your job is to use "testingcheatsenabled true" and to make the relationship between them, well, HORRIBLE. AT ITS LOWEST. Then with no other cheats to make them become best friends, well you think that's easy? Well let me explain something else. Each girl must have 3 kids, each kid must not get along with the other cousins. You're job is to get all of them by the time the kids are teenagers to be the best family ever. Then move into a huge house and continue of your way. And also they only can talk to each other once a day. And only speak to each other after having 1 kid.

sims 3
no cheats after building house, must make money to 1,000

Punk Sister required traits (rest you pick)

Sl*t Sister required (rest you pick)
-great kisser
-(if have sims 3 university then irresistible)

Good Sister: required rest you pick

-you get the sisters and kids best friends by kids are teenagers.
-you get the sisters and kids best friends before death.
-you get the kids to play with each other

-if they don't get along by teenager years
- if they die before death
-if well, you use cheats

Hope you enjoy this! Please tell others
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