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Default Custom Collection Icons
I haven't found anything comprehensive about how to create custom collection icons. I did find the Collection Tweaker from Simlogical here: I'm hoping someone can help me make sure I understand the final steps correctly to get the game to recognize the new custom icon:

Now, you have to do one more thing to make sure the game will use your custom image - you have two alternatives.
Either: Put a second copy of this edited collection package into Mods/Packages (as well as the one in Collections). The collection is read from Collections folder, while the image is read from Mods folder.
Or: Edit your Resource.cfg in your Mods folder to add this line:
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PackedFile ../Collections/User/*.package(NB this is correct for a Windows PC)

I'd like to go to use the resource.cfg so I don't duplicate files but I don't want to mess up the resource.cfg file. I've made a copy to edit, but I don't quite know what I need to do here.
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I got the custom icon to show up with the alternative method - putting a copy of the collection file both in the Collections folder and in the Packages folder so I'm on my way. But if anyone DOES know what needs to be added to the resource.cfg file to make this duplication unnecessary, I'd love to know.
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